Does anyone know how to deal with Autism Spectrum Disorder and emotional triggers?

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How do I hate this video? Let me count the ways...

Too many Autistic people are not getting the medical treatment we need to save our lives. One young man was denied a heart transplant because he was on the spectrum. A little girl was refused treatment because she was retarded. I litterally feel like my ribs are compressing my lungs and killing me. I have a doctor diagnosed spinal curvature. But no doctor will treat it.

I am soooo tired of Autistic people being murdered and the killers getting away with it!!!!!!! All the abuse, neglect, exploitation, Bullying. And all you hear is "some people don't know any better!" OPh really!? That's like saying the Nazis didn't!!

For Heaven's sake, shut down the Judge Rotenberg center!!!!

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There's a video on You tube called Is Autism of the Devil? I reported it but it didn't do any good.

Thanks for letting me join this group. If I hear "awareness" one more time I will scream. It's like they think all their crap is alright as long as it's done in the name of "awareness." It's killing us. Someone told me they would have no trouble with handicapped people being murdered. And she had a grandson with Autism.

Everybody talks about cute little kids on the spectrum and ignore adults. I feel so hated. Not here. But everywhere else.

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