Hi all, I just pushed a new PrayerMate Beta (5.10) to Google Play. It completely rewrites the way that feeds are updated in order to support new secure/private feeds - and there's always a chance that it will have completely broken everything! Feeds might start to get out-of-date / new ones might not download immediately / etc. If you were able to update at your convenience and try it out, it would be tremendously helpful! I also hope that this version now fully supports general sync between devices, so if you haven't tried that out and would like to then please do! (you need to go to the settings menu and do a long press and hold on the section header that says "Import/export" and type in the secret code 2015)

Has anybody been experiencing crashes in PrayerMate for Android lately who could help me track them down? One particular crash has started happening a lot more in the latest build and I can't reproduce it.

I pushed a new beta today, 5.9.4. It includes some performance enhancements and bug fixes for the new sync functionality. It also tweaks the UI by adding list photos to the "My lists" column on the Lists page, and allowing you to press and hold subjects on that page to access subject settings or to archive/delete. It also fixes a scheduling bug that under certain circumstances, on lists with a manual number of subjects per session set, which could cause the scheduling to instead pick ALL of the subjects on that list.

The new long press and hold functionality could potentially have broken the cog button whilst praying, so I'd appreciate it if anybody had a chance to test either of those.

As usual, any feedback to info@prayermate.net

Hey, so it's only taken me about three years or so... but the latest PrayerMate for Android Beta more or less lets you sync your data between devices! You have to be fairly brave (and have good backups) and I can't promise what it will do for your battery, but if you are happy with that risk then grab the beta from Google Play, go to PrayerMate's settings menu, do a long press and hold on the section heading where it says "Import/export" and the pin code screen should appear- type the code 2015 to reveal the hidden "create an online account" page. If you do it, please email me at andy@prayermate.net to let me know how you get on!

Hi all, I've just uploaded a new PrayerMate Beta (5.9.0) - though it might take a few hours to appear. Dropbox integration is now supported on all phones (including 64-bit) - I would love it if you could at least try doing an "Export to Dropbox" from the app's settings menu. Also added a "move all subjects in list" option and the ability to link existing subjects to an address book contact.
If you could drop me an email once you've had a play to let me know if it worked, that would be great. Thanks all!

Hi all,
Just to let you know that I pushed a new beta update today: 5.5.
The main new feature is a revamped "Add" screen, totally reimagining the way that the 3rd party galleries are handed, and hopefully making it all much clearer.

It also implements run-time permissions, so things like attaching photos / PDFs or reading from the address book might be potentially affected.

To get the update, go to Google Play and find PrayerMate. Would love any feedback! Email info@prayermate.net

If you haven't already done it recently, I recommend an "Export data" from the settings menu as a backup - you should now be able to export to Google Drive as well as apps like Dropbox.

Thank you!

Hi folks, I've just uploaded PrayerMate 5.2.0 as a beta. It contains a lot of bug fixes, but it also completely replaces the user interface framework I was using to make it all feel more modern - the result is that nearly anything could be broken. It also makes some changes to the way that the feed gallery and downloadable prayer gallery work - so if people had a chance to test some of them then that would be grand.

v5.1.0 introduces some key scheduling fixes and features:
1. Resolves an issue that was causing new subjects to be given very low priority
2. You can now manually set the item limit for a list to "All"
3. Each subject can now be given an explicit priority, including "Every time"

If anybody had a chance to try out some of these new features over the next day or so it would be a real help.
Many thanks,

Hi all, a few minutes ago I pushed what I hope will be the final beta before I launch. If anybody has a chance to give it a quick try (especially editing cards and interacting with things on the lists page) and drop me an email once you can confirm that it's not horribly horribly broken, that would be great. I will launch to the world (on iOS too) as soon as I'm relatively confident!

How are people getting on with the beta in general? Any overall impressions? Haven't had much feedback in terms of whether people consider it an improvement over the old design. HOW DO YOU FEEL?
Do drop me an email at andy@prayermate.net
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