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Programming Characters (Based On Scott Cawthon's Of The Same Name):

Note: I'll Be Updating It Every Few Days Until It's Released. Like Scott's.

+Dyanne Popescu: Don't Worry, She's Very Tired, She'll Be Minding Her Business, However if She Runs Outta Mountain Dew, She Will Slither Into The Vents Towards Your Office, use the song "House Of The Rising Sun" By F.F.D.P to put her in nap time, if you get it wrong, she will throw Mountain Dew Bombs at you, giving you a Game Over.

+Super Mario Fan 503 : This Alien/Werewolf Hybrid is Seen on the Camera but is Invisible in both Doorways, 1 way to stop him, Nothing.

Helpy: He'll be Sitting On a chair behind you, play Justin Bieber's Baby to make him sit again, if you play Mr. Fazbear By Groundbreaking, He'll make you watch Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life.

+Godzilla Blue Fire IDoWork And Starfire: This Tag Team Duo will charge at your doors (Star Takes Left, Blue Takes Right) However Starfire is 1 of 3 Characters (2 Girls And 1 Boy) who Are Triggered By the Rule 34 Images And Memes, Bluefire Is Triggered by the Bluestar Shippings. To Stop Starfire, Play Either Her Injustice 2 Trailer Or These Songs By Skillet, Monster, Hero, Awake And Alive, Don't Wake me, The Resistence, Not Gonna Die, Freakshow, Feel Invincible Or Lucy. To Stop Bluefire, You Must Play Monster Island Buddies, Send him on a Hunt or tell him to Assassinate 5 KKK Members.

Frisk, Steve And Shrek: This Trio will attack you if you send them images of fan shippings, (Steve Takes Left, Shrek Takes Right, Frisk Takes Front Vent) Stop Steve=Delete Aleve Images, Stop Frisk= Delete Undertale Shipping Images, Stop Shrek= Nothing.

+Bad Ass Luna and +Sontriuuxa Nion'lyr: This Cute Couple (No pun intended) Needs a lot of alone time, when CAM 05 Is Black And Accidentally in Love Is Playing That Means Business Is Going (I'll Let You Think About It). If you disturb them, Elf High Will Charge Into Your Room and kill you, Butt naked too, Turning You Into bacon after a jumpscare.

Cerazinosaurus: This Interspecies Couple Will Gang Up On You. (Ceratosaurus takes Behind, Therizinosaurus Takes Front). to stop them, use a control shock to send them away.

Mama Scarface: (UPDATED) She'll Get Hungry A lot, Just Feed Her Bison or she'll eat your Booty like Groceries...literally.

Nightmare Fredbear, Nightmarionne And Nightmare: This Brother trio will disable your doors by switching off the power in the backstage. why? you sent them incest images. Just Say Sorry to make them stop.

+Dark Box: This Alien Hybrid Will help Bluefire by giving him Atom Bombs To Eat, Why? Bluefire is a god.

Cuphead And Mugman: This Brother Duo will increase how cold the office is by shooting at the heater, why? Incest images that's why.

General RAAM: He'll assist Shrek at Breaking down the door and stap you with frisk ( By His Side) in your Chest. (Double Penetration...Literally). Why He assist Shrek? You Sexualized His Favorite Adventure Time Character, Fionna The Human.

Rexy: Keep Her Quiet or Frisk Will Get Closer. Give Rexy Steak Or She'll Eat Your Booty Like A Cupcake...Literally.

Nightmare Chica: She's A Pink Lantern (Lantern Crop Of Love), So She's Elfgle's Love Graudian. if Accidentally In Love Stops, Chica And Cute Mangle Will Crawl In the Vents While Cute Mangle Is Naked, When Chica And Cute Mangle Got You, They'll Pin You Down And Elf Will Make The Kill.

Nightmare Bonnie: He's Gay...Simple...

Springtrap And Scrap Baby: This Daddy/Daughter Will Charge At You if You Sent Them Incest Images. To Stop Them, Press The Canary Button To Send Them Away.

Ghost: He Loves The Cold...

Blackfire: She Heard That Nightmare Was Going Through A Hard Time About His Wife Nightmare Shadow Bonnie Getting Killed By Arbiters, So Blackfire Submitted To him and Became His Breeding Slave, he Gave Her A Nightamre Cosplay For Girls. If You Disturb Nightmare Bonding With His Son, Nightmare Jr. (The Only Thing He Has Left Of N. Shadow Bonnie) Then Blackfire Will Jumpscare First, then kill you by stuffing a dildo down your throat.

