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Choosing the Right WebRTC Provider at the Right Price

Build voice services and in-browser calls into your web, iOS, and Android apps with the Oodles ... Oodles Web Client is the cloud horsepower behind WebRTC.

Read more info at -

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Hello All, it's about time to embed an HTML code to your web pages, e-mail address signature, Adobe PDF file, MS Word suite, social media and many application... This link will get your visitors to call free of charge from anywhere in the world to any device of your choice:

Receive calls on web page, Desktop or Laptop Soft-Phone, IP Phone device, Mobile Apps on free WiFi just like the link below:

or listen to demo talk explaining the advantage of Web Call Global :

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It's about time to add a Web call click to call button to all web site...

we waited long enough developing and setting it up on

Now it’s has powerful routing to PSTN, free IP-phone, Soft-phone & Mobile Wi-Fi.

It's beyond PSTN to improve quality of service QoS, any Website, Help Desk and Contact Center has to be ready for the next Internet progress.

For any Online web page, e-commerce, the easiest approach to sales or to get support is Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) to you or your representative, without leaving the web session.

so you have to add a one-click to call & talk instantly button located next to the product or service they are selecting to browse.

The delegate will get a session ID from his caller to talk all the context required and be more helpful.

Try it by clicking the URL link below:

I am seeing error when instantiating PeerConnection object in android.

libjingle: ( Trying to create SCTP transport, but didn't compile with SCTP support (HAVE_SCTP)
05-28 18:25:01.380 29097 29278 E libjingle: ( Failed to create data channel.
05-28 18:25:01.380 29097 29278 E libjingle: ( Failed to set remote offer sdp: Failed to create channels.

Any help? How do i disable SCTP. I am not sure how do i compile it.

I am using Webrtc on android. How do i play org.webrtc.MediaStream to chromecast RemoteMediaClient?

Dear Partner,

Greetings from QBERRY LTD.

I am Daniel Fraser from QBERRY LTD, based in UK.
Searching for direct VoIP wholesale/Retail routes providers: Africa,Asia,
CIS,Europe,LATAM & Middle East regions.

Urgently need Finland, Greece, Ecuador,Dominican Republic,Georgia, Afg Salam, Roshan,Chad, Benin MTN, Nigeria, Zimbabwe stable NCLI direct routes.

If you have any offer Please contact>>
Daniel Fraser

Skype: live:daniel.qberry

Thank you

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Hi all,

We are introducing a new freelance portal dedicated exclusively to WebRTC technology.

Since WebRTC technology is still in its nascent stage and requires specialized knowledge.

Therefore, a specialized portal will help the community grow. It will serve to connect freelance experts and companies looking for help.

As this is a beta launch for the portal, we welcome selected members like you.

We would love to see you on the portal.

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Sharing is good, and with digital technology, sharing is easy.
-Richard Stallman

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