Hello, today I wanted to make a community to just give the word out about the wrongdoing YouTube is doing to the content creators, I may not have been affected by this but many of my favorite Youtubers have been affected, I believe that by making this community here on google+ we could make Google or at least YouTube listen faster so please share this post and also the #ProtectYoutubers which I am just helping to share I did not make it and I do not care what comes my way, I just want to help the people I help with the click of a button (👍), so if you want to help this cause share the #ProtectYoutubers and the #WTFU because only as a community we can help all those people we love to watch and also meet someday, you don't have to join this community just share this post to anywhere you can so YouTube will listen. Again #ProtectYoutubers and #WTFU .
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