What is your opinion on Briceno2003TheRobloxian?

My opinion, He sucks nowadays

What is your opinion on the IGUA (Intergra Good User Alliance)?

My opinion, It's retarted

Have you Heard of the Show "Mighty Magiswords" and what is your Opinion on it?

If No, Check it out on Cartoon Network. There are New Episodes Every Thursdays At 6 PM (Only if you are in U.S). If not, Go to Kisscartoon.me and Search "Mighty Magiswords". Pick the Ones that have 6/7 Episodes (Full series). And if not, That's fine with me. And if you are neutral or hate the show, Opinion is Respected.

My answer: Yes, I Have Heard of it. And My Opinion is that it is a Great show and I enjoyed watching it.

Have you been to Boardwalk Candy Shop in Ocean City, New Jersey?

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Do you like Asi Taulava?

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What's your opinion on this user? Mine: I hate him.

What's your opinion on Gilas Pilipinas?

What would you do If Star butterfly came to your house?

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What would you want to be for 3 days?
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