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What is TNG?
an article for those using TNG for their family tree study.

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An introduction to using TNG in your Family Research

TNG has an issue with new version of PHP
One of our TNG users had a problem with new users registering for a TNG account.  His ISP upgraded to a new version of PHP, which broke a feature in TNG.
So he contacted Darrin Lythgoe, who investigated, found the problem and commented out the offending line of code.  The cause was that the new PHP no longer supports the "session_unregister()" command.  So Darrin has removed this from version 10 of TNG.  If you have an earlier TNG version and are reluctant to upgrade, then make this PHP line into a comment, or just remove:

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The seduction of
An amusing You Tube spoof from Australia.  Yes, you still have to do the gumshoe detective paperwork to dig out those ancestors and have some proof.

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Succession Proofing your Family Stories
Why the +Guild of One-Name Studies and the +Alberta Family Histories Society are turning to TNG to help preserve members' family trees and stories. 

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Using Media Collections for organizing documents
I have a pile of documents to connect to my one-name study.  So how to catalog better?  Perhaps adding new names to media collection will help.  There are default collections available: Photos, Documents, Headstones and so on.  But you can add more.  See the image: I have added Census Canada and Census USA.  So now I can capture census pages and have them grouped together by county.  Will be adding a Military collection, for attestation papers.  

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A new Google+ account has been set up: TNG Genealogy.  Had to do that before I could have a YouTube channel dedicated to videos on TNG.  Search for "TNG Genealogy" on either Google+ or YouTube to see.  There is nothing posted, not yet.

Setting up branches in TNG
If you import a GEDCOM into TNG, how do you identify family lines as different branches in TNG?  First, decide whether you really do need to have branches in your files.  If so, then for each branch, decide the person who will be the starting point of a branch.  This could be an ancestor (going up the family tree) or a descendant (going down the family tree).  Find that person's ID number.

Log in, go to Administrator >> Branches >> Edit Existing (or) Add Branch.  Now set the number of generations, for ancestors and for descendants for this branch.

Now for the important step, or no one will be identified with this branch.  Click on "Add Labels".  In the popup box, click on the action "Add Labels",and for "Existing labels":, select Overwrite. Then click on the bottom button, "Add labels".  You should then see a list of persons with the message: "Total Affected: XXX People, XX Families".

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Users of TNG may find this page useful for the process of uploading images and other media into your TNG site.

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When you import a GEDCOM file from your desktop into TNG, there are a number of options to be considered.  Have to admit that I don’t understand all of this, but it might be a handy guide to keep around, just in case.  
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