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Businesses, Search Engines, and Reviews -- Oh My!

+BrightLocal recently released their Local Consumer Review Survey 2014 and it's chalked full of all sorts of information, including:

" consumers read & use online reviews. It seeks to quantify the value that users place on the reviews they read & how this impacts their opinions & actions when seeking a local business to use."

This is the 4th year in a row that this survey has been conducted by the BrightLocal team and being someone who works a LOT with local businesses and their online presence, I find this survey to be highly valuable when approaching new businesses, working on cultivating new clientele, or better serving my existing clients.

Enjoy the read!  :)


Local Consumer Review Survey 2014

Local Consumer Review Survey 2013

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Sustainable and Innovative Solutions Coming out of Oregon

+InGenuity Innovation Center is a community-supported innovation center.

It's comprised of politically and environmentally activated individuals focused on fulfilling the purpose of benefit corporations and creating a #sustainable lifestyle for all on this planet.

Ingenuity specializes in development of #Aquaponics  and #FreeEnergy Solutions.

“We believe that if we give a place where local communities can come together and socially innovate around building sustainable solutions, that we will find new ways of living and thriving." says Ingenuity Co-Founder +Kate Wildrick 

-- For More Information --

Visit the Official Ingenuity Site:

Read a Full Article on #OregonBenefitCompanies  and Ingenuity Here:

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New Dental Marketing Revenue Record
The +Gratitude Consulting Group is a business consulting company making a monumental positive impact on their client’s bottom line.


Recently, Calgary consulting firm, Gratitude Consulting Group (GCG), helped usher in a record revenue day for one of their local dental clients.

Additionally, GCG is helping to stimulate the local community of their's, and their client's, businesses through development and promotion of charitable campaigns.

Read the Full Article Here:


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Revolutionary Internet Resource "Cancer Peace Portal"

"Cancer Peace Portal is a one of a kind multi-faceted strategy to offer cancer patients and those who support them a central resource for information, hope, peace and better living strategies."

On March 26th launched a #CrowdFunding   #IndieGoGo  Campaign.

The Goal:
Raise $239,000 for the development and launch of the #CancerResources  platform, Cancer Peace Portal.

How You Can Help:
- Read the article about their vision and goals for the portal
- Check out and share the IndieGoGo Campaign
- Contribute a donation if able


Full Article:

IndieGoGo Campaign:

Help4Cancer Website:

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Howdy Stranger... Put 'er There!

Wow... talk about   #ViralVideos  

This video, released just 8 days ago, has reached 62,924,540 views as of this post and the number continues to rise...

If you haven't watched this already...

...the video shows sets of strangers paired-up and kissing for the first time.  What a concept.

It's very interesting to see the way the different couplings deal with the "First Kiss"

However, this did get me thinking...
- What was the vetting process prior to choosing who's paired with who?

- How come no one simply went for a 'peck' sort of kiss?

- How many 'strangers' went out for a date afterwards? well as a variety of other questions.

What do you guys think? I'd love to read your thoughts on the questions above as well as your thoughts on this video in general, the message behind it, and how you feel about the whole experiment.

All the Best!  :)

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NPO, Help4Cancer.Net Launches Cancer Peace Radio™ Brings Real People, Real Stories, and Real Experts That Talk About Life with Cancer
"Cancer Peace Radio™ fills a gaping need in the national discussion of how to survive and thrive in the cancer journey. Not just as a patient or survivor, but as a person with hope and peace."

The Tuesday Evening Show:
Hosted by founder Mark Burright - features doctors, social workers and leaders in the cancer field to offer advice and guidance throughout the cancer continuum.

The Thursday Night Show:
Hosted by Dr. Ken Weizer - offers a forum for cancer patients, cancer survivors, and caregivers to express their individual stories in an honest, supported, and loving environment.

Read the Full Article Here:

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Atari Never Looked Like This...
Like many others, I've witnessed the destruction of MANY Asteroids...

...due to Atari of course.

However, that pales in comparison to what the Hubble telescope graces us with.

A recent +TIME article shared a never-before-seen series of images from +NASA of an asteroid breaking apart into approximately 10 pieces.

The disintegration took about one month and is compressed into one stunning GIF for our viewing pleasure!

Although Hubble is about two decades old, it still provides striking detailed images to those of us netizens who simply walk the Earth and cruise the Web ;)

What would you most like to see Hubble show us next?

Read the full TIME Article Here:

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Sexual Aggression Due to 'Blurred Lines'?
I'm thinking not...

Maanvi Singh of +NPR recently released an article titled "If He's Sexually Aggressive In Bars, It's Not Because He's Drunk" which addressed the issue of sexually aggressive males in bars and the "excuses" (or lack thereof) for their actions.

Reading the article made me want to pose the following question to the community:
How do you feel about alcohol being an "excuse" or justification for behavior of any sort?

Read the Full NPR Article Here:


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My Two Year-Old Locked Me Out of My iPhone...
...and Other Scary Stories

Okay... I admit, I don't have a two year-old, or an iPhone...

But if I had both in my life I feel I would put forth a concerted effort to delay my child's interaction with flat screens... but how long is too long?  And how long is even realistic?

In a recent article by Jeana Lee Tahnk of +Mashable the question "Is It Possible to Shield My Baby From Technology?" is brought up an analyzed, which really got me thinking about this whole topic.

There are many studies that indicate a child using technology like tablets and smartphones at an early age can negatively impact attention span, creativity, and writing.  However, there are many Apps that are excellent for helping young ones learn core concepts such as colors, numbers, and appropriate speech.

I feel there is a fine-line regarding how young is too young, and between using technology to further your child's education vs using it to babysit your child.

In summary, I pose the question:
Is technology deteriorating the early years of development or is this the "don't let your kids watch TV" argument all over again?

I would love to see what those with (and without) children have to say on the topic and, as always, thank you for taking the time to read this.  :)


Read the Full Mashable Article Here:

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What We Want From Google Places and How Likely It Is We'll Get It
"There’s no doubt that Google has made some great improvements to Google Places/+Local in the last 12 months.

However, Google has has often been accused of not making it easy enough for local businesses (and SEOs!) to manage, and many of the same old criticisms remain – with a few new ones in place too!"


In a recent survey conducted by BrightLocal, they asked SEOs, SMBs, and other individuals which features were most desired to be added to Google Places/+Local as well as what they thought the likelihood is of those features being added.

The top 5 are featured in the attached image.

Read the Full Survey Results Here:


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