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"It's a desperate struggle for a desperate cause."

Okay. Listen up, and listen well. I only have a little while to explain what needs to be done. What you need to do.

Basically, there's this tree. This tree is pretty darn special. The tree dies, everyone dies. Only thing is, they don't understand that. That's why they want to kill it.

There are some people called Malos. They want to kill the tree. They have these monsters, massive winged horses, called Lethrblaka. The Lethrblaka are pretty much infinite. They must keep coming. Now listen to me. You can only destroy them by stabbing just below there ribs. Don't worry, they're skinny. You can see the ribs easily. KEEP THE LETHRBLAKA AWAY FROM THE TREE!

Welcome to a roleplay community. Sorry about all the text up there. The original writer died........ Just after writing it. Ah well, they were an amazing warrior...... anyway, rules.

All of the profile template is compulsory. Please fill it out. Thank you.

No swearing. It just doesn't make sense.

You can either be part of the Malos or a warrior. Or you can be a boring standby person. Please don't!

No sexual scenes. This is about saving the tree!

You can have unrelated roleplays.... I guess. Just put them in the right section.

The castle section is basically a retreat. It's a massive castle made of dark grey stone. Plush carpets fill the solid floor with warmth. The carpets never get dirtied by the many warriors tramping over it. Every warrior has their own room, in differing locations. There's a massive dining room also. However, the Malos has no such retreat.

Any suggestions? Please share! Please do!

Now, if you have any questions just ask, and go make a profile!

{Time} Midnight
{Place} The Tree
_{Open?} +Nugget Floof _

Mando Glenwood was right next to the Tree. He himself was confused as to why he was there. He had simply jumped out of a tree, allowing his wings to bring him anywhere. He had ended up next to one of the most hated objects he could find. He looked out at the surrounding forest, searching for any trace of movement. His dark eyes fell onto Fin, walking toward the tree.

Rolrpaly anybody?

{Time: Midnight}
{Place: Near the Tree}
{Open? Nope. Closed to +JellyBean 7124​}

*Juuzou Suzuya crouched in the shadows of the Tree, his bright pinkish red eyes glowing slightly. He had a wide smile, holding his quinque. He seemed to be waiting for someone... Or was it something? Suddenly, a Lethrblaka charged at him, and when it drew near, he sprang. He jumped up, and, twisting in mid-air, he sank the blade into the weak spot under its ribs, the Lethrblaka dissolving into black dust. He landed lightly, a satisfied smile on his face.*

You wouldn't mind if I used a main profile on my account, would you? It's Juuzou Suzuya, by the way.

Anyone wanna roleplay?

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Name: Eva Valinda

Age: "I have 16 years of age."

Gender: "Female. You must really get a brain. They're wonderful things."

Malos or Warrior: "Warrior. The Malos are evil... Though evil does depend on perspective."

Personality: Caring, distrustful (You'll see how she acts)

Appearance: (see picture)

Anything special about them: "Nothing to shocking." Electricity

Bio: "Is this information necessary?" Eva's parents lived in the forest when she was young. When Eva was 10, they were killed in a freak accident and Eva searched for the nearest village. A couple with no children took her in. When she was 13, she hugged her stepmom and accidently electrocuted her. That same day her stepdad was killed during millwork.

Weapons: A set of knives, ranging from very small to the size of kitchen knives.

Friends: "No-one yet."

Crush: "Is it expected to always have a lover?"

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Name: Nighty Ristor.

Age: 15

Gender: Female. Isn't that obvious?

Malos or Warrior: Warrior. At least that's what I think.

Personality: I'm really shy. I don't trust people easily. Also, I'm very violent.

Appearance: Black Hair & Gold Eyes. I usually wear a big, black uniform. {See the picture for more details.}

Anything special about them: Well, you may not notice from the first look, but I'm really strong. And I mean this. Don't mess up with me.

Bio: I don't want to remember my past, but I will tell.

I was born in a small village and I lived with my mother. My life was good enough for me, until one day, when I was 7 years old, a clan of people attacked at our village. They said they were annoyed of us and that If we didn't leave from that territory, they would kill us. Surprisingly, we decided to fight than leave. But they were much stronger than us, and we lose the battle. Many people died that day, and my mother too. Those who survived, like me, were taken away as slaves. I spent years as a slave, until one day, when I was 12 years old, I decided to run away and live by my own. I couldn't spent the rest of my life as a ''nothing''. I had a really bad childhood. I learned not to trust people. I learned to hate people.
That's all.

Weapons: Most of the time, I use swords to fight.

Friends: None. As I said, I learned not to trust people. I also hate most of them.

Crush: None. See above the reason.

{Time} Dusk
{Place} The Tree
{Open?} Yup!

Eva is standing beneath The Tree. She has a small, narrow knife out incase of attack. You see her and...

{Time} Midday
{Place} The Tree
{Open?} +M. Wσℓf

Mando Glenwood, a part of the Malos was standing right in front of the tree. However, he had no visible weapons. He was examining the tree, his wings folded against his back. No one else was there. Or so he thought...
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