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Hello !!
if your are Artist , this is your group !
Welcome to ''Digital Artist'' group

On this group you can post your own drawing
but please please don't steal people art

Rules :
- Post your own art
- Do not copying / stole
- You can do anything
- You can do contest or more event
- You can ask a question
- No porn & hentai
- You can post your animation
- You can promote your account
- Shoutout is very Recommended
- Commission is Recommended

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Hello I'm new here! I draw on my mobile tablet and use the free version of Autodesk Sketchbook to draw most of my art. (Like the Transformice down below :3)

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Thank you so much for 300 subs on yt!
Animated Photo

Name: coral (Dog-Bird)
Age: 18
Sexuality: straight


🌈 Favorite Color: brown and purple
🎤 Favorite Singer: bruno mars
🎧 Favorite Song Rn: distraction - kehlani
🎭 Favorite Actor/Actress: emma watson??
🎥 Favorite Film: dunno
📺 Favorite TV Show: dunno
🍕Favorite Food: Cheese
🅰 Favorite Word: SON OF A B####


Pepsi Or Coke?: Pepsi
School Or Bed?: Bed
Single Or Taken?: Single
Hugs Or Kisses?: Hugs
Money Or World Peace?: World peace
Crazy Or Quiet?: Crazy

Have You Ever Smoked: nope
Have You Ever Cried Yourself To sleep?: yeesss
Have You Ever Snuck Out?: yesss
Have You Ever Ate Moldy Bread?: yes (sadly)
Have You Ever Been Bullied?: hell yea
Have You Ever Had Food Poisoning?: does eating moldy bread counts?
Have You Ever Drank Spoiled Milk?: no


Do You Smoke? Hell no
Do You Love Your Parents?: yep
Do You Have Style?: maybe
Do You Have A Crush?: does ut matter?
Do You Hate Life?: Sometimes
Do You Love Life?: sometimes
Do You Like Pizza?: pfft who doesn't??

+Paradise Lil Animator
+Fenus Vreak
+Taehyunnie_ adina
+\\ Autumn Leaf //
+Katt girl
+tarik10 ded
+Ana Leah Seballos
+sing shiny the fox 2008
+Wolfy 68
+Pastel :3
+kaly mita XD
+abuse cop

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For Snowycloud

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For animators!

Plz join my MAP on yt

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Pls do my art contest pls pls

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My fnaf art
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