Toast: This Pack Of Predators Will Attack You From The Sides if you don't buy their Plushies. (That's where the attack comes, not from the front, but from the sides-Alan Grant, 1993)

Hanstyce: She's The Granddaughter Of +Dyanne Popescu so She's The Grandprincess Of Nightmares, Hanstyce Will Help Her grandma for reloading of mountain dew Bombs.

Indoraptor: Plays Possum, If He's Alive Shock him.

Indominus Rex: Her Roar's Drain %50 Of Your Power, Play Herbivore Sounds to Send Her Somewhere Else.

Predalien and Tarkatan Alien: They've Been waiting for Their time For a Match On Death Battle, (since they're Easily Fooled) tell them they'll have a Death Battle Soon, if you don't, Face Hugger Rape.

The Pig: She'll Sneak into Your Office, trying to put the Reverse Beartrap on you, just Send a Predator Dog After Her to Scare her away. Why?.....Dogs Love Bacon.

Nightmare Freddy: He's one of a few Characters that has 2 UCN Roles, (Unlike in Scott's) He Acts The Same as In FNAF 1, he'll Stalk you in the Right Hall, when the Power is out, he'll play his Toreadore March.

Nightmare Foxy: He will be in CAM 03, Masturbating to all straight Porn (Five Nights At F**kboys Reference), however, if he's done, he'll head to a good Person to, Trigger the Shock Collar around is Neck to send him away.

Praetorian: This Gal is the Most aggressive Member In this FMUCN, She'll be in 3 Places, 2 in the Left or Right Hallways waiting to Attack, the other is The front Vent, where She'll Crawl through to kill you, how to deflect her? Call Rent a Web Homes.

Megalon Fan: This Fella is Quite the Stalker here, He'll hide in the Shadows Ready to attack you, if you leave the Doors Open. To Deflect him, Send Ceratopians after him, He's done with Triceraton Tournaments.

Clive: This Deadly Flock of Extinct Birds are back From the dead and are Ready to get their Revenge. How are they Back? Nightmare BB Saying "Bring Back The Clive Army" Backwards. Give BB a Control Shock to stop them From being Revived.

Dodorex: This One Will be In Charge of Guarding CAM 05, So Elf and Luna can have Alone Time.

Bionicle MPMocs: ...

Vorox: It can Crawl into a Vent, then hide behind it's Curtains behind you. If you Used a Lighter it'll Run away. It's Immune to the Heaters.

Megalania, Creation and Gator-aid: These 2 Reptiles and 1 Animatronic hybrid will appear on the Left Hallway. (Unlike Circus Baby, Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Mangle, where they're triggered by Plushies) these 3 are Beatable by 1. Their own Reflection or by Saying 1 Phrase....MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!. (don't ask)

The Devil: After You beat a Night, You will be Greeted to a Gambling Match with the Devil, If you win, You can skip 4 Hours (1 hour=20 seconds in this one).

Proto Rex: His Roar Can Disable Lights and Doors. Making him a Troll.

Jack-O Bonnie and Jack-O Chica: The Are Often Deactivated from time to time, If You Type The N Word, it will Trigger them, just type Sorry to deactivate Them. Why are they Triggered? Wakanda Forever.

Bendy, Boris and Alice: For Being Ink Beings, They Can Hide In The Dark with Ease, Simple way to stop them? Spray Bleach on them.

Nightmare BB: He can Be Seen Behind Aira, If he's fully Seen he'll disable your Flashlight for 10 seconds, He'll Also be Seen Doing Something in CAM 02.

The Big And Scarred One: This Mother/Daughter Duo Will Try Disable Your Generators, so Use a Control Shock to send them away.

Tek Rex: This Trio will act in 3 Different ways.⬇

1. Sektor: He Will appear in CAM 05, in Charge of the Song and Warning.
2. Cyrax: Press N To Net Up some Fish.
3. Smoke: He can be seen In The Right Closet, Relaxing.

Disturb any of them, They'll jump scare you in 3 different ways.

Pecky Eyes: Press E To give him Eyes In case you see him.

Berries: Press B To Send him Strawberries and Bananas in case you see him.

+MineCraftGAMER : He'll Be Seen Helping Fellow YouTube +Dark Box Get Ready For his Show in the Morning, Disturb Him and you'll have Gamer's Claws at your Neck.

