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Happy Holidays!

RND issue 5 is fermenting. Work has kept me busy, but I had anticipated that. But now that it is break, I am going to be working on the layout.


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The "something from my brain" in issue 2 was inspired by Zach Best's "and unexpectedly" in BOLD.
Zach Best (http://conjecturegames.com/) has designed great tools for use in role-playing games, such as Universal NPC Emulator and the Book of Legends and Deeds. Sadly, he is currently in hospice. +Jacob Ross has collected a great bundle of rpg items to help raise funds for him and his family. Ten bucks gets you so much stuff, like all four issues of RND in pdf.


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Reposting the call for art for issue 5 of RND. I will take anything in any style, throw it all into a blender, blend, then pour out issue 5.
Looking for art!

RND issue 5 is in the pipeline. I am inviting everyone to submit art, then I will blend it all together.

What I want: Anything. Maps, characters, scenes, landscapes. I'll figure out some use for it. Doesn't have to be new art. Can be stuff you have from old projects (if reuse is allowed), canceled projects, or just stuff.

What I offer:
I will send you a physical copy of the zine and give you the pdf

What I ask:
1) RND is used by kids, and I am going to keep it that way.
2) I want stuff to be as re-usable as possible in both commercial and personal projects. I have a dream that someone will make an adventure with RND and want to publish it, so I want to make that as easy as possible. Previous licenses used in RND have been: CC-BY, permission given, ask permission, you can use it as long as you send me what you made.

Because of life, RND issue 5 will be slower in coming out. Think Fall.

How to submit:
Email it to my gmail account: bmarkslash7
or post it on g+ and tag me.
Either way, I will respond to say that I have received it.


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As you move the little blue-headed thing around, this generator builds a mansion or apartment houses using floor plans from the early 20th century. Be careful when two rooms overlap. If you walk into the area of overlap, you will get stuck and have to restart.

Starchaser and the Alchemist will be exploring one of these soon!

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I'll be removing the ability to purchase print copies from thunderbunnypress.com on Tuesday. I only have a few copies of each issue remaining and a handful of experiment one pamphlets. PDFs will still be available through gumroad and drivethrurpg.

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+Jens D. gives you a table (and a blog post) on making encounters with an underlying motivation.
A twist on faction generation and random encounters, plus my thoughts on the matter. It's long, too :)
A Dungeon Faction Generator - The Immersed DM 01
A Dungeon Faction Generator - The Immersed DM 01

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Move through the hex map to determine weather and how it changes.
Here's a very interesting concept for random tables by +Daniel Sell. Makes the brainjuice glands all drippy.

By way of +David Perry (see his version of the weather table here: https://plus.google.com/100235234777467665842/posts/4A4NsDRvqz2) and +John Payne.
Six Dimensional Weather
Six Dimensional Weather

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I like this. It could work as an overworld generator.
This is adorable and clever. Randomly generate an overworld map with a few dice and a hex grid.

h/t +Sophia Brandt

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Automated wilderness generation using the Delving Deeper rules. I don't think the code has been posted. Hit the print screen button quickly!
+herror grafico
I coded a thing that generates maps using the same rules* I do it for my handdrawn maps. Key: Towns, villages, Lairs and Strongholds.
Two differences: (A) no rivers (B) it walks randomly around the map, while I choose carefully where to roll next.
(Yes, I also tried making it so you can move around and 'discover' the map freely -- results were much better but still not quite the same.)

*http://ddo.immersiveink.com/#wilderness-exploration + a few modifications like reduced chances of generation villages and stuff.

+Paolo Greco +David Corsalini +Benjamin Baugh +Alex Chalk +Beloch Shrike +Luka Rejec +Ramanan S +Mungo Scott Park Rundle -- check this out
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Landscape images + adventure + tarot cards telling you the past, present, and future. GO PLAY!
RPG people of G+ - it's still pretty rough, but you might enjoy this new project I've been working on recently. It's a way to make random generators that can easily be embedded in blogs, much like embedding a tweet or a Youtube video. https://polm.github.io/shesha/
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