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Please update for Android O. Agenda widget is not displaying properly. Cheers

Is this app's development dead? This is the best calendar 📅 app and it would be a shame to see it no longer developed. 

If you don't want to work anymore on this app could you please put it on github. It would be nice if it was open source. Everyone could help you and make the app better than yet.

Is this still in development?

On my Nexus 5X with 7.0, today doesn't seem to be registered as a event handler anymore.

When I try to edit an appointment, Today Calendar crash and closes. I have a Nexus 6P with Android 7.0

One of my events refuses to show up in the month view

+Jack Underwood Today Calendar needs some improvement on the translations. There are few missing, mostly on the weather and widgets.

I can translate them if needed.

Many thanks!

+Jack Underwood Cannot change the notification sounds in the app any more. Not sure when it happened but I can no longer change the sound on my phone or my wifes phone. We both have Galaxy S6. That and the app icon no longer changes dates any more since our phones were upgraded to marshmallow. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi friends. I wonder from many time ago abour the calendar apps.
I can't undestand why them only warn us about next or actual events, and don't take absolutely care about events programmed but not accomplished. Apps simply skip it.
I think a calendar app must have a box for leave a tick if it is done or not, just like a tasks app. Then you can warn the owners "ey, yesterday you had to pay an invoice and did not pay it!"
Could I explain me in my terrible english?
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