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I would like to announce the opening of biproads. Biproads is a forum created by five prominent road enthusiasts and is intended to have more mature subject matter, and is especially catering to the road enthusiast who has been around since the MTR days. We also don't take ourselves too seriously and we like to crack jokes and just have fun. Biproads contains many forums such as a generic road discussion board, a map board, a bridge board, a sign board, a highway history board, an abandoned roads board, regional forums for the United States that do not divide states into two different regions, World Roads forums for Canada, Mexico and Central America, Oceania, and the other five continents (including Antarctica!) We have boards for scenery, weather, retail, music, cinema, sports, cars, trains, and geography and geology. Our mission is to provide a friendly, lighthearted place to discuss many different aspects of the hobby and an one-stop venue for discussion of many aspects of the hobby. We don't have a fantasy highway board or a sign drawing forum because they tend to attract children who make immature posts and ask questions that have been answered 100 times. Our moderating staff is reasonable, and it's likely that you won't even notice that we even have any moderators because they won't be doing a lot of moderating unless somebody is attacking another poster for no reason or if somebody makes a spelling errors. We have biproads exclusives, which are topics that contain information that isn't shared with any other internet forum. We offer things that the other boards simply don't offer. We invite you all to join our humble forum. You can be yourself at our forum and you don't have to check your sense of humor at the door. We treat each other as equals, and if any member of the forum has an idea of how we could improve the forum or add new boards, we will take your proposals into serious consideration. This is the biggest announcement in the road enthusiast community in years. Hope to see you there!
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