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☆Arc Preparation☆

In preparation for the new arc, I have devised a plan to help decide the roles within the arc. This arc will start off with a friendly game of republic style _Cat and Mouse__. The objective of the game is for one group of Hunters to track down and capture the Prey, the runners. Since New Republic is solely technological and is so vast in size, the citizens will be moved to the I.R.I.S (International Republica Intelligence Station). This will hold the population of nearly 2.6 million republica citizens. All this wil be monitored by the Overseers, who will be actively roaming the battlefield to make sure no one is killed. Fight, Hide, and Survive!!!!_


The arc itself will have a total of 25 participants and 10 reserves, making a total of 35 total members. 10 hunters, 10 prey, 5 overseers, and 10 reserves if necessary. The battle can only begin when at least 15 slots have been filed, 5 hunters, 5 prey, and 5 overseers. Sign up now to join the battle!!!













1) +Ken에디슨이











1) _+Son Ryuken​__​ (Me)_





I'll he dropping some roleplays shortly. Anyone can join them although they'll mostly be developmental.

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"You must first learn to love yourself before you can love others. This I know to be the truth."

"Family matters. No matter what kind of family it is, whether you have one parent or two, no siblings or five siblings, family matters. And that is what I love about my family, we never back down and we never give up. We fight for one another when we must."


[⋅↠Name↞⋅] Elethea Bina Vysal

[⋅ Pronunciation ⋅]
E-leeth-e-uh Bee-na Vy-zal

[⋅ Meaning ⋅]
Ever since she was a child, Elethea has had a passion for caring and healing, which came naturally with her powers as she got older. Her name has roots in the English culture, and literally means "healer".
Her given middle name was Bina, which actually has several different meanings. Two meanings that seem to fit her personality are these: in African, the name means “to sing; to dance, freshness”; and in Hebrew, it means “intelligence, understanding.” Elethea always tries to be smart and understanding with people, but she’s also had a talent for music and dance, making both meanings very true when it comes to her.
Lastly, her surname has a special meaning, one that ties many people together into one family. It was once the name of a great clan, but if you ever ask Elethea, she’ll tell you that she believes that the Vysal Clan still lives on in the heart of each of its members. As for its meaning? Well, the name Vysal means “family”, or translated further to mean “as a guardian with the family”.


[⋅ White Plague ⋅]
This nickname has been given to her by those who have seen her use her creation: the white plague. Although she’s not been called it much to her face, this nickname is growing in popularity in certain areas of Sol’s universe to describe the powerful shapeshifter, manipulator of healing and infectious energy.

[⋅↠Gender↞⋅] Female

[⋅↠Sexuality↞⋅] Heterosexual


[⋅ Physically ⋅]

[⋅ Chronologically ⋅]

[⋅↠Birthdate↞⋅] June 12

[⋅↠Species↞⋅] Shapeshifter/Human

[⋅↠Nationality↞⋅] Vyscalian

[⋅↠Occupation↞⋅] Village Healer, Priestess-In-Training



Hip length, when undone

White, with sight pink hint

Straight, unless mechanically changed

[⋅↠Eyes↞⋅] Light blue

[⋅↠Skin↞⋅] White/Caucasian

[⋅↠Scars⋅↞] Scar on chest from death by arrow

[⋅↠Height↞⋅] 5'6"

[⋅↠Weight↞⋅] 130

[⋅↠Build↞⋅] Skinny, light muscle

[⋅↠Faceclaims↞⋅] None


Elethea has always been a sweet girl, ever since the day she was born, so it's no surprise she still is to this day the most caring and loving girl in her town. Most of the time, it's like she never sees a bad day. Everyone she meets, she tries to be kind and loving with. But her kindness does not get in the way of her confidence. Though she has her struggles like everyone else, she tries to keep her head up and try again the next time.
This bounce-back attitude and confidence is especially seen after the Vysal Clan, when she gains a new confidence and enthusiasm, this time for strength to protect her loved ones. Her enthusiasm is poured into honing her archery skills and powers, along with training in hand-to-hand combat.

[⋅↠Theme Song↞⋅] Yume Sekai (English Version) by Amalee


[⋅↠Father↞⋅] Unknown

[⋅↠Mother↞⋅] Unknown

[⋅↠Adoptive Father↞⋅] Michael Vysal

[⋅↠Friends↞⋅] Franco Vysal, Yorokobi Vysal


[⋅↠Part 1: Origins↞⋅]

[⋅ Birth/Childhood ⋅]
Elethea was born into a small village, far away from the land of El Vyskra, and raised for just a few years in this same town. It was all well and happy in this village for everyone, until that fateful year. Slave traders came and stole away everyone that didn't oppose them, which left Elethea in dangerous hands after they killed her parents.
Years passed, and she grew up some, but never stayed in one household very long. No one wanted a girl that could turn into an animal. So, she ended drifting around with different groups of slave traders, growing more and more unhappy as the days went by.... But then, someone arrived. A man. He did away with the traders, and took in Elethea as is own daughter, but kept her secluded for the rest of the clan for safety purposes. Here she grew up to be a beautiful young girl, becoming skilled in dance, music, and regular academics as Michael had her taught.

[⋅ Meeting Someone New ⋅]
It was honestly a normal day, just like any other, when Michael had left the house to attend to some business in the clan. The war was already over, so she could rest somewhat at ease, knowing Michael wasn’t going to a battle or something, but that rest was short lasted.
Suddenly, there came a knock on the door. No one knew about her except Michael and Franco, and she knew Franco wasn’t coming by who could this be? She decided to go ahead and carefully open the door, revealing the new king of El Vyskra, and technically her adoptive cousin, Yorokobi Vysal. He had come to ask Michael for advice on making a clan symbol, but had no idea about Elethea even existing. However, they quickly got along, and it turns out that Elethea was just as helpful, if not more, in figuring out a clan symbol than Michael.

[⋅ An Untimely Death ⋅]
This was a dark day in Elethea’s history, but an important one none the less. It was another normal day for her, when Yorokobi showed up outside the door again, this time nearly dead. He was bruised and bleeding all over, so she hurriedly brought him inside the house and began to use her powers to heal him.
What they didn’t know was that some of the attackers that had ambushed Amber and Yorokobi, followed the young king to Elethea’s house. So, when Elethea went to answer the door, she was shot and killed by one of the rogue guards, while Yorokobi was barely saved by his loyal guard.
But it wasn’t long before Michael came to rescue her, with the help of a new face to her, Kurishi Vysal. Kurishi was Yorokobi’s father, and had realized that there actually was a way to bring Elethea back, since she was suspended in limbo, not in heaven or in hell. Thus, she returned to the living world seemingly unharmed, only with a small scar on her chest where the arrow struck, and continued to live with her father, even taking a journey to a new land that Sol made for the Vysals.

[⋅↠Part 2: Rebirth↞⋅]

[⋅ New Beginnings ⋅]
Three years after the fall of the Vysal Clan, Elethea was the village healer in the town Sol placed her and her dad in to escape the demise of the clan. Both were safe, and they were loved by all the villagers, living simply in their home and tending village through their respective jobs. While Elethea used her skills to keep the people of the village healthy and happy, her father brought his battle and leadership skills to the village by becoming the mayor and deputy, keeping the people safe. But after three years of this, it seemed to not be enough for the young shapeshifter.
Although never admitted aloud, her heart had been captured by the young King of the Vysal lands, Yorokobi Vysal. But being so easily killed right in front of his eyes embarrassed her, and as much as she wanted to see him again, she couldn’t bear to meet him without gaining more strength. This frustration brewing inside of her led to a conversation with her father one night after a hard day working, one where she expressed how much she wanted to go back to El Vyskra and how she wished to gain more powers, yet knowing how she couldn’t leave the village to do so. The talk ended in her father giving her the advice to seek Sol for training, even telling her how to contact his priests to take her there. Her frustration seemed to be quelled at this, and she agreed to go to Sol for training, hoping to grant her wishes, and most of all, be able to meet Yorokobi once more, strong enough to protect them both.

[⋅ Beginning The Journey ⋅]
After a good nights sleep and well wishes from her father, Elethea set off to the well outside the village to call upon the priest of her sector to take her to Sol. Really, she was pretty nervous about the whole thing, but her dad’s confidence in her seemed to give her the courage to go through with it. Thus, she managed to summon the priest, nicknamed Gus, and he took her to the gates of Sol’s castle.
When she finally made it inside after crossing the disappearing bridge over the lava moat, Elethea found some different rooms in Sol’s castle. First off was an absolutely ginormous kitchen, one that made her wish badly that it was lunch time. The next room she found was a giant hangar bay, filled with all kinds of people and modes of transportation. This is where she met Gustav, one of Sol’s children, who lead her to his father.
After settling into her room and relaxing for the night, she received news of her first trainer. He would be training her through the next months in healing powers and, as she soon came to know of, infectious energy, although Elethea swear he was sent to her for anger management, as well. He really was one of the only people to get on her nerves like that.
Once finished with her training on the first day, she also meet one of Sol’s, well, wives? Dia had heard of Elethea through Sol, and by a chance happening into the control booth of the arena she had been fighting in, the two met, although in quite an interesting way. After talking for a few moments, Dia showed her around, taking her up in her chariot to show her the outside of the castle and the creatures that inhabited the planet.

