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Phantasy Star Portable : Plains Overlord : Episode 07 (PSP Gameplay / HD)

What is up guys coming at you from the channel that is amazing and yet no one knows this.
(sad music)

Today I bring you playing on the PSP Emulator, Phantasy Star Portable and the Mision Plains overlord!

the first Mision in the game that features the dreaded De Ragan..
De- Ragan, Dragon...


Man, while I play this I keep thinking about how awesome the new PSO 2 might be and I keep wishing that Sega would stop with the DUM FUCKERY and just make it English.

I hope you enjoy the gameplay commentary and leave me a Like to help support the channel.

If you want to see something a bit more dark try checking out my Bloodborne or Dark Souls playthroughs.

#phantasystar #sega #PSO2 #psp #psvita #pspemulator #gameplay #jmanplays

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Here you can see lots of screenshots. I think Japanese is difficult but interesting.

Hi Guys, New here. But I am a regular player at PSO2 SEA Server. Have you seen the PSO2 Animated? First season is complete with 12 Episodes. You can watch at :D

= = Asiasoft takes so long to get to EP3 for SEA server :V you dont want to go there SEA server. Shops are blackmarket price than JP server

You guys know that's its on ps4

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You know,I would have really liked there to be a knight gear uniform as well as the helmet. I mean,they give you his sword,although it is just a skin,and the helmet. Hell,they even have a Mag. So why not any armor or something?
It's kind of like the cost edge. Why give us the weapon,but not a chance to get hit outfit (or hair. I love the falz characters hair.)
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Decided to record some of my gameplay.

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I've got a new look.
The swords for show,I'm a ranger/bouncer.
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