Welcome to the Project Farm Google + Page. They say that necessity is the mother of invention. This Project is born of many years experience of working with some most inspiring people who have made a stand and put their ideas into action.

At a time when the economy strains to achieve growth and whole nations sink into debt, there are still opportunities for people to put their skills to use to support each other.

 Social Enterprise offers a way to create viable businesses that have a social as well as an economic output. The benefit to the individuals or groups involved is not just important, it is integral to the economic success of the venture. 

The Project Farm is a new Social Enterprise. We are treating it as our first seed Project. This Page will keep members up to date on developments.

 We are currently working on a Website which will hold a database of  community project models which people can search and use as a reference point in developing their own ideas. We will be inviting people to contribute their project stories and models to the database so that members of the Public can learn about the Skills and resources that have contributed to making each project work.

Today has been a very interesting day :) Looking forward to sharing Project ideas and knowledge with you on Google +

The Project Farm
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