Can some one interprete a dream I had....

Relaxing in tub of hot water with three candles burning and scent of lavender , I drempt that I was walking in a field of wheat , shortly into the walk I was joined by a gray wolf , then a beaver and lastly a chipmunk.

We came to a stream , as we crossed I caught a glimpse of myself clad in a loin cloth , the wolf was an Indian medicine man , the beaver looked like an old rugged trapper and the chipmunk was a young boy running wild and free.

I'm just wondering what this all means.

On April 23rd John Ritter the actor entered my dream told me to go to Bostn get a job down there help the people out. He told me he was helping out in Spirit form doing plumbing. He told me 607. The lottery numbers came tou 607 in NJ at night time and I never played them. I also looked up on youtube he died on sept 11 the time of the twin towers. I think thats why he is helping out there. I'm CHHA and I took care of my elder husband of 29 years woh passed away of lung cancer. and my retarted sister who passed away. I just donated some money out to Boston!
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