[⋅ The White Plague Strikes Again ⋅]
Elethea showed up to a regular training day with Aragog, same place and same time as always, but soon found out they were going to do something different. Today, she was going to wipe out a country with her plague.
Once the two of them arrived at the base for the priests of Sol on a certain planet in his omniverse, Elethea has their mission explained to her more clearly. Someone had been experimenting with creatures, and these experiments had mutated into monsters that needed to be taken down. That’s where Elethea came in. She was to send a mighty plague through the land to weaken the monsters, before the rest came and finished the creatures off. And that’s just what happened. Thanks to weeks of thinking and training, she successfully released her adapted White Plague throughout the country (and under it) before joining the rest and taking down whatever was left.
However, with the fighting finished, she realized it was time to say goodbye to Aragog. He informed her he could teach her no more. This was hard for Elethea to accept, but Aragog confirmed she was a fine healer, and handler of disease energy. She was indeed grateful for all Aragog had taught her as she said goodbye, before appearing back in her room, awaiting the next adventure the world held for her.



[⋅ Allete ⋅] Allete is a young pegasus that Michael gave to Elethea because she was getting too big for him to carry around everywhere when they'd fly somewhere. Elethea immediately loved her and named her Allete, because it's a French name meaning "winged".


[⋅ Basic Bow & Arrows ⋅] This is a simple bow that Michael gave her and trained her with, to give her more protection against the outside world.


⋅She is able to play multiple instruments, mainly of the string and woodwind family.
⋅She has an agile and strong body from her skill of dancing.
⋅She was taught healing powers, and has quite a talent at them.
⋅She has a talent for being a peacemaker between people, often ending quarrels.
⋅She has a knowledge of medicine, able to make and mix certain prescriptions.



[⋅ Healing Power ⋅]
The power to restore biotic organisms to their optimal health. However, these powers cannot be used to heal herself, only others, and she must be somewhat healthy to be able to use them. If she is too sick or too weak, she cannot use them.

Note that the levels refer to what kind of damage user can heal, not the rate/speed the healing process happens.

Basic Level: User can do anything that normal healing would do, simply accelerated.
⋅Can heal minor wounds such as cuts, bruises and light burns.
⋅Recovering from minor to moderate blood loss.
⋅Critical wounds such as lost of limbs or damaged nerves and internal organs cannot be healed, but wounds can be closed.
⋅Cells that are fatally damaged, such as by burning, cannot be healed, resulting in permanent scarring.

Expert Level: User can do anything that normal healing and modern medical knowledge could achieve.
⋅Can heal external wounds, including fractured bones and deeper burns, disregarding of severity.
⋅Lost limbs can be reattached.
⋅Minor damaged internal organs may healed, but more severity may be beyond repair and may take more time to heal.
⋅Nerves may remain damaged.

Advanced Level: User can heal things that current medical knowledge cannot do.
⋅Lost limbs and internal organs are completely healed.
⋅Damaged nerves can be healed to a certain extent.
⋅Critically and fatally damaged cells can regenerate, preventing scars.

[⋅ Healing Energy Manipulation ⋅]
The ability to manipulate healing energy to heal others and herself. She trained under Aragog, a priest of Sol, to develop and hone this ability, to such an extent she can produce shockwaves of this energy, along with making forcefields, rays, blasts, etc. Meditation before using these powers will increase the strength of her power.

[⋅ Infectious Disease Manipulation ⋅]
The ability to manipulate infectious energy to inflict or create diseases. Her most known creation is the White Plague, mimicking the bubonic plague but with much worse symptoms. She can manipulate it into shockwaves, forcefields, etc., as well as gather the energy around her hand to form a blade, which can cut and infect her enemy. Meditation will of course strengthen these powers.


[⋅ Shapeshifter ⋅]
Being a shapeshifter, she can transform into any animal or insect, but she usually only does small creatures such as squirrels or rabbits. In danger or time of battle, she prefers a wolf, sometimes resorting to a tiger. Her favorite creature to transform into is a fox. Whatever animal she transforms into, she takes on its powers and looks, while still keeping her human mind so she can remember what she does, hears, or sees.

[[⋅↠Hyperion's Eye↞⋅]]

[⋅↠Hyperion's Eye (First Form)↞⋅]*

⋅It is able to negate certain forms of weaker attacks, rendering them useless. It can also adapt to a speed that it has seen, giving the user the speed of that particular object.

[⋅ Healing Sight ⋅] This gives her the power to heal anyone she looks at, and gives her the information of the person when she’s done healing them. Of course, she has to keep eye contact the whole time, or she will only heal them partially, but it gives her a good extra way to heal people if she can’t reach them.

[⋅ Eye of Nature ⋅] This gives her the power to submit animals to her will, making them do whatever she pleases. However this only works with animals she can look directly into their eyes, otherwise the control doesn't work.

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Name: Laury Williams

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Sexuality: straight

Height: "5,6"ft

Weight: 147.9

Hair color: red

Hair leanth: to my neck/ short

Eye color: blueish green

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▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▌Beginning of Profile ▌ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁

[Quote(s)] (Optional): "The gods of the Demiverse destroyed my universe to empower me and to make the other multiverses know how powerful we were, that's why I want loot and power." Shiba explaining his actions to the UFC.

•••• Basic Information ••••

[Name] Shiba means death soul because Shi in Japanese means death and Ba in Egyptian mythology means a person's soul

[Alias(s)] The Loot God because that's the most powerful aspect of his godly powers and he would be omnipotent if the original gods didn't lock his powers because they wanted Shiba to have the personality of the Christian/Jewish God.

[Origin] The gods of the Demiverse realized that the 4th Wall existed and destroyed themselves in order to create Valhalla and empower Shiba, they gave Shiba a few missions, to learn everything, to gain all the loot in all in the multiverses, and to be like the God from the Jewish/Christian bible.

[Gender] Shiba is male because when he was the gods' experiment, the gods were sexist and believed a male would be better suited to be the breaker of the barriers that every species in the Demiverse had to face.

[Age] Shiba's age is unknown since he has been in multiple realities and has been recognized by different ages like in some realities, he's over 150 years old and in another he's 5 years old.

[Race] Shiba is an unawakened Omni-god meaning that he is the true Omnipotent who precides the multiverses and such but he has awakened aspects of his omnipotent.

•••• Biographical Information ••••

[Summary] Shiba was the experiment of the gods and was every species in the Demiverse and could learn any ability, and the gods of the Demiverse found out about the 4th wall and destroyed themselves and the Demiverse in order to create Valhalla and empower Shiba.

[Appearance] Shiba has blue hair and gold eyes, and he has these eyes because it showed that he was divine when the Demiverse still existed, he also wears a symbotic suit that is all-white and can't be destroyed or dirtied up.

[Personality] Shiba is extremely greedy for loot, doing anything for loot and will even obtain mortal wounds just for loot but the old gods' wish for him to act like the Christian/Jewish God so he sometimes conflicts with his greed.

[Bio] (Optional) Shiba was created by the gods as an experiment to create a being that could learn anything since they was every species, after many adventures, the gods discovered the 4th Wall and destroyed the Demiverse and themselves to create Valhalla and empower Shiba.

•••• Combat Capabilities ••••

[Tier] Multi-Universal because some of his common weapons could twist galaxies and therefore could destroy entire galaxies until the universe is gone.

[Powers and Abilities]

Shiba can create any piece of loot such as weapons, armor and artifacts and can create hybrid weapons with different pieces of loot plus he can summon and control weapons with his mind, and he has a lot of superpowers by embodying his weapons and gaining the abilities

Shiba can summon monsters, familars and other deities with different artifacts and he has invisble runes all over his body to summon beings like a demon with sharp rows of teeth on his arm or a deity with wings on his back.

Shiba has an array of superpowers like teleportation and elemental manipulation because of his vast collection of loot, and can unlock different aspects of his godhood by unlocking these abilities.

Shiba can not truly die because if he is killed then he automatically respawn back in Valhalla and can teleport to Valhalla at anytime but can't send people there unless seriously injured or if someone follows him to Valhalla plus he is Omnipotent in Valhalla.