King Ghidorah: He will act in 3 Different ways.⬇

Head 1: Will Kill you From the Left Hall. (Close the Door)
Head 2: Will Teleport in and Kill you From Behind (Tease him).
Head 3: Will kill you From the Right Hall. (Close the Door)

Mothra: 1 on her Larva will give you boosts to help you (Drain 75°f, Increase your Battery from 100% to 105% and Clean The Vents) and the other Will summon Mothra to kill you.

Unicorn Wizard: He'll Teleport Between Cam 03 (Backstage) to Cam 07 (Left Closet) if he gets to you, He'll Chew your Eyes like Bubblegum.

Bon-Bon and Bonnet: This Boyfriend/Girlfriend (In my Eyes) Will Slide Through your Room. (Bon Bon Goes Left, Bonnet Goes Right) Bop their Noses to get Rid Rid of them.

Sub Zero: He'll Deactivate your Heater by standing in the Power Room (CAM 02). To get Rid of Him: MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!

Scorpion: He'll Raise the Temperature To a Maximum 135°f, Draining your Power Faster Than Indominus's Roar. To get Rid of Him: MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reptile: He'll Be Invisable On the Cameras, so use The 0°f Button to flush him out.

Nightmare Mangle: She Acts the Same as She Does in Both UCN (Real) And FNaF 2. She'll hang from the Ceiling.

Prince Justyce Popescu: The Prince Of Nightmares Has Made it to his Own UCN, He'll be in his Throne Room Doing SFM Of Course, If you Disturb (Me), (I'll) send (My) Maids (Harley Quinn, Powergirl and A Random Neko) After you to Deactivate Your Doors, once your Defenses are Down, (I'll) Get in the Room and Snap your Neck Saying "This Is Where The Cycle Ends".

+Hanna Clark : The New Moon Queen Has Made it. Her Scrafty Will Move across your Room, If you Boop it's Nose, She'll appear and will help you either Increase Your Power to 110%, Soundproof your Room, Cooler The Room to 55°f or Show you Animal Voiceover, Only in a Good Mood.

LOLBit and Slippy: They Can Spawn Characters Who haven't Made it to the Roster, Unlike DeeDee on the Real UCN, These 2 are Immune to Repeals but are Easily Distracted, by SLYP1E.

-------------<Spawned Characters>------------------

Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash: This Tag Team Duo are Invisable on the Cameras and can only be seen in either the Right or left Halls.

Spyro and Cynder: These Dragons are Blurred in CAM 01, 05 and 12. When they Reach your Doors. (Spyro takes Left, Cynder Takes Right) Close Both Doors.

Souldozer: He can be seen in CAM 01, Relieving Himself, Pause his "Business", he'll Disable your Cameras for 1 mintue.

Black Panther: He Has been Summoned by Nightmare BB, To Stop him, Type W to send him away, if you don't, FEEL WAKANDA'S WRATH!!!!!!!!

Makuta: he will Darken your Room and Sight of the Office, Making it hard to see.

Ripley: This Dragon will disable your Doors when he Gets in through the Side Vent.

Radec: This Soilder does What he's told by his Boss, +Justyce Popescu (Me), If Radec Gets to you, Shock him, However, if he is spawned in a Mode where +Justyce Popescu is in, Radec will be Immune to the Shock.

Big AL: This Allosaurus Is back From the Dead and is Hangry For Meat, Order A Cow to keep him Fed.

Zon Tan: This Succubus From a Another World as Submitted to +Justyce Popescu And now she's is Here. If you distrub her having her Reward With Her Prince, She'll disable your Lights for 10 Seconds.


Since A lot of People Are Bored By The AI I gave My Friends and Family Here, I Thought about It and Knew That This Would be Boring With out a Special Poster. So, I Made a Boss Characters Poster with the Bosses I Picked For this UCN. (Bet Scott couldn't do that) I Will be Busy a lot over the Month because of school, Other Posters and More.

---------------<Boss Characters>-----------------------

Coming Soon.

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Now The Soul Calibur 6 is Out Where You live.

Question: Which Pokemon Fits Perfectly in Soul Calibur?
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Gallade and Gardevoir
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Hey guys.
I've having a bad time this week.

1st, Jeff and Alana make fun of my costume.
Then, Ms. Harrington Didn't believe me telling the truth.
Then, we need to do a project which i haven't done in years.
Now, I'm feeling insecure of myself.

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Told you.
Alright, since I’ve got helped today, we gathered most of the stuff and here is what we have found.


Wanna know why? Here’s why.


