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Lucil is wandering around the woods for someone to kill but she had been wandering around for a few hours waiting and nothing happened. Then you...
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CP name: Julie The Demon.
Nickname: Julie.
Age: 18.
Gender: Female.
Likes: Darkness, death, blood, screams, and (Japanese) weapons. (Also likes calling Jeff The Killer, "Jeffy").
Dislikes: Light, her past, annoying people, and girly girls.
Friends: Ben Drowned, Eyeless Jack, Hoody, Ticci Toby, and Masky.
Crush: Jeff The Killer or Jeffy.
Bio: She was murdered with her mother by a group of gang members when she was 8. Now she kills people to ease her pain and forget about her mother's death and her past.

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CP Name: Trixy The Dark Assassin
Nickname: Trixy
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality; Strait
Likes: Blood, taste of blood, darkness, night, nightmares, dark colors, yaoi, and black cats.
Dislikes: Yuri, light, day, neon and bright colors, boys (except for the male CPs), her past, her, present, her future, dresses, humans, and her feelings.
Friends: Liu, Jeff The Killer, Ticci Toby, Eyeless Jack, Laughing Jack, Jane The Killer, Clockwork, Sally, Hoodie, Masky, Slender Man, Trendor Man, and Splender Man.
Crush: None
Bio: Saw her mother and her sister get killed by gangsters, her dad got drunk and abused her, she ran away, was kidnapped by male teenagers and used her as a sex slave for a year, ran away from them, bump into Liu and Jeff the killer and became their sister and became Liu's proxy.

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Is it ok if I have two? I'm gonna roleplay as both of them in each rp I do

Left one:

Name: Brianna Martin
Age: 17
Gender: female
Likes: music, blood, anime, her sister
Dislikes: annoying people, bullies, people with absolutely no manners whatsoever
Personality: even though she looks like the mean type, Brianna is actually very kind towards the ones she loves/likes. Yes, she has killed some people, but only because she had to (more of: she couldn't fight the urge to)
Bio: her and her sister would spend as much time as they could together, and they still do. Brianna's sister is her best (and only) friend, and it has been this way ever since they were little. Whenever one of them was bullied, the other would step right in. Her parents died because her and her sister murdered them. Brianna did the dad, and her sister killed the mom. At the time, Brianna and her sister were about 11-12 and couldn't fight back the urge. But now they know better, and to only kill when needed. Ever since they murdered their parents, both of them have been insane and a bit psychotic

Right one:

Name: Caitlyn Martin
Age: 16
Gender: female
Likes: music, blood, singing, her sister, drawing
Dislikes: bullies, rude people, fish, popular people
Personality: Caitlyn is sweet to the ones who treat her as she treats them. But when a bully or anyone "mean" comes around, she'll do whatever it takes to make them go away. When you first meat her she's shy, but once you get to know her she's sweet and a bit weird
Bio: same as her sister's

Extras: both Caitlyn and Brianna are good at working with swords, knives, anything blade-like. Brianna's birthday is on September 12th, while Caitlyn's is October 17th

Hope you like them! And the pictures are what they look like. The one to the left is Brianna, and the one to the right is Caitlyn
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is walking through the woods with her knife and Teddy bear until someone grabs her and ties her up

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Name:Lucil Dracin
Age: 15 in human yrs, 9 in wolf yrs
Personality:Mentally Insane, can be kind
Weapon:Knife or Wolf form
Likes:The darkness, wearing black, going insane
Dislikes:The light, wearing any bright color, staying sane
Bio:She was known for many of her killings. When she finally had enough out of her family, mainly her parents, fighting, she took a kitchen knife, sharpened it, and quickly stabbed it into her parents chests. That is when she snapped and just went insane killing as many people as she could.

(1st pic is her wolf form, 2nd is her insane form, and 3rd is her normal kind, sweet, sane girl.)
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Name: Sarah Casket
Likes:playing games,blood
Dislikes:being abused,not noticed
Bio:was abused by her mom ad dad at age 5 and her sister always yelled at her and so do her mom and dad
Personality: insane,sweet,crazy
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is smashing my little sister's head laughing until someone bursed through the door with a gun
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