Moltres  shiny  lvl 100 152a03994bf7ae, shiny Articuno lvl 62 152a0398bc5e3d, shiny raiku lvl 100 152a039d873dd4, shiny Suicune lvl 100 152a039c7a9ee3, shiny rayquaza lvl 100 152a039e47d8c3, shiny entei lvl 78 152a039a0da070. DONT OFFER HACK OFFER SHINYS. Moltres has a super good move.

hey Jericho code for ptd 2 is 1529ebf8cc3e1d

And also a typhlosion is a lvl 48 but maybe when i come back at school it could be at lvl 50 or more at ptd2

hi divine and sean phil guess what i got all of the main pokemon in ptd2 like pikachu, wartortle, ivysaur, charizard, typhlosion, maganium and feralitatr. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Code for shiny Roggenrola: z42sgcf4

yo divine here is the ID for the trade> 151c1680c7ebd9

hey any one wants a phanpy go to ptd2 and TRADE!!!!!! it is a boy LVL 4

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