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Are You Feeling Hopeless Today? Worthless? Abandoned? Scared?

*Remember that your voice is an order.....
you speak things into existence. There is a good chance that you had already spoken into the universe, the life you currently have for yourself. The Voice Is An Order friends!!!!
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Hello Mothers and Fathers

This is your girl Yolanda here, better known as Miracles Happen, invites you
to come and sit on my front porch for a spell. I want to talk with you concerning your children, out children, basically, everybody's children.
In the first chapter of my book "The Fight Of My Life", which I titled "Round One", I am pretty candid and transparent concerning my life as a child, back to my earliest remembrance, and in this chapter, I unravel many aspects of abuse which, I was exposed to on a regular basis.
As parents, we sometimes only consider our own lives. We are actually selfish in many ways when it comes to raising children. We feel that our needs, and out wants are what's most important, and that kids, well kids won't even remember the stuff they've been exposed to.
Well, here sits one of those kids now, at her computer, typing this message to you. "Kids go through what you go through. If you are sad, they are sad. If you are mad, they are mad. If you are lonely, they are lonely. If you are hungry, they are still hungry even if you fed them, and not yourself!
See children feed off their Mother even after being birth from her womb.
Therefore, whatever their Mom is experiencing, they are as well experiencing.
If you are suffering, they are suffering. Your energy is their energy. This is why kids become so devastated whenever "Mom Cries." They feel her pain. They may not understand where it comes from, however, the hurt still remains.
Although I'm in my late forties now, and was about four years old when this trauma first occurred. I still suffer with moments of flash backs.
Controllable memories is what I call them. I call them controllable because I don't allow them to take over my day, and alter my moods or attitudes any longer. However, my awareness for my own children and grand children is heightened because of it.
My Mother's decisions became also my reality as well as my brothers. I loved her so much, and if I could have made her happy I would have, but she continued to seek happiness from Men wanting her to be sad.
ladies, let me say this to you. Even if your kids are in the house with their own biological father, it is still your responsibility to protect your child or children. If God thought the man could do it,, they would have been born with a womb. You must guard your children with all of your mind, with all of your heart, with all of your time, with all of your might. Children need you, and they love you no matter what. In their eyes, you are everything. Don't let them down.
What your kids are exposed to will serve as a pattern for their life. Think of a pattern that you use to make a shirt or pants etc. Well it works the same way. Ergo, your children's lifestyle now, at this very moment, will be a production assembly line for their future. Exposure is everything! Just incase you were wondering.
You don't have to have a lot of money, to expose your children to a healthy home, a healthy mind, and a healthy life. Explain to them the consequences of your choices. Show them how making bad decisions , and not being exposed to good choices, have caused you, and them, to live less favorably. Tell them that this is why they have not the things that you wish for. Tell them about the curse which has been circulating around the family, and this curse will not be broken until all members o the family begins to make more educated decisions.
I did survive our first Step Dad, and I didn't have to go through all of the trauma, and chaos, if my Mom had been better prepared for this type of stress. There was no doubt she loved me. I knew this, but the amount of love I had for her would not allow me to hurt her with the truth about what I, A little girl, was going through.
All I wanted was for my brother and I to have our Mom In a peaceful home. I hated waking up in the middle of the night to screams, to fighting, and worse, to the thought that my Mom was going to die. Although we weren't allowed to tell people, but it was so hard keeping the pain from Mudea which she could always see on my face.
When Mudea asked me that one question, I was stunned as well as thankful. "What's wrong?" She asked, and then I replied " I couldn't lie to Mudea so I said before I knew it, and while holding my head down, I asked "Mudea can I please come and live with you? Some nights I be so scared that I want to run away. Plus I can barely get my heart to slow down."
Ladies never let your children feel this way. Never allow them to feel
afraid just because you want to lay up with a man. kids should feel that "Home is their safe haven." They should feel free to express themselves. They should feel that they have unlimited access to their Mother. They should know without a shadow of a doubt that they are safe, and that they have no need to worry about anything.
We parents are sometimes so caught up with our every day, that we don't realize who we're supposed to be a steward of. You are not a steward over a man. If God did give you that man, then you are still not supposed to be his steward. You are a steward over your children ladies. let that be what you wake up doing, what you go to bed doing, and what you dream about doing.

It's All In My Book

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