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Name: Endernight
Age: 23, but lives for a very long time which would make her 230.
Race: Human/Glitch/other unknown.
Abilities/powers: I have a few weapons witch are a sword, a bowie knife and bow and arrows. Neckless is to help me teleport. I also have the ability of Empathy, -Able to convince others with out them knowing. Also sence others, by presence and emotions. - Able to be in both dark and light. I have thermal vision. -Able to see all things with Infrared Radiation. (Able to see if your invisible or like a ghost.)
Home: Minecraft, but lives outside of it as well.
Family: Husband: +Dragoblade the Arc Guardian
Adoptive father: Herobrine.
Bio: will be peaceful, but will fight to not be around others. Do not like to be held against my will, or captive.  I like challenges when I fight and more.

you see me in the park next to a lake under the stars (+Souless Sage Open to all)

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Name: Drago

Age: [Inconcivable]

Weapons: Longsword (Luminous)


Bio: [a bit too Expansive for this one post]

Likes: helping others,

Dislikes: seeing others hurt, Drago
(won't show up much)
Name: Drake

Age: [Inconcivable]

Weapons: Longsword (Nox)

Powers: (same as Drago's)

Bio: same ad Drago but opposite side

Likes: hurting Drago and his friends, conflict

Dislikes: Drago
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