The thing holding me back from buying the orange copy of the cm12 theme is the lack of themed icons on the left side of the notification bar, I have seen your other themes like cyan and red both do it, so I'm just wondering why it doesn't? I'd really like that, as you're the only person that seems to know how to do that. My favorite color is orange, so that'd be great if you could push a update to fix it or tell me why it isn't so, and I'll be sure to buy it if you do add that. Thanks a lot. :p

hi!  i'm really enjoying the reNu neon green (on cm12.1 on both a nexus 7 and motox 2013).

a small fix i'd love to see however (and only in tablet format does the trouble appear): google mail slide menu renders as white text on white background... this does not happen on my phone, but does on nexus 7.  have tried reapplication and reboots to no avail.

the only other trouble ive noticed is in settings/notifcation-drawer/select-and-order-titles menu: all tile icons are rendered in an only slightly darker grey than the tile they are contained in, making them almost indistinguishable.

otherwise a wicked theme, thanks very much for it!

Hey +Addie Baker​, before you release the new Launcher Source, there really needs to be a way for people to select all the icons which aren't themed. I (and I'm sure many others) get countless emails saying their app isn't listed in the request section. Maybe include the checkmark boxes and all apps as an option?

Newest version of Google (now) app is themed but does not show anything else. Will this need an update to fix or is there something on my end I can do to fix it? Verizon note 2 running Liquidsmooth 5.0.2 ROM. Could it also be I need to update the ROM?

Any chance of blacked out Facebook app for JB extreme theme for the CM12 version? Love the theme otherwise! Been using it for years

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Could someone help me with this problem?
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Is this community just for your themes or does it include your launcher sets as well?

Amazing theme!i used a lot but this one is without a doubt the most stunning theme.but im using google launcher,and the font (apps name under icons) icons are black,i prefer to see the font (apps name under icons)red or white.maybe some whatsapp customization?

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VRS Theme CM 11 updates !!!

VRS Theme, VRS Cyan, VRS Blue, VRS Red, VRS Orange, VRS Green CM11 Themes ... new updates v 1.5.4

v 1.5.4

* Some minor fixes
* Updated and fixed Play Music 5.7
* Few activity fixes
* Added some more icons
* Skinned icons on CM One Plus Lockscreen
* Updated G+ 4.6
* Fixed pressed color in trebuchet
* Updated Play Store 5.7
* Themed CM Lockscreen icons
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Attention ladies and gentlemen I present to you a review by the awesome +Android Headlines on my very own application HQ Papers! Make sure to read it, and if you can please share this with your followers! Thank you, can't wait to put out more of my work in the future! 😀👍☺
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