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Next up in our underground watch face line: Daytona Rolex. Another awesome and free premium watch face. You guys ask and we listen! Be sure to check us out on the Samsung Gear Store, just search "Royal" and you will find our watch faces. 

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Happy Friday my friends! We have released our most anticipated underground watch face, Dark Rolex. Stunningly elegant crafted this watch face is one of the most prestigious model in our underground line. This watch gives its owner a look of style and success. This exquisite timepiece is what you have been missing.
Check out our other watch faces in the Samsung Gear Store. Please leave some feedback and let us know if you have any suggestions. This makes it possible for us to continue giving watch faces away!

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Cod6 dark v1.8.1 impressed with the new update not bad and camera it's fixed,liking this awesome rom thanks again guys.
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Camera Fix - wouldn't work just flashing the camera wierd...

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InfamousROM v1.0 COD6

Still a few things in custom settings that are not working yet but it's running good. Full wipe if coming from another Rom. Dirty if on v0.5

I get phones like out of style. Just got. Y Sprint GS6. Need some Jamison love.... 

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Post #1084

- Added BioShock Kernel @Jamison904
- Enabled External Sd-Card Read/Write Functionality
- Increased message limit per hour
- Up To 200 Contacts For Messages
- Increased Sms-Mms Threshold
- Added Bunch Of TW Launcher Themes
- SecMms TouchWiz Mods (Thx jovy23)
- Long Press Back To Kill (Multi-Window Must Be Off)
- Improved Data Connection Time
- Improved Performance
- Root Install By Ib4stid (Thx!)
- Improvements Added To Rom
- Enable Theme Support On Tw Launcher
- CSC Tweaks
- 5 Way Extended Reboot Menu
- Rom Bloat Removed On Install (Thx Ib4stid For His Updater-Script)
- Infamousized
- Small Edits I Missed
- Full Wipe, Clean Install Is Needed!!! (Dirty flash OK if on Stock)

TMB-N910TUVU1COD6 released 35 mins ago finally!!!

Build date - 04-21-2015 v5.0.1
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