Mist roled over the majestic mountains. The valley was silent, trees littered the place. Midnight ran swiftly through the undergrowth and fallen trees, silently moving through the forest and incredible speeds. She leaprd over ponds and streams. Pretty soon she was at the top of the mountainm wind blowing in her face. Black fur waving. Blue eyes glowing. She howle, her song of the wolves echoed through the glen. She took a moment to take in the scene of her current home. She breathed in the cold air and sighed. //open

does anyone want to roleplay?

(Yes I'm using this account. So what if its old. I'm also to lazy rn soo yeah. Deal with it :I.) Crimson was padding around Mountain pack camp with her ears pricked and open to any information that could help her pack and padded twords the pile where they kept their food when she ran into you Oh, sorry. I didn't see you there. ((Open to anyone))

Syther was padding around the mountain pack camp, dodging wolves here and there.
Why do they have to be so big and clumsy? I'm so glad I'm a fox
She was keeping her ears peeled for any important information she could share with her Real pack mates when she saw another fox. Her eyes narrowed as she padded up to him
( +Chris The Silent Wanderer)

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Which do you think fits the name " Midnight" Midnight is a female wolf. Her age is unkown.
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Midnight 1
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Midnight 2

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Name: Nyx ( pronounced nix).
Gender: Female.
Age: 16.
Pack: Moutaian pack.
Rank: Spy.
Bio: Traveling alone after her Parents and her were separated. Looking for a new home.
Parents: Got separated.
Crush: No one yet.
Appearance: same as in picture but, minus the wings.

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(( Open))

I am wondering in the woods alone and I hear branches breaking in the distance
" Who goes there?" * looks around*

Hi and Hello or Hey, whatever way you want to say it. I may be new but, I get the point of this community and I will have my wolf done by tommorow if your wondering.

Also I need to join a pack or whatever you call it. I love TO so I know how to start interesting stories! XD

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Name: Winna
Gender: Female
Age: 3 years, 5 months
Pack: Tunnel Pack
Rank: Hunter
Bio: Winna is a somewhat older fox who has spent her entire life as a member of the Tunnel Pack. She has always been a model member of the pack, as has her mate, Avin. Winna sometimes wonders if she  has missed out by not being more rebellious, but feels as if it is much too late to start now.

Several days ago, Winna's mate, Avin went missing. She's trying not to worry too much, since he hasn't been gone long, but she can't stop thinking of the terrible things that may have happened to him.
Parents: Deceased
Kin: None living
Mate: Avin (missing)
Other: Winna is going to have pups, but is not yet far enough along to stop doing her duty as a hunter.
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