So the comparison of God's perfection and society's? Its made to look like it is society is higher, but I think its the other way around. Though is seems like society is higher because that's what is pushed in the world today. God's perfection (aka youuu) is wayyyy up there, yet society tells you no you need this. This should be a clear sign that its the low place. Society tells you, you need to look like this person and it has gotten some people so hooked onto that idea that they starve, cut, hate, copy and paste themselves into oblivion, thinking "if only I was......I'd be better." You can fill in the blank, though I think when you read it, you already did. Well all is does is show that you are insecure and don't believe you are perfectly and wonderfully made by the most high King that love you so much that he sent his only son to died, take all your sins and then beat death and the grave just to show you how much he loves you. Breaking that Vail that separated us from him aka sin. He loves you so much and is so so crazy about you that he had to show you that he loves you. It was not an option. He had to show his perfect child that he loves you. He loves you so much that he doesn't remember all those rough spots that we beat ourselves up over everyday. Too many of us don't understand that. Also we don't understand Society is wrong and shouldn't have any say and how we dress, act, speak, or anything, yet we give it some much power. Social media, School, TV, commercial, stores, anything and everything just tell you that you should look like this you, aren't cool if you don't do this, or look like this or if you don't have this you aren't good enough. Its not okay, but is the normal for us! Why is that!? All it does is tear you down. Who wants that? See though this is the amazing part. God only wants to be in your life. He just want you to know him! Why is that so hard though? Is it because we can't see him? That we actually have to listen for him, unlike our friends around us. I know that's the case for me. So there is my ramble for today! If you wanna talk more about this text me. Hope you have a great rest of your week. Love you guys!

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thanks for excepting me I am really exited to share my story's with people that have the same passion as me. :)

             One word, seven letters, three syllables. This one word, thought, or action is known across the globe. Multiple young teens, or young adults, and adults think of this one word constantly. “Would drinking this bleach help remove my pain and end it all?” “Could me cutting my body remove the pain of my pathetic life?” “If I shove this gun in my mouth and pull the trigger it would be easier than living my life alone.” “Would jumping from this chair with this rope around my neck take away all these voices telling me I’m not good enough?” These are some of the many thoughts that depressed and suicidal teens, who are struggling with something in their lives, are thinking. They are thinking “killing myself would be easier than living.” Well, it isn't. You may think suicide would “solve” your problems, but it really doesn't it shows you gave up on the people around who were trying to help you before you decided to end your life. It shows that you weren't strong enough to overcome this temporary obstacle.
Suicide causes more suicide.
  Suicide is you running away from problems that you feel are chasing you. When all you had to do is turn around and face them. If your choice is suicide, you are jumping off that cliff that you feel that you are cornered on, you let them win; you let your problems overcome and beat you.
You can always talk to someone like a friend, adult, sibling, just some one, death isn't needed. No matter how hard it gets it will always get better. Even if you think it never will, just push through it and get to the end of this. It's just a season in your life, all seasons will come to an end. No matter how alone you feel, someone loves you and wants you safe, healthy, happy and successful in your life.
Suicide is a permanent “solution” for a temporary problem.

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Have a bad night? and make them wonder why you aren't crying yet.
Emotions are ment to be felt, not to be bottled up.
Be yourself, you are wonderful.

You are loved, you are wanted, and you are worthy.

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