[Attack Potency] Shiba has the potential to destroy galaxies with his weaponry by them twisting the fabric of reality to create a powerful black hole that absorbs the galaxy.

[Speed] Shiba's speed is limitless since he can teleport anywhere and has godly speed to run through entire universes in a few seconds at his full speed, his reaction speed is at Ultra Instinct or maybe higher.

[Lifting Strength] Planetary because with his pieces of loot, like his Gauntlets, he can pull planets from gravitial pulls.

[Striking Strength] Multi-Planetary because with his Gauntlets, he can crack multiple planets in half and could destroy planets with a flurry of punches.

[Durability] Shiba's durability is Multi-Supernovas since he could survive clashing supernovas but will always respawn in Valhalla.

[Stamina] Shiba's stamina is limitless since he is a Warrior God and can fight for millennias and won't ever stop.

[Attack Range] Shiba's range is unlimited since he can teleport any piece of loot and himself anywhere plus he could make weapons that could extend themselves.

[Standard Equipment]

Morningstar is a katana that is the home of the spirit Yuuki, who was the greatest swordsmen of the Hell and it makes the user into a master of Iaijutsu which is the quick draw and sheath a blade, it also has the ability Afterimage, everytime the user slashes with the blade, the slices become enegry and Shiba can control their size and direction

Beyblade is a railgun with multiple barrels and the main barrel rotates causing the lasers to combine together and they can make less barrel and three barrels is the least amount of barrels and the strongest setting.

Mjolnir is a warhammer that Shiba stole from Jupiter and can conduct all types of electricity and lighting, also can control the weather.

Demonbrand is a straight sword with runes all over the sword for it to transform based off the person's personality and usually gives it to a resident from Valhalla to use it plus it can manipulate Hellfire.

Tiger's Balls is well...tiger genitals that if placed on will give the user immense skill in lying and manipulating other because the story it was from, American Gods, a god tricked a Tiger into eating monkeys for believing that they ate his balls.

Scytheapalooza is a scythe that when stabs a target then it creates another scythe and it does this infinitely.

Shiba has misshapen kunai and needles with runes that can manipulate earth and the needles automatically aim for pressure points.

The Horns of Valor are demonic horns that're curved from Shiba's head and they shoot lasers from their tips that can destroy mountains

The Gauntlets of Gods are gauntlets bound from Shiba's fingertips and his forearm, that can extend themselves and can hold up planets with their strength-boosting runes.

Orochi is a gigantic one-handed axe that is made by the scale by the many-headed snake god that bite targets giving venom that could burn up beings bodies or atleast paralyze them.

Omen is the suit that Shiba wears at all times and that is indestructible and cannot be dirtied up, plus it's a symbotic suit that can attack on it's own and can summon feathers from itself that can block attacks, it also can make wings and can shapeshift into different clothes.
Dunkelheit mean darkness in German and is the second form of Omen that gives power to all evil things, allowing Shiba to summon demons with a simple word and can summon chains that'll bound targets.

[Intelligence] Shiba knows everything that'll help him in combat but nothing else meaning that he only knows math though physics of helping him in combat and such.

Shiba is extremely greedy and loot can be used to defeat him plus his mission from the gods always makes Shiba conflict with this.

Shiba can be defeated but never truly killed, and Shiba isn't omnipotent and a lot of his powers are locked.

[Feat(s)] (Optional)
Killed Orochi the many-headed snake god
Slayed deities in order to gain new powers
Has ended the Yellow mega-company by slaying everyone
Has killed Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune
Has survived colliding supernovas

[Notable Attacks/Techniques]

Ragnarök is activated when Shiba is extremely injured, his golden blood forms beings from Valhalla and allow them to attack the targets.
Ragnarök: Finale is when Shiba sends the summoned beings back to Valhalla to make a blast that creates a crater as big as a country.

▁ ▂ ▃ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ ▌End of Profile ▌▆ ▅ ▄ ▃ ▂ ▁
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Ash Crimson


178 cm (5'10")

59 kg (130 lbs)

—•『Blood Type』•—


Ash is a cunning, self righteous, and flamboyant individual. Confident in his own powers, he doesn't take things too seriously and considers things that are of no interest bothersome. Even when faced with serious situations, he is calm and somewhat blasé.

He isn't one who considers working with others, but instead uses others to achieve his goals. He tends to flaunt the superiority of his halfhearted effort and speaks in a playful and condescending manner, which often irritates the characters he is speaking to.

He views Elisabeth as his older sister figure, and notes that she is "too serious". He feels that Duo Lon and Shen Woo are his good friends, although he appeared to them with mysterious intentions. He also has a habit of calling people pet names such as "Betty" for Elisabeth, and "Ozzy" for Oswald.

His personality seems to slightly change when actively using the power of the Yasakani jewel. Usually calm and composed, when using his Fructidor move, Ash will laugh maniacally while making his opponent burn with the purple flames of the Yasakani. This behaviour is similar to Iori, and it may be interpreted as Orochi's taint affecting his mind._

[ Strength ]
Mostly Featless: Roughly equal to Kyo Kusanagi, whom has matched his strength with the likes of Geonitz, Iori, Saiki, Chris, and Rugal, the latter of which had matched (and in one ending defeated) Akuma in SNK vs Capcom.

[ Durability ]
Mostly Featless: Roughly equal to Kyo Kusanagi, whom has taken on attacks from the likes of Rugal Bernstein with only moderate damage. Has easily tanked lightning strikes from Benimaru and Kula's ice attacks that is about minus 200°F.

[ Endurance ]
Mostly Featless: Has extreme pain tolerance, can fight for hours on end, having fought his way through the KoF 13 tournament without rest. He has great resistance to heat and cold temperatures that can quickly kill a human off, such as the case where he can easily resist Kula's cyrokinetic powers, where she geneates -200 degree ice.

[ Athleticism ]
He has great flexibility, being able to bend and flex his joints to the limits of the human physiology. He can jump higher than his own height, and perform complex somersaults. Finally, he can move fast enough to evade lightning, laser beams, and projections of light.

[ Mentality ]
Entirely Featless: Assumed to have high academic knowledge due to being personally tutored at the Blanctorche household.

[ Destructive Capability ]
Possibly Country Level: Power is equivalent to Kyo Kusanagi and by extension the four heavenly kings of the Hakkeshu, all four of whom has presumably enveloped Japan in their respective elements.

Possibly Country Level+: Evil Ash has the power of Saiki in his awakened form added to his normal form's power. Saiki dwarves his, Iori's, and Kyo's power.

—•『Powers and Abilities』•—
Fire Manipulation: Ash can manipulate lime green flames that appear to be melted wax. He can project it and infuse it with his body to damage people with mere physical contact. He can conjure his flames up at any place he wills it and even have it erupt in a explosion. His flames rival the flames of the Kusanagi Sword and the Yasaka no Magatama that Kyo and Iori uses.

Power Absorption: He has the power to steal another person's power(s) and abilities, leaving them with none in return. This is done by him sticking his hand into one and seemingly grabbing the source of their power, manifested in his hand (Such was the case of the Yata no Kagami and Yasaka Magatama). This process is excruciatingly painful as it almost killed Iori.

Soul Absorption: A more extreme version of his power absorption, which he presumably learned after seeing Saiki do it. Using it on Saiki himself, Ash inserts his hand into one and literally grabs their soul and pulls it out of the person, causing their physical body to die. Absorbing the soul grants him their powers, abilities, and physical prowess all at once.

Transformation (Evil Ash): He had attained this form by absorbing Saiki's soul, and despite having been split from Saiki after the boss fight against Evil Ash, he retained the form before erasing himself from existence. This form massively boosts his power by adding Saiki's power, strength, and abilities (whom dwarfs Ash's power) to Ash himself.

Dark Energy Manipulation: Originally Mukai's power before Saiki had absorbed his soul, Ash can project and manipulate dark energy as he pleases. The dark energy he controls are potent enough to match the flames of the Kusanagi Sword and the orochi empowered flames of the Yasakani Magatama.This dark energy can take a quasi-liquid and solid form, being able to entrap others within it.

Dark Fire Manipulation: Ash can infuse the dark energy that Saiki controlled with his green flames to create a black flame that is far more potent than that of the flames of Kusanagi and the dark energy that Saiki controls. He control the flames with the same proficiency as he could his green flames, limiting it in comparison with the dark energy he controls, in exchange for greater power.

Time Manipulation: Due to absorbing Saiki's soul, Ash not just gained his time manipulating powers. Not just can he time travel and stop time indefinitely, but he is immune to flow of time itself and can control said flow of time. He can also erase certain points of history, something he had done to himself, which erased his own existence in the end of King of Fighters 13.

