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you know how the doctor is sometimes reffered to as "theta-sigma"? then you should be asking"why 56?"

Okay, this is the first tutorial, sort of. Pretty basic stuff, but something a lot of New-who fans don't actually know.
"Time Lord" and "Gallifreyan" are not interchangeable terms.
The term "Gallifreyan" is used when you're talking about the humanoid species that inhabits the planet Gallifrey. It's not used to describe a specific civilization or historical period (we'll get to that later.)
The term "Time Lord" can mean a) the modern Gallifreyan civilization founded by Rassilon or b) a specific social class, namely the ruling class, of this civilization.
This is something that really bugs me, because I tend to be ~just a little obsessive~ and this is one of the things I'm obsessive about. So I thought I'd do a short little semi-tutorial on it.

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Thought you might want to see this, it's a list of Gallifrey theories and discussions from my senpais on Tumblr. Charamei's costume posts are great, and is all canon information.

This might not exactly go with the history of Gallifrey, but its the language of Gallifreyans (and tutorials) which has to do with their history.(Language and history go together lots of times)

If the owners and people think this is too irrelevant, Then Ill remove it.

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