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Crystal Vorous
17 April at 12:32 ·
omg Bob Nissel fired me crystal knock it off
sorry thought what you wanted
i want it to be alittle bit challenging
not a problem
we use to be able to do that /did not mean to cause a problem later
ok crystal
wow small turnout frown emoticon
yes needed promoted
well if you had taken the time to show us how to do it instead of just blowing up, it would have been !!!!
really what the fuck
bob has all axcess so dont bitch
this is done
Crystal, you know I love you, but you kinda put us in a scramle the other day
crystal pass me all the passwords your fired
you know was a accident
your fired

copied and pasted from Bob Nissel
It may be apparent to you all that Crystal Vorous is no longer on our staff and we are very sorry about this, but we are a drama free app and we expect our staff to follow this also . the events leading to Crystal leaving our staff is as follows no postings on our twitter account in 3 months .. no postings on our youtube channel in 3 months no postings on our community page since december so she was removed as our promoter and we moved her in to a mod position on april 12.
follow this she tried to lock players out of a queenies game on april 15th by continuing to buy pets after she reached 100 (her final count was 423) the following day she interrupted Sussana Maree’s double up by posting her own after sussana had all ready posted and fired her’s off (April 16th) the final thing that occurred was on April 17th when she tried to ruin our trivia game by posting links to my questions .. after that we had a conversation with in our staff chat at which point crystal started cussing at other staff members which forced me to fire her. Crystals bann occurred after this when she posted the staff chat where she was fired on her facebook wall .. as we regret having to do these things we feel it was for the safety and best interest of our game to do this.. we have no hard feelings toward crystal and are deeply sadden by these things.
Thank you for your patience,,,,, Bob Nissel owner of buy pals

It may be apparent to you all that I Crystal Vorous is no longer on our Buy Pals staff
This posting was wrote after Bob Nissel continues to lie.
The real story is below

Twitter had been done every week go ahead when given something to post about once a week go ahead and read.

Youtube is a video site which you refused to buy any right to I made 4 yes took them down. but they were free ones.

Your community page is a nothing page when was the last time anyone posted in community page your problem is you have to many pages people have lives.and you do not pay your staff but expect them to do all your work for you.

As far as queenies game you know that's a lie unless I did not know a queenies game was going on. and your trivia really you made the posting about putting links there maybe you need to read what you write.
As far as Susanna on the Doubleup goes we both posted a minute apart was no big deal to either of us. I would have waited but did not see her posting. people make mistakes you are no exception but you like to play the blame game I do believe if you own the game you pay close attention to what is really going on. and perhaps Pay your staff you pocket all the money they do all the work.

And cussing at the staff what was said is to quit bitching as she was.

I posted on buy Pals page so they could see in black and white what really happened.As I knew you could not be honest.

And really you wanted me to give you passwords after I did hours of work. after way I was treated by bob Nissel that's last thing I would do. if you wanted them money speaks

thanks for your patience in regards to Bob Nissel"s lies.

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