—•『 Equipment』•—
Yasakani no Magatama: Infected with the power of Orochi, the Yasaka Magatama that Iori uses (Now in Ash's possession) allows him to manipulate purple tinted flames that rivals the flames of Kusanagi. These flames have the added power to petrify those it burns for an undetermined amount of time and can detonate at the user's will.

Yata no Kagami: The sacred mirror of Kagura's (Now in Ash's possession) grants the user many illusionary abilities. It can create exact replicas of an opponent, where any damage they receive is reflected on the wielder, it can also create clones of the user him/herself with their powers too. The mirror's wielder can teleport the user can seal own's supernatural abilities away.

—•『 Equipment Limits』•—
The Yasakani no Magatama seems to have influenced Ash in a sense that he becomes violent when using it, eluding to the idea that Orochi can possess him and possibly trigger the riot of blood in him, despite him not having the blood of Orochi. This may serve as to why Ash only has one attack with Yasakani Magatama.

—•『Fighting Style』•—
Ash fights using an acrobatic style combined with fire abilities to give a graceful fighting style.

Despite his stature, he is extremely powerful. He is a good character for people who like to zone and poke their opponents, but he also has many other tools at the player's disposal that can be used to rush down efficiently, all while keeping the pressure on them. In KoF13, he also employs Iori's and Chizuru's powers into his moveset.

Most of his moves refer to the French Revolution; they are named after months of the French Republican Calendar.

His fighting style in general is similar to the French martial art of Savate.

Immune to Time Manipulation
Immune to the effects of an absence of spacetime
Immune to his own flames

His soul absorption runs the risk of the absorbed soul possessing him if the soul is stronger than his own, as was the case with Saiki when Ash absorbed his soul.

Ash is the descendant of Saiki. When he was living in France, he spent his childhood years with Elisabeth Blanctorche. For reasons still not entirely divulged, he left her household and the Blanctorche teachings.

He enters the 2003 edition of The King of Fighters tournament alongside Duo Lon and Shen Woo. While his teammates leave him to solve their own vendettas, Ash goes to the Orochi seal where Kyo, Chizuru, and Iori are investigating. Ash ambushes a weakened Chizuru, robs her powers, and leaves her unconscious. He taunts that Iori will be next before fleeing from the scene.

For KOF XI, he enters the next tournament with Shen and Oswald. After the tournament's events, he reveals to Oswald that Shen is the target he has been contracted to assassinate, a set up that Ash had in place before the tournament occurred. After leaving his teammates to fight amongst themselves, Ash takes advantage of Iori's unstable Riot of the Blood state to steal the Yasakani Jewel. Before he leaves the tournament grounds, Elisabeth Blanctorche and her team appears before him. She accuses Ash of abandoning "their mission" and fighting for personal gain. To intimidate her, he unleashes his new purple flames and disappears using the Yata Mirror. He warns them that Kyo is next.

Prior to the KOF XIII tournament, Ash openly joins forces with Those from the Past and works for their master. During the tournament finals, his true motives are revealed: his previous actions were done to earn Saiki's trust and to gain enough power to rob Saiki's soul. He wants to end their bloodline. Ash carries out his true plan when Saiki finally lowers his guard, but Saiki's essence overwhelms him.

After being defeated again by the winning team, Ash regains control of his body. Saiki insists that Ash enter the Time Gate, which will allow them to return to a previous era and begin their entire plan over again. Since Ash likes the current world, he allows the gate to close. His inaction erases both him and Saiki from time. Ash has a few moments to apologize to Elisabeth before disappearing. He leaves the stolen sacred treasures behind for Iori and Chizuru to reclaim.

The King of Fighters XIV reveals that Ash's last act distorted space-time and led to the creation of Verse (and indirectly, Shun'ei) which harnesses Ash's soul within itself. After Verse's defeat, Ash's soul is released and is found by Kukri and Elisabeth on Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine.
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[//Quotes: Being strong means you can protect what is yours, not what you can destroy

[Quotes: This calamity is upon us, it seems like the God of Death has come to help us.]

[Death Quotes: After all this years of being able to live this long, i have dream that this day would come, ever since i was just a little boy i wanted to be strong, i didn't become strong without any of their help, i thank them for what they have done, i wish that my family would continue what i started and continue to live in another future, Vysal Clan, my home, my family, my friends, and most of all, my precious treasure and my life that i have.

I love all of you and please take care of yourself better into the future.

[[]]New Quote: Vysals are black and white, they have their own way to protect our family even though it is in a bad or good way, but they will always protect what is theirs in the end, that is what makes us the Vysal [[]]

{ Appearance }

[//Face-claim: Rin Okumura from Blue Exorcist (13 - 18 years old)
[//2nd Face-Claim: Zen Wistalia. (18 - 25 years old)
[//3rd Face-claim: Tang Wuling] (25 - 100 years old)
[//4th Face-claim: Satan from Blue Exorcist ( 100 - 500+ years old)

[//Name: Cero Vysal

[//Gender: Male

[//Sexual Orientation: Straight

[//Age: 500+

[//Species: Ice God/Gehenna Demon

[//Scars/Deformities: Scar from my right hand

[//Height: 6'10

[//Weight: 190 Kilograms

[//Build: Six packed abs and medium muscular well tone build body

[//Hair Color: It changes to Blue or White or Black depends on the changes of my power or time

[//Eye Color: Blue

[//Skin Color: Pale white skinned tone color, it matches the snow and the cold winter that is as white as the snow and ice

{ Relations }

[//Father - Reigo Vysal
[//Mother - Ayaka Shinai

{ Transformations }


{ Powers/Abilities }

Ice Manipulation and Snow Manipulation
Frost Armor: 50%
Artic Armor: 98%
Ice Armor: 30%
Air Density Control

Frozen Throne: A Blast of Frozen Ice Seal that will seal you up from eternity and the Ice won't be melted and your powers will be sealed and you cannot move or do anything with it if you're surrounded by the Ice already trapping you inside it

Dark Ice Manipulation

Ancel Blessing: You will get the Blessing of the Ice Goddess and became the Most invincible and Powerful and Master the Art of Ice make and Ice manipulation for 3 hours

Hell Ice Fire Manipulation
Ice Thunder Manipulation
Ice Crystal Manipulation
Ice Clone

Cold War Zone: Using this field of ice that will kill almost kill anyone but only slowly for 15 mins, if they can survive then the cold warzone will be deactivated from the field.

Ice Dragon Wings: Flight mode and increases his speed and strength

Frost Orb Blast: Uses it to stun and freeze the enemies
Icicle Rain: Rains of Icicles
Ice cream Making
Fire Resistant 45%

Dark Ice Aura: Automatic Skill that increases Ice power 15%
Climate Cold Manipulation
Ice Fire Manipulation

Ice Sphere: When its activated the Ice field will froze your travelling abilities for 5 hours

Ice Sun: A Sun that follows me a small one to increase my ice power and can detect enemies were invisible or not

Snow Wolves Combat Style: A snow wolf combatant style that was design to create davestation skill and attacks that can paralyze an enemy through ice aura attacks and also making them paralyze

Physical Strength: Full of Stamina and Very evasive and good at striking and taking chance and slowly dragging the opponent movement


Blue Eyes White Dragon: A Blue Eyes White Dragon that stands a Skyscraper size big and has a big city busting ice blast attacks and it's durability is continental

Snow Angels: The Snow Angels has powerful attacks that multiplies and has the form of an angel throughout the body of a snow, it's power and attack power gives off big city damage_

Winter Soldiers: A Soldier that has the form of a human being and has ice armor that has a mountain and city tier power of attacks that can deal massive damage to the opponents.

Ice Lightning Speed: Giving off an Ice Lightning Speed that trails within ice that has lightning speed factor.
Superhuman Speed

Ice break: It can paralyze a move by the conditions if you dodge and you will place the parts of the enemies body

Vaporization Point Attack: It's a kind of attack that when you point into a certain something with your fingertips they will get frozen instantly and the moment they did, it will vaporize afterwards._

Frostmourne: A power of the ancient of the ice from the Lich King's power of who is possessed great evil, his power becomes immensely powerful and can control all the undeads and ice and the rotting creatures around the air and can control your mind by a mere shout of "Frostmourne Hungers" and you will be completely be controlled

Weakness: Light or Holy is their greatest weakness if they are in the range of any contact with it, it will have great damage and the power of the Frostmourne might weaken

Advance Attacks

Ice Lightning Maelstrom
Ice God Lightning Maelstrom
Snow Angel
Ice Angel
Ice Age
Ice Sun
Snow field
Ice of the hundred blizzards
Ice quake of the hundred blizzards
Frozen Stone
Multi-Frozen Throne
Hancielle and Ancielle's Power
Ner'zhul Meruls Power
Ice Spirits
Holy Ice Sacred Wave

Blue Light Aura: Power to obliterate anyone with the power of the Blue Light who comes in contact with it, by using Ancielle's and Hancielle's Power and even without it as well.