Google company wants to get rid of people since they posted about the shut down, but after some or more people started pack their stuff and some people wanted to stay, google company WANTS to replace the WHOLE google version INTO a ACCOUNT PAYMENT.

What’s an account payment? This means your going TO PAY YOUR OWN MONEY so GOOGLE COMPANY COLLECTS THE MONEY.

That’s their deadline. But part of what I am hearing is they are going to do MAINTENCING PATCH UPDATE. Yeah, you heard me.


People have been arguing about “THEY ARE GOING TO SHUT DOWN! LETS POST MORE BEFORE IT ENDS!” And the other side, “THEY ARE NOT GOING TO SHUT DOWN! WE HAVE A PARTICIPANT SIGNED!” Well that does work, but it’s not a 100% covering up. It is a good thing that you all wanted to save the app, and yes, I like the same thing too.

Anyway, Google Company lied. Why? Because they have done this before back at 2015 while I was still around.

I give my most credit to my best pals, Dakota and Guill because they were the ones who found the most of the work and investigation.

Now most of you people will be like, “Noooo, your making all of this BS! They are gonna-“

No, you shut the hell up and LISTEN TO ME FOR PETE SAKE YOU SCUMBAG. In Twitter, Google Company for GOOGLE PLUS hasn’t posted ANYTHING, or even Facebook, or any SOCIAL MEDIA THAT THEY HAVE NOT YET POSTED. This is out of the sky right now because people need to calm down, and listen what I’m trying to say here.

If google company wants to play fire, we play with fire too. I don’t care what you guys do, make memes or jokes about it so GOOGLE COMPANY STOPS PLAYING SISSY. Gather more people and MASH THE POST BUTTON THE HELL OUT OF IT SO WE CAN SHOW WHAT WE ARE MADE OF.

Wanna SHARE this post? DO IT. JUST, DO IT.

We are 2018 people, and we can make it STAY WITH US.

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+Bad Ass Luna
Happy Birthday Cherry.


1. 👩: Bulbasaur. (Name: Cosmo)

2. 👩: Shiny Ponyta. (Name: Bluefire) (Get it?)

3. 👨: Growlithe. (Name: Mr. Blitz)

4. 👩: Jangmo-o. (Name: Mary Jane)

5. 👩: Alolan Vulpix. (Name: Mrs. Fluff)

6. 👩: Lapras. (Name: Aquaqueen)

7. 👨: Alolan Sandshrew. (Name: Tank)

8. 👨: Shuppet. (Name: Chucky)

9. 👨: Houndour. (Name: Lil'Bone)

10. 👨: Piplup. (Name: King)

11. 👩: Chimchar. (Name: Sonya)

12. 👨: Totodile. (Name: Gusdave)

13. 👨: Tropius. (Name: Littlefoot)

14. 👨: Shinx. (Name: Simba)

15. 👩: Treecko. (Name: Mileena)

16. 👨: Thrtwig (Name: Stick)

17. 👩: Gible. (Name: Chompy)

18. 👩: Skitty. (Name: Kitty)

19. 👨: Axew. (Name: Hisako)

20. 👩: Ralts. (Name: Princess "Evolution Names")

21. 👩: Noibat. (Name: BatDragon)

22. 👨: Larvitar. (Name: Pokezilla)

23. 👩: Deino. (Name: Queen Ghidorah)

24. 👩: Popplio. (Name: Mermadison)

25. 👨: Litwick. (Name: Pyro-poltergeist)

26. 👨: Froakie. (Name: Ninjain)

27. 👨: Sandile. (Name: Sand-Croc)

28. 👩: Zorua. (Name: Mangle III)

29. 👨: Grubbin. (Name: Bug Lightning)

30. 👩: Fennekin. (Name: Foxy)

31. 👨: Honedge. (Name: Sharpy)

32. 👨: Oshawatt. (Name: Jack)

33. 👩: Froslass. (Name: Elsa)

34. 👩: Snivy. (Name: Tina)

35. 👨: Chespin. (Name: Arthur)

I'm sorry I spoiled you, Cherry.
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September, 2015.
I watched +EthGoesBOOM and decided to join.

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Guys the whole shutting down thing was a fake and not real and I know your all shocked but your gonna have to believe me on what I said cause no other person believed in me on what I said however, they’re gonna modify it and get rid of a bug and besides they never did it back in 2015

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Google+ Will Never Die.

Google is just Fixing it, Modifying it and more.

Ask our Hero +Hanna Clark
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