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Lazy Scholar beta update (v 134.0):

-Tighter integration with 1) now automatically checks for public notes & shows count if any available and 2) clicking it opens the sidebar natively instead of redirecting
-Small modifications to increase full text finding success

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Beta version 133.1 for Chrome:

-Adds an indicator if PubMed has a conflicts of interest listing for the paper (
-New "Lite" version option only shows fulltext information. Added a quick toggle when right-clicking on the icon next to the address bar. The end of the indicator glows green if a full text was found.
-Several misc. bug fixes
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Lazy Scholar for Firefox was shut down late last year because of compatibility issues but is nearing working stage again. Unfortunately, it will require Firefox version 53 or higher. The current Firefox release schedule is as follows:

Firefox 53 beta: March 3
Firefox 53: April 18

The goal is to release it by March 3 for those using the beta version.

If you would like to help me beta test it and have Firefox version 53 or higher installed, please email me at the address here: Beta versions for Firefox will be distributed manually for now.

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Beta version 132.0 for Chrome:

-Adds impact factors, citations, and full texts when available to PubMed search results. See photo for example.

Beta version 131.0 for Chrome:

-Added citation count from Microsoft Academic
-Citation counts now link to respective listings on Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic, and Web of Science
-Search Microsoft Academic from the address bar with "ls" [space] "ms" + query (or remove the "ms" requirement in options by changing your default search preference)
-Small cosmetic changes & bug fixes

Pushed beta version 130.1 for Chrome.

Changed servers, so testing them in this version. Also included a fix to prevent the infobar from appearing in non-scholarly pdfs.

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Pushed beta version 129.3 for Chrome.

I discovered recently, which uses machine learning to see how closely related citations are. It works great in my testing to discover new papers and it also has the references for the current paper, so I've integrated it into Lazy Scholar with their permission. "Related Papers" is now "References" in the infobar, and both PubMed related papers and citepeer results are relegated to a sidebar that is opened when you click the text under "References". I will be tweaking designs as I confirm that everything works ok.

One known bug that may be Chrome related- when re-opening the sidebar after closing it, the scrollbar disappears.

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Pushed beta version 129.2 for Chrome.

Redesigned/improved search and recommendations. Right clicking the icon will show links to each (if you've turned on recommendations in options). Both are now full pages. The recommendation page looks like the screenshot below. Hovering over each citation will quickly load the abstract on the right for fast scanning.

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Pushed beta version 129 for Chrome.

In addition to minor bug fixes, I'm excited to start testing a new paper suggestion system that automatically learns what research topics you prefer, and ranks new PubMed listings accordingly. It learns simply by using the papers you open as part of your normal browsing habits- no manual input required.

To start using it, right click on the icon and open Options, and under the section that describes the recommendations, select "On". (The other options for notifications do not yet work, but will in the next update). Now you will see a new option when you right click on the icon called "My Recommendations" (see screenshot). Clicking this will overlay a list of recommendations that will be updated daily (see screenshot). The Keywords tab will show you what topics Lazy Scholar has learned based on your browsing habits- in future versions these will be toggle-able.

Note: as I am still actively developing this feature, it may stop working at points or your data may be lost.

Please provide feedback about how well these ranking match your interests.

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