Blue Armor: I can increase my durability into 100% and i can take any deadly attacks from anyone

Immune to:illusions, Physical attacks ((Only Powerful weapons and powerful things))

2nd Advance Summoning

Lich King

Ice Clone Planetary Level
Demonic Satanic Form
Fire Resistance 90%

Mask of Skadi: If i wore the Ice Mask of Skadi within my sight and within my range all of the people who brings pain will experience extreme cold bloodshed, it has the power to slow any movements it surpasses every Ice element possible making it not even the best flames can melt it.

Exodus Form

Exodus Form: The power of infinite Speed and Strength, it has the power to wipe an entire universe with a single blast it's power is ultimate Negation, it can nullify everything and anything

Xeno Exodus

Xeno Exodus is a power of evolving everything and turning everything into nothing or nullifying it, breaking the boundaries of logic and having an Omnipotent and Absolute Immunity through everything and having beyond limitless power and turning everything into nothing in it's path.

Ice Coffins: Bring all the Demon Spawn from their Hell paradise

Graveleon Wings: A Wings that can have amazing flight and speed and power it's power is almost breaking speed itself but other than that it's armor wings are pretty strong and hard to crack

Blue Cosmic Powers
Unlimited Stamina
Ungodly speed and strength
Space Manipulation

New Additional Powers through training in Gehenma and the God's Realm from the Realm of Ancel's Birth place

[[Blue Dark Bringer]]

The Blue Dark Bringer has the power to control all elements of darkness and manifest them, turning it into a blue sphere, making it impossible to the opponent to make a move, they would be unable to move once this happen, a complete absolute paralyzation, it seals all movements, powers or any source of power for 2,091,222 seconds.

It also has the power boost the power of the user, making him temporarily unstoppable once this activates, and it cannot be remove at all cost.

[[3 Swords Style Advanced Power Boost]]

The Swords Style Advanced Power Boost, it boosting the ability to use 3 swords at once and giving immeasurable speed for 3 hours maximum, it drains the stamina of the user ((however, i have unlimited stamina so i can use this unlimitedly without limits))

it increases the dodging chance to 99% and haste to 95% and giving the strength to absolute rendering with all speed with movements got been within and leaving random mirror images and afterimages because of how fast i am going without breaking my physical body.

[[Ice God's heritage]]

Ice God Power: Power of the Ice from the Ancel's Birth and also the power to vaporize anything in its path, it has the power to make everything brink into an extinction and also the power of the Blue Cosmic that almost touch the universe itself the power itself is 3 words only

Obliterate, Eliminate, Vaporize everything in it only to those who is expose to the Blue Light and Cosmic itself

Ice Skull of Guldan: One of the Lich King's mages and associates and the power of Ice and Blue Light, the blue flames are both demonic and holy they are what you call unable to counter but possible to retract and make them go

Nerzhul's Upgrade 2nd version: One of the Mages and also the associates with the Lich King and Kae'l Jaden as well, Nerzhul Merul

Power of Unholy and the power of the scourge with unlimited power from the Unliving itself, protect the powers of the death manipulation and also death itself with the death touch or any few words that will kill will immune, it is an absolute protection but it is not safe since it does not have the power to counter any living and holy things

Demon's Heritage

I was born with the blood of a demon and also the blood of a demigod which makes me pretty powerful, i've controlled most of my demonic kind powers and also the power of blue flames from hell

From the place called Gehenma

[[Acquired the 5 souls from +Steam Punk ]]

I beaten Sousei and then she gave me the 5 souls she has, i was happy and it seems that she was not human but an alien and she has the capability to have souls in her body and it was perfect for me to do acquired it

[[Requires 5 Souls in order to have this power]]

Ice Spirit Breaker

Goes into his Transcended form

Immune to any physical power attacks that is came from the lesser realm and immune to any earthly bound attacks or anything that is part of the lower realms

Only effective to spiritual attacks or anything that is higher power from the high realm attacks

[[Requires: 2 hour of charging]]

Blue Light Breaker

The Power of the Blue Light Breaker is the nullify almost everything in sight and won't be harm in anyway possible it has the power to erase and neglect any effect of it and it has the power to break the boundaries of fate and logic.

Flaw of weakness might be, it only has for 2 hours

[[Triple Sword Style]]

Ability to master 3 swords by using my mouth and my 2 hands

Swordsmanship: Veteran

I was trained by a strange musician who was training about the swords and music after i was trained he told me about the named brooks and also the strawhat pirates he was a very strange man but he told me all about it and i have learn about the way of swords and music because of him

[[Demon Song]]

By the instrument for bass i would try and use the song of the Demonic songs i have pick for myself and make it into my own violation for song and create demonic illusions and blue flames like Gehenma as it were not enough i would be able to do rock n roll music as well by causing massive attacks by the skill of music.

[[Magic Resistant]]

Cero has been trained by the Demonic Magicians from Gehenma and as for that he was being trained to resist magic and it lasted for 4 months of training, Cero was bruised and tired

But he achieved to resist all forms of Magic including Omni-Magic

[[Advanced Gehenmancer]]

A Flaming control and summoning and maintaining and master the art of the flames of the ones called Gehenma, and it seems that it is pretty much powerful to kill anything even other flames itself

Unlock throughout the training with Raizen Vysal into another dimension, as of late i could make my flames out of nothing and the Gehenma flames became what you call power of nothingness, it creates various flames that if you get expose from it you will become nothing and we'll be out of existence

I can control it and also summon Gehenma Clones and the Gehenma types of forces of flames due to the color a well

I could summon another type of Gate called the Gate of Gehenna or Genhenma living demons from around the world that was a sign of the Evil Flames from the and only Satan

All High Demons

Gehenna demons from hell


Able to unlock the power of the secrets of Gehenma and can become a Gehenmancer

Only with the Satan's Blood can know the power of Gehenma


Skills of the Blademaster

[[ Nukitsuki (抜付け): A blade so fast that it was already cut before the sheathed was drawn and it is already covered with blood, it is so fast that it is seem like a broken speed by the hands when he draws it]]

[[Tanden (タンデム): Increases Dexterity by 70% making me able to dodge most of the attacks that is from the Absolute Speed]]

[[Nukiuchi (抜き打ち): A sudden out of nowhere with undetectable presence and swing that cannot be sense or detected that it came so sudden that you wouldn't call it speed anymore]]

[[Keen Reflexes: Increases Passive skills making the damage even stronger with all the cuts that it can render almost anything not even absolute defence can withstand it]]

[[Uke Negashi (受け流し): A deflection from an unknown location that can deflect everything by the skill of the way of the sword as it seems to deflect every incoming attacks or sudden ones]]

[[Bladefury: It takes 4 people or 4 individuals to get into this and they will be cut so sudden and so powerful that it cannot be detected by sense or eyes only by the skill of the Blademaster only]]

Normal Speed damage

1.7 Second

Advanced Mode

[Acquired Legion Blademaster]
[Requirements: You need to learn Blademaster First]

[Skills of Legion Blademaster Assassin]

[ Nukitsuke (抜付け): A blade from the hilt with sudden attacks that it was already drawn before the enemy would sense it, it doesn't require speed but it slowly a skill that slows the senses of everyone to 95%]

[ Genshō suchīru (減少スチール): The inner legion aura beckons, meaning it increases your battle senses, the more battle of the enemy or you is on the verge of death, their attacks would be negated and become nothing but 0 damage]

[ Sosei (蘇生): As you come back to the living temporarily you empower yourself, increasing Dodge by 25% and Critical Strike Damage by 30% for 18 seconds. As your body deteriorates back into an undead form, you deal 30% more damage while applying a moderate DoT to yourself. This causing your flesh to mutate preventing you from receiving any healing from sources other than life drain for the duration, making yourself undead and immune to death itself.]

[ Burēdo no shōhi (ブレードの消費): With each draw of seemingly broken speed of slashes, it drains their life force and each strength they have and passing on unto them, a skill from a Legion itself, giving them the skill of life stealing by damaging their enemies]

[ Gundan no bāgen (軍団のバーゲン): Increasing damaging output by 70% giving them almost an absolute rendering with each absolute slash they do]

[ Rekuiemu (レクイエム): A Passive Ability, giving them Absolute Dodge and Absolute Block from each attack from the enemy for 150 seconds.]

[ Dark Mantle: Unleashes a wave of darkness dealing Moderately Strong Damage to 4 targets around the user. Dealing a Moderate DoT and lowering their Critical Strike Chance by 20% for 4 seconds.

