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Major Update
Zooper Wear has dropped the need to use Tasker in order to get Notification counts from 3rd-party Apps!

By default, Zooper Widgets supports SMS/Calls/GMail.
Previously, Zooper Wear had included support for 3rd-party Apps via Tasker. Personally, I was never a huge fan of it, however, there was no way around it...until today!

Now, you can get Notifications from the 3rd-party Apps Zooper Wear already supports, without needing Tasker!
Instead, you need "Zooper Wear - Notifications AddOn"->

If you already used the Tasker setup, no need to worry, they'll all still work the way they use to.
However, if you don't want to use Tasker, you'll be able tio get Notification counts for:
> Google+
> Facebook
> Hangouts
> Facebook Messenger
> WhatsApp
Without needing to buy & learn how to use Tasker.

It's been a long journey to get away from Tasker, but hopefully it's been worth the wait.

Might take a few hours for the update to appear & a few hours for "Zooper Wear - Notifications AddOn" to become available in the Play Store

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I've published an update to the BETA channels for Zooper Wear & Zooper Wear - Compact!
(designed for use on Phones)

> Materialized the App Notification icons (example: SMS/Calls/GMail)

the update will appear via the Play Store as version 5.5 & 3.5 respectively within the next few hours

Become a Tester link:
> Original (with Tasker) - *>* Compact (without Tasker) -

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I've published an update to the BETA channel!

> Blank background image during certain weather conditions

the update will appear via the Play Store within the next few hours

Become a Tester links:
> With Tasker > Without Tasker

Use phone version of "Zooper Wear" on your Android Wear device

This is the "phone" version, however, that doesn't mean this version can't also be used on your Android Wear device!
since they're circular designs, it should be used on a Moto 360 or G Watch R

Here's how:
(after syncing your phone to the watch with the Android Wear companion App)
1) Install Zooper Widget Pro->
2) Install Wearable Widgets->
3) Install Zooper Wear
REBOOT PHONE then continue after Watch & Phone have reconnected
4) Select "Android Wear"™ & create a 4X4 Zooper Widget Pro (same size as you're already using on your phone)
5) Tap "Settings" & enable "Crop widgets", "Invisible updates", "Always keep widgets running" & "Show notification on phone"
6) Still within "Settings", tap "Wear watch face settings" & remove the checkmark from "Show notification underlay"
7) Return to Settings then tap "Round screen sizing"-> Sizing type-> enable "Fit widget to outside of screen" & tap "OK" (also make sure "Ignore screen cutouts" is enabled
8) Return to see "Tap to create..", then tap it & select any of the "Zooper Wear..." templates ("SD/HD" depending on your Phone's display)
9) Launch the Zooper Widget Pro App then enable "Standby updates" & "Alternative Geocoder"
10) Long-press a current Watch Face on your watch, then scroll through the available Watch Faces & tap "Wearable Widgets" (might need to reboot or re-sync your watch before it'll appear)
That's it!

Choosing a Watch Face
same as when using Zooper Wear on your phone's Homescreen
> If your phone has an SD display (example: lower than 1080p such as 720p), select one with "SD" in its name
> If your phone has an HD display (example: 1080p & higher), select one with "HD" in its name
> Some phones don't fit it full-screen - to fix this, within the Zooper skin, increase the "Scale" by 1 or 2
> On some phones it will look square-ish within Wearable Widgets - to fix this, within the Zooper skin, decrease the "Scale" by 1 or 2

Keep in mind that this is the Phone version & while it will work perfectly fine, there's less designs than what's included in the versions built specifically for Android Wear devices.
Personally, I'd recommend using those instead.
To set those up it's the same as above, however using a 2X2 Widget instead of 4X4

Play Store links:
Analog designs

Mix of analog & digital designs

Free/TRIAL version (includes 1 analog & 1 digital design) >

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Poll Question

Would you like me to update the look a little to be relatively in-line with "Material design"?

That would mean new icons, new fonts & maybe a couple other tweaks.
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(only affects those using the Tasker setup)

I think I've finally fixed the Tasker stuff!
With these new settings, I've eliminated those instances where you might get "false" Notifications (the icons appear but you didn't actually receive a Notification).

I apologize for how long its taken, however, I think it's finally been fixed.
Also, it's all within the Tasker settings so you won't need to update the Zooper Wear App.

New settings if you're using the:
Accessibility Service

Listener Service

Note - links have been updated on the main Tasker setup for new Users, this post is just for existing Users.

It'll require you to delete all the Tasker stuff from Zooper Wear that you've already set up & redownload the updated ones.
Or, you can do the modifications yourself, they're not that complicated.

Here's how:
1) Launch Tasker
you'll see "Profiles" & "Tasks" tabs
2) Access "Preferences" by either pressing the 3-dots in the upper right corner if your device has on-screen buttons, or by pressing your device's [MENU] button
you'll see various tabs
3) Go to the "UI" section
4) Remove the Checkmark ✔ from "Beginner mode"
5) Tap the [BACK] arrow in the upper left corner to return to the list of "Profiles"
6) Switch all Profiles to "On"
7) Long-press the first Profile
8) At the top, tap the "Settings" icon
you'll see "Priority" is set to 5
9) Change the Priority to 7
10) Tap the [BACK] arrow in the upper left corner to return to the list of Profiles
11) Repeat Steps 7-10 for all Profiles
now you can toggle whichever that were previously set to "Off" back to "Off"

Might seem like a lot, but it's not, the whole thing takes about 3minutes to edit them all yourself. I just try to explain it with as much detail as I can.

