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It has been awhile, but we are still here working on things.

Alright everyone, its official! Offline IM 2 Email works now!!!

What is different about our offline im 2 email?
- Uses the opensim's built-in offline messaging (this means your missed IM's from people in other grids will still get sent!)
- Sent via AWS SES so the emails are very reliable
- Coming Soon! Turn off Group Notice offline messages

We look forward to hearing what you guys think about this feature.

Jamie Anna Wright originally shared:

Hey Awesome Grid Owner types,

Some time ago now The Great Canadian Grid suffered DDOS attacks and had to upgrade security. Since then, some OpenSim grids can’t seem to get there on the hypergrid. The fix for this unfortunately has to be at the other grid’s end. Please update/refresh the GCG login uri and then restart your robust server to open up those travel paths again. The login uri is:

The Great Canadian Grid login uri is

or some Countries need to use...

Thanks so much:)

P.S. Kitely and OSGrid work fine so they can ignore this message:)
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VirWox OMC and new binaries for those wishing to run their own regions from home or their own servers. We offer both a stable and a testing version so that you have a choice what your region runs.


We are currently in talks with VirWoX about getting OMC back for ZetaWorlds. We used to have it working, however we abandoned it after the developers left it alone and refused to update it. Since the new management of it, we have seen great success, and want a grid that offers an OPT-IN solution for currency. Where no one is forced to use currency, but can if they choose to.

We will keep you updated on the progress.

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We have fixed an issue with seeing mesh in other grids, and bringing back larger sized items from other grids! Read the post for more information!

I saw an in-world message about a new forum, but when I clicked on the link there wasn't anything there.  Can I get a link to the new forum?

The hypergrid issues between ZetaWorlds and Great Canadian Grid have been worked out. Thanks to the awesome people at Great Canadian Grid for working with us to resolving the issue!
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