How can i get the word out about a small town that is corrupt from the county administrator all the way down the line. Sumter County Florida has gotten away with Diggin canals through wetland which created hydraulic issues and flooded our home. Because we did not know what they did at the time and it was so long ago they stated it was a statue of limitation. It was not until we looked on Google earth and seen the canal coming from the property appraisers property and going through wetland if that is not enough Randy mask which was one of the County commissioners at the time we were going up against the county has became the tax collector of Sumter county. Let's just say that after I was written up for things I did not do I ended up quitting. It's really sad that politicians can have control of other peoples lives and does not care on how it affects them. We bought our home in 1995. When we finally found out the truth we knew there was nothing else we could do we are having to claim bankruptcy so now 18 years paying on a house for nothing 24 years of working in a career that I had to quit because of bullying. The big city newspapers don't want to get involved and Sumter county newspapers are friends with all of the involved what else is there to do???
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