Read this amazing story of a family: Joey Melendrez writes this amazing testimony, "You know we work with a lot of homeless in the city of Riverside! This past Thursday I came home about 8:30 from working. I got a call from a pastor that there was a family sleeping at the church on the sidewalk. My sister and I made them some sandwiches and gave them supplies and went a prayed with them. I met a man and his wife with his 4 kids, all sleeping on the sidewalk outside the church. Praise God the next day we were able to get them into a hotel for the weekend. When they came to church, it turns out that two of there kids were in the SAME class as my kids. This really, REALLY hits home when the stats are 1 in 6 and as low as 1 in 3 kids go to bed hungry!!!!! If you would like to help, inbox me! We can help one FAMILY or person at a time!!! Lets make a difference, WHO is IN?!"
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