I'm walking through the halls just after school ended. Everybody is getting ready to go home. (Sorry, I don't really ever do starters. Open)

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Name: Elizabeth "Lilly" Hyles
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bi
Family: Father-Deceased (Quirkless)
Brother-Hero (Has an acid quirk)
Hero, Villain, Student, or Teacher: Student but wishes to become a Villain
Weapons: Small needles
Design (with hero or villain clothing) last picture
Quirk name: Charlotte's Disease
Quirk description:
If Lilly is wounded, flowers form from the blood in wounds to clot the wounds and heal her. The bigger or deeper the wound, the longer it takes for her to heal.
If Lilly is under too much stress, the iron in her body accumulates and she will be forced to vomit blood as thick and as black as ink.
Lilly can prick her fingers or cut herself to scatter her blood to make flower-like traps that are almost unnoticeable to the naked eye. Her ink-like blood is the same, she can send her ink around to set traps and or melt small objects.
Weakness: Physical quirks or quirks that can avoid or wash away her traps
(All of these 1-10)
Strength: 5
Stamina: 6
Quirk control: 8
Speed: 3
Bio: Elizabeth was the daughter of a quirkless father who committed suicide and a mother who was a secret villain. Her brother works as a hero to make his sisters' life better.
One day, Lilly hurt herself while playing with her friends, getting a few scrapes on her knees. Flowers bloomed from the scrapes and her quirk was known as "Heart wounds" until she started to have symptoms of a Re-bound effects, causing herself to throw up blood with the viscosity and color of ink. Everyone stayed away from Lilly because no one wanted to catch her "disease"
She's bound to a wheelchair after she was in an accident with a villain that broke her hip bones, making her paralyzed from her waist to her knees.
She is forced to wear a choker that monitors her vitals. The choker can be turned on and off and can call nearby paramedics if her vitals become critical
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I keep trying to post my profile but it doesn't seem to want to work...I post it then refresh the page but it's not there. This is gonna be my 5th time i tried...someone help...

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This is a test to see if this works

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Name: Aka kusabi
Age: 18
Gender: male
Sexuality: bisexual
Family: Father-deceased hero mother- Villain black cat
Hero,villain,Student or teacher: student
Weapons: gauntlets that shoot webs and has blades that come out
Design(with hero or villain clothes): picture
Quirk Name: Spider essence
Quirk description: has the proportionate abilities of a spider even having the sensory of detecting danger to myself
Weakness: those I don't see as a threat can get through my senses, being overwhelmed, using those close to me against me, will sometimes lose control and might change into more of a spider than a man
(All of These 1-10)
Strength: 8
Quirk control:9
Bio: My father was the hero spiderman...before his death I was born...his enemy used me as bait when he sacrificed himself for me...my mother was afraid I'd do the same once my quirk came in. After teaching myself how to control my strength before being sent to the hero academia
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Name: Shiro Miharo
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Family: His younger sister
Hero,villain,Student or teacher: Villain
Weapons: none
Design(with hero or villain clothes):((pictures))
Quirk Name: Eternal Despair
Quirk description:Eternal despair is an quirk that creates an dark/evil aura around Shiro and can be used in different ways such as firing it as balls of darkness or creating a aura that can protect Shiro
Weakness: Shiro his always protective of his sister so when it comes to her he will give up anything
(All of These 1-10)
Strength:6 without quirk-10 with quirk
Quirk control:10
Speed:5-8 with quirk
Bio At an young age shiro was a cheerful child until one day when he was 14 his parents were killed by an Villain terrorizing the city after the news of their death he blamed the heroes for being to slow to stop the threat and so he and his sister stayed with their grandparents until Shiro was old enough to live on his own he and his sister started to live together after awhile it was hard to pay for their bills he decided to join the league of villains and did robbery to get revenge on the heroes and pay for him and his sister's well being
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Name: Hitoshi Yamada
Age: 17
Gender: male
Sexuality: straight
Family: none
Hero,villian,Student or teacher: student
Weapons: throwing knives, collapsible bow-staff
Design(with hero or villian clothes): (I don't know yet)
Quirk Name: energy manipulation
Quirk description: I can control the energy in matter
Weakness: loss of focus
(All of These 1-10)
Strength: 7
Stamina: 8
Quirk control: 9
Speed: 8
Bio: (I'll work on this later)

(Anybody have any ideas for what my quirk should be?)

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Name:Shinohara Grayson
Family:only had a brother but died
Hero,villian,Student or teacher:Student but is actually a villain
Weapons:a katana(Normal)
Design(with hero or villian clothes):Villain clothes((The one with the mask, hero clothes((The black one with a katana
Quirk Name:Magma rampage((power of magma rampage was transferred to me I'm real Quirk is unknown)) Magma Rampage is quirk that can control form the human body as it give strength stamina and speed boost but it's hard for me to control it since it was not my Quirk and if I loose control I start to look like a demon a bit like forming lava horns and a tail
Quirk description:
Weakness:water type quirk
(All of These 1-10)
Strengh:((With out quirk 6-10)) with 10-10
Stamina:((without 7-10)) with 10-10
Quirk control:5-10
Speed:((without 5-10)) With 8.5-10 -----------
Bio:Me an my brother were orphans when we were young and i will steal food so I ran a lot in my kid age so running from a long distant is easy now but later on when I was still a kid and my big brother was a teen he started to do villain stuff so he can feel me and him so we can survive in abandon house and all the lives he clam he regret one day the day that haunts me forever in my sleep is the death of my brother

My brother was fighting with a hero as they fought with all there might the hero was more powerful and killed my brother in cold blood so I ran to the hero as tears comes out from my eyes then I closed the my then some how I made a hole through the hero heart then I ran to my brother and with his last breath he told me this "He...have the powers I once have and claim as your on little bro..."_ he put a bit of his blood on my lip then I lick it "I'm happy I had you a my little brother.." died then a couple years pass by and my villain name is the lava demon but no one knows how I look like then I was a recommendation for UA for my quirk and my main goal is to kill all hero's in my own hands
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I was in a dark ally as I was sitting on the floor laying my back against the wall then I hand a poster of all might I'm my hands and I slowly burn it "The symbol of peace...if he was one he would've save my brother....dam heros...."
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