Ok I'm very new here but gotta get something straight right away.
I'm in Texas right now but I'm certain I'll be going to business and music production school there and live there rest of my life most likely! Nice to meet u all!

Hi Y can't I comment

Please read my bio.

Please read my bio.

Hey everyone, I'm new, glad to be apart of this awsome group. Hope to make some friends.

Hi guys im the news member of this group and im glad to meet you all. :)

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©Art by Biogodz He's making a video! Send it to him before August (Don't know which date but the video's going to be uploaded on August) Feel free to spread the message!

Hey everyone! Monterey Bay fur here! Anyone up in my area that would love to hang out and suit?

Wow I did not know that this existed!

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