Hello ;-; I'm forever lonely.


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who wants the broken mod link???

you can be level 400 and level up skill points by 25

do you want mods?

Hey foxy mi name it the game is SK|wolf link|TK

if you see me please say hi.

another thing this hack your trying to get rid of, you may need to reset your game. this should help. i dont know the name of this hack. but it looks serious. did you kill a hacker or was there a hacker around when you were there? that could be the cause of this "hack". hackers can make codes that will screw up the game. so restart the game, if this doesnt work, try asking a hacker for help, a good hacker.

Hello people of wolf online. I need some serious help with dealing with some hack I seem to have "picked up" it's draining all of my points and I can't level up. I bought points so I don't want to delete the app, but I don't know how to get rid of this..."hack." Please, help! XC

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here are my stats
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