[ Assassin's Discretion: Increasing dodge, attack, damage and rewriting the effects chances are 25%]

Undefined and cannot be detected

[[Acquired New Swordskill]]
[[Senmonka No Kenshi]]

[Skills of the Senmonka no kenshi]

[Nukiashi: A combination of stealthy steps breathing techniques, it's a complete stealthy steps that makes you undetectable even if the eyes or the surroundings of you still sensing your presence but no one can be fast to react at your movements because of how fast it is and how stealthy you made your step or move or dash, the purpose of the Nukiashi is to hide yourself from existence under your opponents mind, at that result, they might be able to see you but they can't keep up with it or able to see it completely or sense it.]

[Kanpekina kokei: (Perfect Sight) Your surroundings are making yourself color blind in the result of you can see everything in front of you without leaving a single details, giving you the best sight that you can know, you can see everything perfectly without missing anything, the purpose of this is to make your sight and senses practically much faster to any beings, making them able to see everything from what is happening.]

[Raikiri: Thunder Slash or Lightning Slice, in general it makes you slice everything without leaving a single miss, a perfect slice or cut, a fast cut to open the wounds of your opponents without having a mistake, of course their speed isn't the factor, the purpose of this technique is to unable to make the opponent recognize it no matter how fast they are, making the slice unrecognizable to their mind, giving a lightning base with an open wound massively damage cut to the opponent.]

[Irregular guard: Deflecting and fending off all kinds of triple or multiple attacks by forcing your edge of your sword or hilt of the middle of the edge of your sword to block everything with absolute move that cannot be miss.]

[Mugen no: It means Limitless, exceeding your physical limits by making all your senses limitless to everything, hearing, your strength, your speed, your agility, your haste, your dodging, your blocking and your attack and damages and also all kinds of attributes to go in move leaving you out of stamina after it runs out and you can only use it once 1 a day]

[Nusumu idō: Meaning, move steal, with one look of the movements or skill of your opponent you can copy it perfectly by activating this skill, making you a perfect copycat to all arts and skills of fighting]

Name: Ice Blademaster

Origin: The frost from the winter lands where the Samurai trained within his heart and all his spirits to become one with the frost and ice, the training went for decades to perfect it's masterful techniques in Kenjutsu and sword mastery. Those who come from the winter of ice and snow is able to call upon the ice and manipulate the pressure of the wind to make it their own frosty weapons.

Requirements: Must know Ice blade style before learning this class

Frostguard: A type of block that can freeze and slow the movements of the target who attacks you, immobilizing their body for 10 seconds or 20 and your damage is reduced for 15% by slowly turning your whole body into an ice structure built.

Frostbite: Targeting the body's nervous system to able to paralyze the enemy completely by striking it in a precise motion of slash or slice.

Absolute Zero Movement: Able to go in 0.0000000001 seconds in movement by it cost a lot of stamina and able to read your target's movements and their body language, able to grasp and understand their breathing or presence and able to have precise evasion in most upcoming attacks or effects.

Ice fragment: Able to create a clone for 5 seconds by simply dodging or evading, it can be summon or done only 3 sets of clones and if the target touched or was near at the clones range, they will be stuck in a unbreakable frozen ice dome and must wait for 10 seconds to be free again.

Zero Ice: Able to slow down the enemies senses around them by 50% percent, they are able to move very fast in the target's perspective while they are moving in a very slow motion.

Ice Mirror Cut: Able to cut one time and automatically an ice clone would appear and do the same cut you did and disappear.

Frosting: Turn your whole body into a complete standstill as you enter the spectral ice dimension realm upon yourself, making you temporarily invulnerable into anything by turning your whole body in a shadowy ice statue for 15 seconds to heal or to regenerate or rest.

Shadow Icing: A long range slash type that can reach into 12 kilometers of slice and dicing by manipulating the particles of the air to form an icing to cut the target's body.

Frost Armor: Able to have ice aura that can reduce damage for 60% in a planet scale durability.

Name: Void Slayer.

Origin: From the depth of the thousands of the eradicating souls of millions that screams for death, mourning over the sadness and mechalony of their source of power, an empty void keeps them from being powerful.

Skill Set 5

Void Maker: Able to send an empty void of sadness within your surroundings, making all beings who comes forth bring their true sadness, allowing them to feel the despair of it as a black vast of empty of void keeps producing from your emotions.

Bewitched: Able to control anyone's mind without using power, just say this words, "Lagim, Sakim, Dilim." those words triggers the emotions of others, once it is activated it cannot be avoided."

Familiar: Able to alter someone's memories by conjuring your bonds and connections with people and changing their perspective and relation.

Ginoo ((Gi-no-oh): Casting multiple times of different perspective of the opinions of people and able to look deeper into their minds and heart as it will make your entire existence to be unable to be harmed.

Lagnat: Able to alter their conditions, like their physical condition or mental condition and turn it into something else.

[[Pet Demon Summonings]]

The Cat Demon Sith: The Cat Demon is Cero's familiar, it's 8 feet tall and has a gigantic flames all over his back and he was one of Cero's Summonings and also pet

The 8th Demon Prince: The Prince of Demon that has the capabilities to call the 2nd Hell's authority to help me in battle by turning everything into Blue Satanic Flames that can turn anything into nothingness.

The Life Eater: A Big Black Ball that sucks everything known as Life but it cannot be summon without a price, it needs a horn of a Gehenna demon in order to use it

[[Unadaptable Gehenma Flames]]

The Gehenma Flames that is unadaptable, and cannot be adapt no matter what, it's an advanced Gehenma Flames that is used of Absolute Destruction, not even time, or something intangible or alteration or Manipulation or Absolute Control could prevent

It is inescapable and it defies everything when it made contact or exposure

[[All Flame Immunity]]

Due to Cero being bathe on Gehenna flames he's now immune to all kinds of flames including aether or amaterasu or hellfire or chaos or any kind, he's immune to all flames due to his Gehenna flames being similar to all living harmful flames, it is now impossible for Cero to get hurt and he has absolute immunity to all kinds of fire "Except" Holy flames or anything base on holy or light or the essence of light.

Because the Gehenma flames would take all the flames from within and turn it into nothingness, they won't harm me, the holy flames or anything holy might but the Gehenma Flames "if" much more powerful than them then it will be the same result as well.

[[ Satan's Crest ]]

All Omniversal powers that was restored throughout in many years ago that was long forgotten before the universe became bigger

The Flames are now transcendent cannot be put away, it is a Omni-buster power that requires a lot of Demigod or Godly energy that is been within the emotions of the suffering of the user

All will be taken, the power and abilities will only last long for 50 years in real time and it has Omni-lock and Omni-negation powers that will seal and erase everything from within.

This is a Godly power but it does cost the suffering of the emotions of the user, and you must be one of Satan's Bloodline to able to use this

Moreover, there is no logical explanation of how will this par with anyone but it is said that it is Omnibuster

{Hyperion's Eye}

[//Dark Hyperion's Eye 1st Form: Neglects speed and adapting it while sending the enemies nearby and it has the power to negate/neglect certain effects and attacks as well.

[//Dark Hyperion's Eye 2nd Form: My eyes became completely blue and i can use unlimited ice and darkness powers within my grasps but it does have a limit.

[//Dark Hyperion's Eye 3rd Form: I can see everything within the surroundings within 80% percentage of the the range to 1600 and i can not just adapt speed i can simply break the speed just like what the flash did with his speed force but mine is because of the blessing of what has been given to me and i can Omni-negate mostly effect with my eyes

{Satanic Eye}

[//Satanic's Eye 1st Form:The first form can change the situation and events, it can bend the rules of logic 5 times and it has the power of logic anchoring.

[//Satanic's Eye 2nd Form: The second form can bend reality itself by using it ripples through realities and can also rewrite effects and can counter negation.

[//Supreme Satanic Eye: I can bend and alter the rules and reality for 5 hours by using this Eye and i can reverse it and undo everything like a logic anchoring power for 10 times it can be countered as well.

{Satyperion's Eye}

Hyperion's expertise and eyes manifestation

Combining Satan's Demonic Eyes and also Hyperion's and scramble the words itself to name it

[[//Satyperion Eyes: Able to alter reality and starts to create a ripple towards the places one by one with the power of this eyes that can manipulate time, and bend fate for a little while,cannot travel of course and has the power of Semi-omniscience, power to have Cold version of Penance Stare that looks into their eyes or just look at their presence and they feed at his power and attitude and memories and devours them for a little while after that and many attributes and increases agility,strength and also the power and supernatural and unnatural things.

