student registration form.
name: Pandora Riddle
blood-status: Pureblood
patronus: Lion

Name: Rose Ginny Wulfric
House:Ravenclaw(acorrding to the pottermore test)
Year:4th year
Amaingus: Cheetah
Blood Status: Half-Blood

Who captured the Golden Snitch in three and a half seconds?

+Alexa Snape Thanks for the invite!

Name : Tisha Jaiswal
House : Slytherin
Blood Status : Pure-blood
Patronus : Borzoi

hi um i have a student named +Alexa Snape​?

um may i have +Alexa Snape​ please

+Alexa Snape​ hi I'm your next professor

Hi um I have +Alexa Snape​​ and +Harry Potter Fangirl91
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