Will anyone like to RP with me....? I'm so freaking bored.... =___=

Science Fiction
In a post apocalyptic world, people's consciousnesses are stored within a computer. Within a virtual reality the trapped humans fight an endless war unknowing that they are within a computer. But a group of rebels made of no body soldiers and one of the highest respected officers try to find out why glitches are occurring in the system.
Characters Required:
A high ranking officer who follows the rules most of the time but likes the feeling of rebellion.
The master of the system.

1. Your intro to an rp should include part of a plot and the kind of characters and the setting and any other relevant/necessary information.
2. Keep this PG-13 people. Sensor cussing. Damn and hell exempt.
3. More of suggestion than a rule. Be fairly literate. Use correct grammar and try to use correct spelling. Detail is a big impact on one's writing.
4. Put everything in the right category.
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