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AnySoftKeyboard v1.9-r4
A brand new release is rolling out at the moment. This version includes initial implementation of a Power-Saving mode, which will disable suggestions and animation when the device's power is low.
More changes:
* A few UI/UX changes.
* A few bug fixes.
* Updated localization: CA, IT, RO.

More here:

ადრე იყო ქართული "ქწერტი" ახლა არის "ქწერღტ" და იქნება დააბრუნოთ ისიც რა, ბევრი ასოა და მოუხერხებელია. ჯობია "ტ"-ზე დიდხანს დაჭერით იწერებოდეს "თ" და უფრო დიდი ადგილი იყოს სამაგიეროდ.

Whenever I try typing who's it doesn't offer the w in caps even if I have the Caps key enabled.

I like your keyboard because it has a key for courser back and forth. Can I make the keyboard larger for fat fingers?

Hi all!

Is the layout tied to the language? I can't seem to use dvorak with a french dictionary, am I missing something?


How can I switch off the automatic corrector?
TNX in advance

Why is Serbian Cyrilic removed? I'm using ASK Cyrilic for long time, and I just moved to new phone, and realized that there is no more Serbian Cyrilic for download??? My old phone is working flawlessly!

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What are the best Android soft keyboards?

I don't no

Hi! Can you help me? I got my new phone and tried to install AnySoftKeyboard, but could not find lithuanian language pack. Can you help me? I was using ASK on my old phone, with that language pach, but now there is no such thing on Google Play. Thank You.
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