Okay, so anyone who actually still goes on this thing- I'm shutting it down. BUT FRET NOT. I'm creating another with better advertising and stuff so, you better move along and hope for the next invatation. Those who are loyal to the Magic code +Donza Kapri +Poorna Kumar +Likhit Kodela +Derpy Sister 

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*Name: Shay
*Age: 15
*Gender: female 
*Species: human/endangered vampire. ((vampire powers not truly activated till bitten, but will also turn to adapt with any other creatures venom)) 
*Weapon: Chain scythe, sword
*Personality: she is sweet, extremely outgoing, sarcastic, fearless, but can also be mean when she needs to.
*Powers: She has enhanced speed/strength/sight/stealth and she multiplies the power/strength of any creature, though she is unaware.
*Pets:  baby dragon, black ball python
*Looks: long, slightly wavy, brown hair, tan, bright blue eyes with purple "freckles" in them and I bright, bioluminescent crest that can only be seen under black light or with really good eyesight, that lets you know what she is.
*bio: she has a protective older brother named Leon.

RP anyone?

Family Fun Facts! [not that exciting.]
Mom: Samantha Starling-Reiner [1st Marriage, does not know about magic,Accountant]
Dad: Georgin Starling [2nd Marriage. Oy! Does not know about magic, Mathematician]
Siblings: Astrid Starling[6], Chand Starling[ 19]
Best Friends: Cassidee Everdeen [think of Pinkie Pie. Tech guru, which makes everyone think she is a witch/wizard, but she's just a really advanced human] ,Dodger Sketch [Earth-Wizard, level one. Mom has major trama.]

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I got a new pic! Courtesy of Nova. The drawing on my hand is a rune for shadow hunters!
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I challenge Blade Hunter to a duel. 

Vic, ur name isn't on the members list!

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Blade Hunter! You are officially a moderator.  No real names, kay? That's pretty much all you need to look for. Also, no unfair battles like some douche writes 'blasts you out of exitence!' when their losing.


I got this from Victoria Grace Whinston:

Dad: Stark Hunter(main tutor for shadowhunters)
Mom: Fray Hunter(wizard professor and guardian)

Oh, I left out my wizarding rank. I'm a fledgling wizard!
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