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Ken Fogel

Discussion  - 
You can never have too many tutorials. Here is one on converting the NetBeans generated JPA controller class into one that can be used for EE 7 and GlassFish.

My other tutorials on using GlassFish, JPA, MySQL and JSF can be found there as well.
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OK. That makes perfect sense. Thanks again for the tutorial. :)
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Jürgen Kress

Discussion  - 
Whats new in GlassFish 4.1? by C2B2
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Raymond Tant

Discussion  - 
Does anyone have experience turning on secure admin with different certificates than the 's1as' self signed one? I tried and broke my test environment. :-(
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#2 NetBeans Rocks: Maven, Ant, HTML 5 Support by Adam Bien
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My update patch that updates the #glassfish port to v. 4.1 has just been committed to #freebsd : you'll soon be able to install it or upgrade it using your favourite tools.
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Just updated my glassfish from 4.0 to 4.1 and now I cannot run any of my rest applications that perfectly run on glassfish 4.0, even with a very simple test in which I have an ear with ejb and web module the RestFul service runs on 4.0 (and on wildfly 8.1.0.Final) and not in 4.1, maybe a cdi implementation bug ?
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Solved simply adding a @RequestScoped annotation in resource class, thanks to Hugo Baés...
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GlassFish Server Open Source Edition 4.1 Released! 
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About this community

GlassFish is an open source, production-ready, Java EE-compatible application server.

Jürgen Kress

Discussion  - 
Finance and Investment Software on the NetBeans Platform by Brian Jenkins
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Jürgen Kress

Discussion  - 
Critical Patch Update Advisory includes WebLogic, Forms, Glassfish, Reports, WebCenter – January 2015
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NetBeans: 8.0.1 Released with bunch of out-of-the-box tools = productivity++ by Mohamed Taman
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Netbeans is at 8.0.2 from december 1st, 2014.
8.0.1 has been released september 12th 2014.
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Hi Glassfish users on FreeBSD,

I've just submitted PR 194097 to update the FreeBSD glassfish port to 4.1 (current).

#glassfish   #freebsd  
Status: Needs Triage. Product: Ports Tree. Classification: Unclassified. Component: Individual Port(s). Version: Latest. Hardware: Any Any. Importance : --- Affects Some People. Assigned To: FreeBSD ports mailing list. URL: · Keywords : Depends on: · Blocks: Show dependency tree / graph ...
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Hi there,
I found an issue with properties substitution in Glassfish 4.1 on a Windows 7 64bit environment.
I build an application in which I used glassfish-resources.xml file to define a jdbc-resource and a jdbc-connection-pool: for database parameters I used three property aliases. They are listet below:

At the same time I did set the corresponing system properties with the correct values.

After application deploying (deployed by NetBeans 8.0.1) by glassfifh interface, I tried to ping jdbc connection pool (from application resources) and I got this error:

Ping Connection Pool failed for { PoolInfo : (name=java:app/RedevoDBPool), (applicationName=RedevoServer-ejb) }. Connection could not be allocated because: FATAL: password authentication failed for user "${postgres_user}
" Please check the server.log for more details.
So, I went to "Additiona Properties" of jdbc connection pool and I clicked on Save button. After that, I tried again to ping connection pool and the operation ended without any error.
So we can assume that it is an issue in substitution of System Property values after their "deploying" by glassfish-resources.xml file.
I am available for any other explanation.
Very kind regards.

Thanks to everyone.

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