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Hi! This is the fanfiction part of he community. You can post fanfiction here! As far as I know, it is run by +Emily C​ and I. Hope you enjoy it!

Hello everyone!! This is fangirl station!! Everyone thats a fan of anything can comment here when they wanna talk about their fandoms and things like that! I hope you all enjoy it!!! Love ya!!

Hey guys!!! Hello internet!!! This is the Phandom part!! Dont worry, we're all trash here! XD anyways, me and +Anne Burrows​ are gonna moderate this part and yeah! This for anything Dan and Phil! Feel free to link fics and edits! Make sure to keep things appropriate though, ah, who am i kidding? Its the Phandom for goodness sake! Hope you all enjoy! Love ya!!

Comment if you get this:

This died before it was even alive

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Hello Members welcome to the Harry Potter section of The School Of Fandoms. 

So, being my idiot self, i realized that I accidentally deleted the discussion category, so pick up where we left off, +ShreyaHowlterWinchester​ and +Sydney Porter​??
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