Wow, Airi is going to visit Paris for second time, as a C-ute's member!

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Airi Suzuki 19-sai OPV (blog photos).

There is another girl named Airi Suzuki, 
a professional dancer and choreographer from Tokyo.
Airi is written in Katakana, アイリ,
so can be distinguished from C-ute's Airi, 愛理. profile.
Personal page, in English.
Looks like our Airi looks better, for a non-pro. :-))

Airi had three jobs yesterday.
And it reminded me of the times when I also had three.
Two unis plus job.
Or job plus two courses.
"Yesterday I had 3 jobs[...]
First of all,
was a goods shoot for the play "Sakura no Hanataba"
which C-ute has the main roles in[...]
With it still snowing、
I rode the train to commute...
and I really didn’t know
my transfer at Shinjuku 
Since I always get lost,
I try to avoid commuting as much as possible
but today’s shooting venue
was at a station I had to commute to[...]
So I was lots first thing in the morning...
Though I wanted to transfer to the Marunouchi line,
there was no guide display[...]
So I asked a lady who was selling souvenirs
"Um... the Marunouchi line..."
I asked while embarrassed,
and I properly transferred via the platform[...]
Though I heard I’d be able to transfer in 2 minutes,
10 minutes passed[...]
I have to get used to it[...]
As for the shoots, they finished well,
and I dashed to the next place!!
My second one was a shoot for a certain project
with Morning Musume’s Eripon[...]
Setting aside details.[...]
It was fun[...]
It’s the first time I’ve talked like this
with Eripon as the two of us 
I really felt again that she’s a girl with
a really interesting air about her[...]
As soon as details of this project are decided,
I’ll announce them, okay[...]
Then after that,
One more dash yesterday[...]
My third location was
a certain shoot for a certain magazine
with a certain girl
who’s a member of a certain group[...]
there are lots of certains there[...]
Though I was nervous since it was
the first time as just the two of us[...]
it was a fun and wonderful location!
I’ll do my best so I can work together with her again[...]"

Four years later! :-)))
Tsuugaku Vector, Airi Suzuki solo,
°C-ute Cutie Circuit 2012 ~9gatsu 10ka wa °C-ute no Hi~.

"I know that feel, bro".
Sensitive or susceptible to disease organism relaxed after a long stress.
>> Today
>> without a complete recovery of my health,
>> I took it easy at home (ノ_<)
>> Maimi-chan
>> caught a cold around this same time, though we usually don’t catch them…
>> so “We’re close, huh. ( ̄▽ ̄)  ”
And free time (it exists, really :-))).
>> These few days
>> I’ve been spending mostly laid-back for the first time in awhile ( ̄▽ ̄)
>> Sleeping a lot
>> eating a lot 
>> going without makeup ^ ^ 
>> reading blog comments
>> watching TV with mother as the two of us ^ ^

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Pope-idols, left to right:
Airi Suzuki, Mai Hagiwara, Maimi Yajima, Chisato Okai, Saki Nakajima.

Seems that every minute of life is filled with something.
Not about Airi, from another Suzuki's blog.

"Right now I’m on the bullet train back to Tokyo. 
My winter vacation homework – !!! [...]
I brought this with me. 
It’s haard  [...]
What the heck is a simultaneous equation? lol
I did a little bit of it during the breaks in our handshake event 
I was surprised to learn how smart Eri-chan is 
Thank you for teaching me how to do it 
Our manager taught me how to do the tough problems…
Thank you very much.
I’ll work hard and get smart.  
I still have 15 pages left to do… 
I’ll do my best  
Please pray that Suzuki does okay on her homework… lol".

Airi performs "My alright sky" at Yokohama Blitz,
Buono! Delivery LIVE 2012 ~Ai wo Otodoke!~.
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