{ Weapons }

[//Ice blade Ragnir: Crafted from the ice realm from the Ice Goddess known as Ancel, given to me by the soul that is forged from the ice metal of spirits, it has the power to render even the impervious dreadnaughts and many absolute defensive durabilities and it is indestructible as long that the owner of the Ragnir is connected to the owner.

[//Frost Edge: A normal sized rapier the handle is sky blue as the blade has an texture of an is an Titanium silver, with a cone shaped blade the capabilities of it is, it has 5 second time freeze, also if the wielder is not you it will freeze the incorrect user's entire body in mere minutes. Also, if it cut's something it immediately freezes it from the cut on out.

[//Gehenna Blade: A forged with the thousand of metallic flames of blue-ish fire and has the titanium silver triangle shape blade that has the capabilities to seal a demons life force by unsheathing the blade and cutting out of nothing and sucks everything and transport it in Gehenna

Extra Abilities

Scourge of the Frostmourne: A powerful darkness from the source of the lich king's curse of power, both ice and darkness mixed together with powerful undead energy that can lead and command endless undead without stopping with ultimate necromancy skills and abilities

Dragon Ice Lightning: Combined with natural of godly ice and godly lightning, a mixed of the two was combined to create a powerful devastation of power that can go into a Universal level when used correctly

{ Character }

[//Bio: Cero was born in the Ice Realm of Ancel's Realm the ice mountain where he was possessed with the Lich King's Frostmourne powers and also Ancel's Ice Goddess powers within the soul of Cero it is said that he was the rightful birth of Ancel and been watching him for over the years, he has been alone for 16 years with isolation and never had a family until he met a stranger with blue eyes and blue hair and told him about his family and then he went there and then found Reigo Vysal his father and Ayaka Shinai Vysal his mother and also had an incest relationship with her sister Shana Shinai but after that they got really intimate and been always love each other being brother and sisters and sometimes even more and had 2 children Reishi and Ayashi and another children from the future from another timeline Siryu and Zinniya and then the Vysal grew as well.

Meeting of Kyugi

Kyugi was Cero's childhood friend, it was said that when Kyugi went to the forst Cero was there to save her and then been friends with Kyugi ever since of course many things had happen during those times of his childhood and also been rival with Fleryu and been acquaintance with Scarlett as well and many more friends too

Meeting the Junkyosha

Tokuma was the first one to ever fought me and made me stronger over those past years of war between us after that he let the Vysal have the fight and let us win for another battle i died 3 times of course but other than that he was also hesitant for making my family spared i fought Tokuma before and i fought him 2 or 3 times and he never gives up no matter how much sparing and letting him win and he just wanna fight me and been obsessed with the Vysal ever since

Meeting Kurishi

A Dark Fallen Angel landed in the sky and then after that i found him in the helpless of the certain area and then took care of him under my wing, he was really in pain but i managed to make him a little bit at ease and took him in the clan but after that it's very much that he was a disgrace and i adopted him as one of my sons and i gave him the Hyperion's Bloodline so he can be a Vysal like me

From then on he became Kurishi Vysal and he's been living with us for sometime.

Meeting with the Shadowbloods, i only heard about them since the moment my Dad had an acquaintance with them, i was always not connected with them directly of course but they were powerful clans that i've met before and i know that very well and that is all i know about them


I've been dead 3 times and then got resurrected and been able to change my powers and abilities by training in the after life by going to the 2nd place called the Gehenma

The 2nd Leader of the Vysal

When i was fighting with Tokuma, i declared myself that i would be the 2nd Leader of the Vysal Clan since my dad died due to the hands of the Shadowblood Clan, and they used my father's corpsed...and my sister as hostage, i can never forgive them for what they have done, after for battling out and the War was over, my Dad's Clan...were incomplete so i built it into a new one and made it into a Vysal Clan, it's in the Vysal Borders it took 1 year to build it.

The King of Gehenma

After leaving, into the Vysal Clan, many years and many days of preparation was off to the Place of Gehenma to overthrow his grandfather Satan, since Satan has been weaken due to Kurishi's Heaven of Authority the sins in the outworld and the human world was slowly vanishing, making Cero the chance to engage to fight him while he is weaken, now that the preparation is off, Satan and Cero battled for many months until Cero was the victor because of his intense training and dedication, since he has the Ice God's Power and the Demonic Satanic Heritage, and also his Godly power of Satan's Crest and Exodus Form, he overthrow Satan with his own power and skill and he did what he can do to learn and starts to rebuilt the Gehenma of Hell to be now under the property of the Vysal Clan of El Vyskra.

The Family

Cero had a family, it was with Shana, my sister, from Gehenna, her name was a Shinai, we had 4 children, it was Zinnia, Ayashi, Reishi, and Siryu, as of that happened i also adopted Kurishi, and took care of some other children of course

Fleryu and Cero

When i was 14, i have a childhood friend, it was Fleryu, he's my opposite, he was hotheaded, always angry but speaks his mind, and he doesn't really get intimidated, he was stronger than me when we were kids, i was the weakest, i couldn't catch up to him.

I fought him a lot of times, specially with my sister's love
Fleryu was in love with my sister Shana, my sister, but she was inlove with me, so Fleryu didn't get to be with her instead we got married and had 4 children

The Lost Love

Shana died...due to unknown reasons, i never knew where she is and she died..and i was devastated and then starts to get lonely for him as he started to become a little bit lonely but he moved on after a few years.

Dark Cero

Dark Cero was within his darkness, it was his darkness, he awoken when Cero was devastated and then he became Dark Cero due to that, his hair turned dark hair and has evil thoughts but since Cero fought over it, he wanted to be free and he became stronger and Dark Cero was no more.

Another Bio

[[This Bio are from another event and timeline where Cero still exist but with a different story]]

The Dark Flame incident

In this timeline its where Cero were with Shana and had a child of Zinnia and Siryu however a Dark Flame killed them all, it was someone who is, all of the members of the Family was killed including Cero, Shana, and all of the family except for Yoshiki Kishinuma

All the Dark Flames were covered until Siryu was gone into the timeline and all of it were destroyed

Cero's Childhood friend

There is another childhood friend he has, it was Mari Heribellium, she was a snow angel, she is spirit that Cero created unto himself, since he doesn't wanted to be alone, it was an image he was creating for himself when he was just 6 years old

Satan's Form

Cero successfully killed all the Vysal Clan with the blue flames were the only trail he did, it was an unknown source why he killed them but it was known that the Satanic bloodline were taken over his mind and became Satan's 2nd Vessel

Quote for the Satan's Form

"I will kill you, demonic Satan's Blood is where i shall draw it"

[[This is now his Canon Story from here]]

Obtaining the Frostmorune

The Frostmourne is what you call the Curse of the Undead that was pass down in the northern land of where the Lich King was imprisoned into the Frozen Throne, the Frostmourne is an Ice Magic power that was fueled by the scourge and undead itself it was lead by the Lich King himself however Cero obtained it at birth when the Lich King sensed the Baby boy, he needed a Vessel so he starts to take over Cero's body as his host and living spirit property but it was a mistake since Cero's Power was blessed within the Ancel's Power meaning the Power of the Ice Goddess was within him, so they shared and what Cero is having and the Frostmourne is now his to command

The Ancel's Ice Goddess Birthright

Ancel's Birthright, this is where she took Cero when she was just a baby, she starts to nurture him and made him into an Ice Demigod when he was just a child, she placed her soul and and made her his own vessel or birthright to make Cero, the Ice Goddess Vessel as well.

His Adoptive Sister

It was when Cero was still on the road, he was pretty lonely and he started to think all by himself, he wanted to know how to live properly so there was a white hair yellow eye girl who is a little bit short but cute

Her name was "Eve Vysal" she was adopted to my family by my father. My Sister came back to life, i didn't know the details but i was glad, we lived together as a family with my Sister Shana and Eve together but there was something really up

Little by little, little did i know that my Adoptive Sister grew feelings on me...i didn't accept it because..i love my sister Shana, i love her and married her, i chose her over her, she was devastated, but she learned to accept it, Shana and Eve knows that they both love me, so they decided to love me and accept each other, they are.."Sharing" my love for them, since they love too much

I was happy until...i became reckless and forgot about Shana..until she broke up with me..and left me..and Eve was there to comfort me., Since Shana found another one, his name was Eis, i didn't know anything about him but he has my same attitude and almost my personality, he is someone that Shana could live and love together since they are not really related to each other i began to accept it

I always watched the Fireworks with my Sister, specially with Eve.
It was something i didn't forget but i didn't return her feelings and i only like her as my sister only

She didn't accept it...from the heart but i couldn't because..i just can't feel it.

