What type of Bakugan can I use? Follow up question can I have more than one partner Bakugan?

Is this community active?

Is there a specific profile maker?

Hello everyone I beat my friend shun now I'm 2th Plas is there anyone else in bakugan space that wants to battle unless you scared to

i'm back and ratty to battle anyone want to battle

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hey guys guess what i made i made a bakugan fan art club if you draw and want to post bakugan art you can right here 

anyone there 

danny is walking with spectra  and there looing for a battle er to join there team they just need to beat them first and then they can join 

Name: Mewtwo
Age: 16
Type: Usually Aquos
Bakugan: Leonidas (Aquos, 670G)
Saurus (Aquos, 420G)
Juggernoid (Aquos, 470G)
Gate Cards: Gold( Leonidas), Silver(low energy), Bronze(river valley)

i'm walking looking for a battle i'm trying the be the master bakugan brawler  
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