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I've installed let's encrypt ssl in one of our server but when I will access glassfish using https://domain_name:8181, it only displays blank page instead of glassfish html page. Please help.



I have GF 4 running 2 apps:

webapp JSF2 + Richfaces + JPA + Hibernate
app with webservices SOAP and REST

Sometimes, SOAP stops to reply, all other things (Admin Console, webapp, REST operations) are running fine. Neither URL?wsdl for any SOAP webservices runs, all return "". Then, if I just clicks "Reload" in the Admin Console for app 2), GF reloads the app and all SOAP come back fine. Is there some way to monitor the server? Because server.log doesn't echo anything when the problem occurs.

Where do I find a complete list of options to CLI commands? I always have to search in the Google for a specific config, but I never find a complete documentation. And I don't know if Glassfish Server has CLI commands to do all the things I do using Web Admin Console.

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Constants are like Statics in C#

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Please advise
I have a Java application that schedules two cron jobs after every 1 and 15 mins. It runs on Glassfish 4. We are using Hibernate with JPA Entity Manager for executing the queries on SQL Server database.

JDBC Connection Pool Settings are Initial and Minimum Pool Size:16 Maximum Pool Size:64 Pool Resize Quantity:4 Idle Timeout:0 Max Wait Time:0

JDBC Connection Pool Statistics after 22 Hours run NumConnUsed 0 count NumConnAcquired 14404 count NumConnReleased 14404 count NumConnCreated 16 count NumConnFree 16count

The number of acquired connections keeps on incrementing and the Glassfish 4 crashes after around 10 days with below exception.

RAR5117 : Failed to obtain/create connection from connection pool [ com.beonic.tiv5 ]. Reason : com.sun.appserv.connectors.internal.api.PoolingException: java.lang.RuntimeException: Got exception during XAResource.start:

Please suggest how to optimize Glassfish so that it doesn't crash.

I encountered an error 500 in accessing glassfish admin console. I'm currently using glassfish version 4.1. When i look at the glassfish server log, there is an error that says "error in creating tree form" . can you help me with this issue? thanks
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