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Hi all,

We are introducing a new freelance portal dedicated exclusively to WebRTC technology.

Since WebRTC technology is still in its nascent stage and requires specialized knowledge.

Therefore, a specialized portal will help the community grow. It will serve to connect freelance experts and companies looking for help.

As this is a beta launch for the portal, we welcome selected members like you.

We would love to see you on the portal.

I'm looking for a server-side solution that can handle a webrtc stream from a chrome client.
It should transcode it and send it to a remote RTMP facebook live session.
Any ideas? Thanks!

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Misconception: WebRTC will replace VoIP

WebRTC has emerged as the most talked about business communications topic in 2014.   And with it, some common misconceptions.  We wrote this piece in an effort to clarify some of those misconceptions for our partners.  What other misconceptions have you come across?

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Lots of them out there...What's in a WebRTC JS library?

I'm trying to create a 1-to-1 video chat website using webrtc and I want to make it compatible with as many browsers as possible, so my question here is:
Is webrtc4all a good solution for this? I haven't found any demos/articles with it and the lastest version was released last year in the summer...

What would you recommend? Thanks in advance.

Does anyone know any projects that are based on JSSIP or any alternatives to JSSIP .. Thanks any help is greatly appreciated

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SecretlyMeet - WebRTC used to build a one-on-one Facebook-like sharing experience with total privacy:

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Monday 10 February, 7pm (Paris time): WebRTC Paris Meetup @ Google.
Here's the LIVESTREAM link: WebRTC Paris Meetup @ Google

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This must be a debate, because spying is easy with WebRTC. In a visioconference app,, even if you click on the hang up button, you cannot be sure the connection is closed until you close the tab...
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