Thanks everyone for baring with me!


*Choosing between using the Accessibility & Notification Listener Service*

Using the Accessibility Service ->

This method is used because, in my opinion, it's too easy to accidentally swipe away a Notification & then it's gone. Therefore, using the Accessibility Service setup, the icons remain as a "reminder" that there are unchecked Notifications instead of being cleared when they're swiped away.

> Supports older devices pre-Android 4.3

> Less reliable
> Can occasionally result in activating when there's no Notifications

Using the Listener Service ->
This method is used for those that don't want to be "reminded" that there's a Notification - when it's swiped away you want the icon cleared.

> Uses less resources
> More reliable & less "false" Notifications

> Requires Android 4.3+ (not a problem if you're already using Android Wear)
> Requires another App to be installed (free)

Personally, I use the Listener Service method, however, there is a way to combine both setups (which is how I use it).
To do this:
1 Follow both setup guides
2 Disable Tasker within Accessibility Service
3 Disable all of the Profiles with "Missed" in their name
4 Disable all of the Profiles with "Empty - Listener Service" in their name
5 Enable all of the Profiles with "Empty" in their name (just "Empty" not the ones with "Empty - Listener Service")

What this will now do is it will be using the Listener Service to display the icons, however, when you swipe it away, the icons will remain as a "Reminder".
How is this different from using the Accessibility Service method?
1 There will be far less "false" Notifications
2 It will use a lot less resources (Listener Service is far less resource-heavy than the Accessibility Service)
Pretty much you get the best of both setups!

Additionally, if you'd like some to be cleared when swiped & others not (for example, keep Hangouts as a "Reminder" but clear Google+'s when swiped)
1 Follow the Steps above (that will keep them all as "Reminders")
2 Disable the Profile with "Missed" in its name (example: "Missed Google+")
3 Enable the Profile with "Empty - Listener Service" in their name (example: "G Plus - Empty Listener Service")
What this will now do is Google+ will be cleared when swiped but the others will remain as "Reminders".
This setup is useful to prioritize the Notifications you want to keep "Reminders" for while others you don't.

Video-> Zooper Wear - Using different Tasker settings

Tasker Setup 2/2 using the Listener Service

Get Tasker Notifications to work
assuming you've followed the [HOW-TO] Import my Tasker settings into your Tasker->
1 Launch the Tasker App
2 Within the Tasker App, tap the 3-dots
if your device has buttons instead of on-screen buttons, tap the [MENU] button on your phone if you don't see the 3-Dots
3 From the menu that'll now appear in the upper right corner, tap "Data", then "Restore" & "Ok" on the confirmation pop-up
now you'll see all my Tasker settings within your Tasker App
4 Near the top, tap where it says "Tasks"
you'll now see all the commands I've setup for Zooper Wear to use for Notifications
5 Enter each of the Tasks & tap the "Play" button
6 From within each of those Tasks, tap the "Play" button in the bottom left corner of the screen
now Zooper Wear is ready to receive/display Notifications!

*DOWNLOAD "Notification Listener"*->
*MAKE SURE "Notification Listener" IS ENABLED WITHIN Settings-> Security-> Notification Access*

> Zooper Wear - Deciphering Tasker Items

HO - Hangouts
GP - Google+
FB - Facebook
FBM - Facebook Messenger
WA - WhatsApp
"new" - Controls when to display the #
"empty" - Controls when to dismiss the #

Tasker Setup 1/2 using the Listener Service

Import my Tasker settings into your Tasker

Using ES File Manager as a referance, but should be similar using any other File Explorer App
after you've downloaded the Tasker setting->
1 Open ES File Manager
2 Navigate to the "Download" folder where the zip file is located
3 Tap the zip
if prompted, select "ES Zip Viewer"
4 Tap the folder named "Tasker"
5 Long-press any file within the "Tasker" folder
you'll see a Checkmark under what was just long-pressed
6 tap the other 2 items
you'll see a Checkmark under each of the items
7 Tap "Extract" at the bottom
8 At the "Extract selected files to..." pop-up, tap "OK" for the default.
9 Tap the [BACK] button twice
you'll now be returned to the Download folder, with now a newly created folder within it called "Tasker-n-Icons-V1"
10 Tap the newly created folder
11 Tap the next folder also named "Tasker"
you'll now see a folder named "Tasker"
you'll now see 2 folders & 1 file
12 Long-press any of them & tap the other 2
You'll now see a bunch of new stuff at the bottom along with a Checkmark under the 3 items
13 Tap the "Copy" icon from the bottom left corner of the screen
14 Tap the [BACK] button 3 times
you'll now be in the main area where Apps store everything
15 Locate the folder named "Tasker" & tap it to enter the folder
if there's no "Tasker" folder already, create one then continue
16 From within the Tasker folder, tap "Paste"
at the "Overwrite" popup, tap "Apply to all" & then "Overwrite"
now my Tasker files are within your Tasker folder!

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