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AnySoftKeyboard v1.8-r9

Started rolling out a new release:
* New Initial Setup Wizard. For clearer activation.
* Better Emoji-Search experience. Type a : to start searching.
* Seems like we did not include words with accents in suggestions. We do now!
* Yet more bugs squashed.
* Localization update: BE, NL, FR, SL, DE, EU, NO.

More here:

A problem is that I get a period when I hit space after ? and !. You actually see in this post after the !

Hi, Menny!

I have a Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE phone with a slide-out qwerty keyboard. The google keyboard eats up almost the entire display when I am using my hardware keyboard.

I am happy to report that AnySoftKeyboard 1.8.503 does not have this same annoying behavior. It does not show up at all in landscape with the keyboard out. Hurray!!!

"Hate" is not a strong enough word to describe how much I loathe touch screens. On the settings, you can choose actions for gestures, but my preferred choice of "none" is not in any of the lists.

I also find suggestive text features that the rest of the world values highly extremely annoying. I was happy to see that I can disable that in AnySoftKeyboard's settings.

Because I almost only use my on-screen keyboard for selecting emoji, I would like to be able to set that as the default view rather than having to long press the smiley face button. I did not see a way to do that in settings.

If I missed something in the settings, I would appreciate guidance. If I did not, then consider those feature requests, LOL.

Should the background color of emoji keyboard depend on the color of the traditional keyboard? I am using AnySoftKeyboard with a theme called "Schlank & Hell" in German, I assume it is "Slim and light" in English. The traditional keyboard is indeed light, however the emoji keyboard has dark background. Is it intended to be so? Is there a way to have an emoji keyboard with light background?

Is there a simple way to grab the contents of the TextView at the end of the InputConnection when the input finishes? I've tried getExtractedText(), but it always returns null.

getTextBeforeCursor() shows valid data until I input a return into the View. Then it returns a zero length string.

When input finishes by calling onFinshInput(), what is the easiest thing to do to grab the text?

Pls advise ehy it does not work on xiaomi s3?

I'm worried about privacy, is there any way to know/read (taking in account I'm not able to read all the source code right now) about how and where the predictions are saved?.

Thank you in advance.

Hi! The Latvian keyboard on the PlayStore does not really work. It doesn't seem to have a lot of words in it.. How can I create a new one? I saw the LanguagePack repo with example files, but there is not explained what those numbers in those .xml files mean. I guess its a classification of type of words.
The dictionary I found seems quite complete, is licensed under GPL and is designed for LibreOffice.
Does somebody have experience with parsing such dictionaries for ASK?
Thanks for your support!
EDIT: Sorry, here the link to the dictionary:

I use the keyboard for.English and German already, and I miss it for my mother tongue, Romanian. Can you point me to.some working link with how to create a language pack?

thank you,

I've been using ASK for a long time, I like it very much and I think It's great and the most comfortable keyboard.
Lately, mabye it's related to one of the recent updates, the feedback I receive when typing has changed. The old feedback was making the pressed character bolder, at the place of the character in the layout. The new feedback is the character in a blue background, above its place in the layout.
The new feedback feels like flahes in the screen while typing and is very confusing.
I've looked in the configurations a way to set the old feedback, but i did'nt find.
I'm using "dark theme" and "no animations".

Please help me to set the previous feedback.

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