My 2nd Love

When Shana broke up with me, i found another girl, her name was Weiss, i didn't know anything about her, but she was a tsundere, a bit cold at heart, but she started to fall for me, i would start to give it a chance...but even so..i couldn't fall for her like i did to Shana, she was different, so i broke up with her afterwards because i was not feeling it.

The 3rd and Final Love

This is where i met Rin Vermillion, she wanted to fight me, but i won due to the strength and power i have, and pretty much that i wanted to invite her and become a friend but afterwards, i slowly starts to fall for her because of her attitude, and i also adored her red pink hair and her adorable smile and her positive attitude, this is where i know that she will be the best wife that i could ever have someday...and someday i'll promise to myself that i would make her matter what

Alina Vysal

I always watch her, when she grows up, and whenever she tries to bother me, i would always watch her, i don't talk to her that much due to me being busy when i was just the leader but after sometime that i grew up, i knew that she would be a fine woman and a good family member, so i would be with her after i'm free.

Mother's Day

I gave my mom, a Happy Mother's Card, her name was Ayaka Shinai, she stripped the Vysal name when she divorce my father due to Yuki


Since my dad is a Womanizer, he's been constantly having affairs with many women i didn't know about
Since that happened, i happened to stumble many half or step brothers and sisters, one of them would be Reina, Zeigo, Yurei, i know there is more but i couldn't figure out, but there was another one his name was Ceirin or Saiko, i didn't know them yet, but they are related to me since my father is their father as well.

The Forgotten Sister

I didn't know anything about my other sister, she has Blue Eyes and Pink hair, but i forgot her name and even her voice, but her face and appearance stands out to me

i never had the chance to meet her...or even talk to her, but she was gone in my life afterwards, she died in unknown reason i didn't know about

Day without any regrets.

After being absent and retired, Cero Vysal is now have no more regrets, he feels accomplished already to all of his doing, he has done a lot of years of struggling, conflicts and more problems, like his love life, career, in during this hour, Cero is 567 years old, he has done a lot for his family, he would live a normal life until his death bed would awaits him sooner or later but for now he would be on standby.

[[Bonus Stories into the present]]

Aurora Vysal

She is the daughter-in-law of Cero Vysal, he taught Aurora how to use the way of the sword by giving her lessons about Blademaster, sooner or later Aurora managed too, of course Cero taught a lot of fellow Vysals but Aurora was special, he taught with love and care like a parent should be.

Akuma Bugendai

During the years of spending time together, the two of them are still mysterious to each of their own, of course they would still have the best way to encounter of each other and tell each others story like the old times, they fought many times as well.

The Lore

After over the years of building over the Vysal, the Lore of the Vysal was outstandingly increasing during those past few years, everyone gathered, and all neighboring clans and all opposing as well, he loved the sight of it, and of course, he was absent and retired so he would wander off to the world to seek new knowledge he could find.

The Omni-creator/Shadow White ((My 2nd father))

They are still more stories, that came from within me so let's get it on the way, Shadow was insulted because of what i have been calling him weak, i was afraid of that he would have to fight me over this... i didn't know what to do so i would fight him within my best but i still outstandingly beaten him, he was my father during the past, the one i look up too, now i don't know why he became weak.

After that, my power were lost, and until then a name of Lo-c'thal, he said that he's presence was not important, he was powerful enough to make our power disappear, as it seem that way, we were mortals, into his eyes, we were both weak, pointless of battle, he gives more trails a long the way to strengthen our bond together, as it seems that that our purpose is to reconnect that once that we have lost.

Of course we fell over the void of emptiness and restored our friendship afterwards, those times, i was already distant, and i wanted to experience new things, since i still have a lot to learn.

[[Complete Conclusion]]

Cero has achieved the moment of his era, he built and surpassed his father Reigo, and over-all he set into a journey to go in different places to be free as a man with a new leaf, he entrusted Kurishi to be the leader his son so after that he set foot into a new journey to find himself afterwards.

His death would be whenever he pleases but over-all he would be going in Gehenna ((Hell)) to visit his heritage and family and sometime set into the journey to the God's Realm to meet Hyperion and Dark Hyperion, his Grandpa's from his father's side.

Secret Biography

During the Absence of Cero on Gehenna, he was actually just looking and watching how will it go, he in the sacred falls of Gehenna falls and watching everything from afar, of course Kurishi couldn't feel me because i am a demon with godly powers yet i can still use it to negate Kurishi's authority.


A sudden abnormalities from the dimension of space and time, a black dimension starts to open into the portal and then a young girl starts to suddenly appear, at first she was hostile to her surroundings, it was as if she was from another world, Cero met her and started to introduce her to the clan, afterwards they talked and hanged out, they eventually became friends after that the war came out and they became even closer, they were inseperable like partner in crime, they start to fight and fend off the minions of Kurishi, as of now they are trying to open the Gate for Yorokobi afterwards so they can go and fix this mess


A being from another parallel universe, Niva tried to summon him in order for him to talk, his name was like my name in the past, Cero Exodus, in the other timeline it seems that he hasn't met any of his family in the Vysal Clan and then after many conclusions we met on a objective to fend off the minions of Kurishi and helped us through the war with a certain condition to bring Siryu with us but after that he left and stabbed Niva in the back while vanishing

Taming the Ice Lightning Dragon

After getting back to the ice realm, a lightning dragon was formed and then became one of the ice, it seems that it was looking an owner and gone astray afterwards since it has been struck by lightning and fused with the ice itself, so Cero starts to tame it and then make it his soon as it was tamed it became his own pet and decided to reform as one of his arm to possess Ice Lightning Dragon Capabilities as his new master

The Ice Vessel's prophecy

In this tale, we would talk about the remnants of the ice vessels who seems to be growing rampant into the greatest motion of history from people's mind. Cero was actually done with his journey and fighting amongst people and adversaries and many more. However, due to his power being drained since the people wishes to have another ice demigod to be born as another Ice God. His powers is now will be diminished over time after he turns 2,001 years old and live as a human afterwards.

The Azeo Glaice

After travelling into many worlds, he stumbled upon northrend to where the scourge invaded a certain Ice Blade Clan from the north coast. He was there as he witness the tragic outcomes and the only one who was left was a named Ice Blade Swordsman, Samuro Glaice. Samuro was the only one left into the Clan, a sole survivor who wanted vengeance for his people. Cero helped him by taking out the battle station and the base of the Scourging mortal enemies of the Ice Blade Clan. After the battle concluded in a victory and Cero welcomed Samuro to the Vysal Clan. He witness that he has potential to lead an army in the future and he could an asset and a good pair of agents from the clan thus going to get into the Gehenma Palace and start to give us the approval. Since Amber was the princess and Yorokobi was the King. Cero asked them to have a new place for El Vyskra as it will be known as Azeo Glaice. In the name of his father's legacy that implanted from the land as the Blademasters bolstered their ranks and became Ice Blademasters and their new homeland was built.

The Fiery Blades

Into this journey, Amber and Cero travelled amongst the land to search for the missing Lores of Blademasters throughout the land. In this place they will come and let their adventure takes place to the Fiery Razor Village. But it was a rundown with some demonic legions. He knew he had to do something to save the people of Fire Blademasters. Amber helped Cero defeat the demon masters during those times as they came home and rescued their village from being attacked.

The Void Slayers

In this era of where Cero comes from, he travelled many days and many weeks throughout the land of Voicarous, It is a kingdom filled with sorcery and magic throughout the land. Many speaks that the curse of the Void Witch still lurks from the moment and into the Voicarous. The Knights investigated the scene but they soon disappeared and became one with the Void Slayers. After looking forward to another mission and Journey, Cero was already on the move to see if there is anything he can do to defeat this Void Witch. As per say he was able to defeat the witch but nonetheless there's nothing he can do but walk towards the darkness as he saw the void witch controlling hundreds of void slayers that was a victim through her spells and dark magic. With ease he start to use his powerful attacks and fought the dark witch in an instant he touched the dark magic and able to influence himself within the powers of the Dark Witch as he learned everything and the capabilities it needed after killing the dark witch and let the people know what he did as he left without saying a single word.

Growing Old

It's been 500 years later since he begun to think what has happened, his hair is completely white with blue hellish flames and his satanic ears are popping out and his tail has already come out. As his demonic heritage grow stronger by the minute and his Demigod powers bestowed upon his father grew weaker by the second.

[//Personality: Cero is a considerate man he oftens get really angry when he's family is in danger and he never thought of it for a second to rescue them, he is an idiot who will do anything and he is a naive boy and always screw things up but fixes things afterwards, he is considerate and sensitive but also caring and pacifist kind of guy

[//Likes:Ice cream, sweet foods, my family.
[//Dislikes: I hate fire and sunlight and i hate summer and spicy.

[//Theme Song: Cold as Ice ((Feat- Nightcore)) -

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