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I need an answer DADDY God.

Doing good. Wondering where JESUS CHRIST wants me to share my testimony.😇

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LIVE Event Testimonies: I I?list=PLqufSXb7lNcXuJD20VH_dY1A7AtHYrlba I have a wonderful testameony Id like to share,, I would like to talk about it and see. What the spirit Tells you. Been sitting on this for long time,, filling quite pregnant,, 9 months,,. It hurts,, need to relice it.

Just wanted to check in. And let you all know I am free. Jesus Christ himself came to my room on the 21 of October. I was in no means expecting any thing like I did.20 year's of torture, bound in bed for ,4, years.cutting was almost daily. I had truly believed I was insane.. The demonic voices became more powerful and stronger,, I could not at that point in my life resistance was fulty I could not stop. THAT ( monster I called it does have a name) there where many evil spirits rulers demons with this one,, that I would call the Bose... Bose or ruler,, he was called ( goraphibic fear) fear of everything exspechelly,,, just everything. Number two monster ( slef torture cutting hitting slapping slef. 3d and even more wicked Jezebel.. She is a part of a bigger body of wikedness.. There are many fruits that each one of those powerful rulers possess.. And I was under the control of each one of them. I had become insane littlery.. I pretty much lived at them every year between September though December.. psych wards dope you up. Thay talk to you and ask what happened to you and you begin to tell them,, you've seen baby's children teens pregnant women,, being slotterd and you at age 6 was made to take a beautiful black baby boys life,, he put his larger HAND over my little and precised to take the baby's head.. I don't remember what they did next I just blank.. Now do you think or believe that these Drs.. even tryed to comfort me in any way... No but thee opasit.. I asked this Dr do you think I am crazy 😑😐 I couldn't believe his ancers,,,it took some time but God Even then was telling me meny of these Dr where also involved in foster scams officers, judges you name it Thay where and still are to this very moment. Know one could help me,, Thay don't want me free.. so like most 3B <wards Thay just keep you SO SO dopey all the time you are there,, Thay don't want to hear your stories,, because there apart maybe not of yours but of some wonderful beautiful child of God,, made in his own likeness is the likeness of the living God Thay killed Jesus... And Thay continue up to this very moment in are history,, year 2017.. I was set free on the 21 of October 2016,, again I will share this,, I was watching TV and I hard a VOICE,, I new thot beautiful voice ,( Jesus ) he said I am here Bobbie,, I said back to him,, I didn't know you where coming!!!!!!! He said this in a way,,,, that I really could see in my spirit's mind a ,,, I trickd Satan that snake,,, and I begin to laugh and then CRY,, I hadn't felt sadness our even tires rolling down my face it flute wired but wonderful.... Laughing and smiling and crying and dancing,,, all night.. I am free a I am not the only one God will be on a Quist,,, he is going to visit meny meny 3B sites and meny will walk out on these own Accord. I am telling you about this because my lost sister's and brothers have been waiting on us to get delivered areslefs.. After your deliverenss you will be called into servives. I want to share more with you but I need rest write now. I love you my brother's and sisters in ( Jesus Christ). Even the body of Christ punched you and your families out . Even a friend,,, lost all hope in you. BUT JESHS. Has a message for each one of you... Do you want it . This is part 1 of .,..... Part 2 I just can't wait to give it to you all.. Please keep shareing... Jesus is coming now,, yesterday,, every single minute of every single day now,,, we all are filling this pull to Jesus and it's growing... Father GOD in his wonderful beautiful kind heart being I have come to know him as king,, but what toughies me deeply,, he is getting us,, ready for his return.. freedom is happening all over the globe.. And the most wonderful things are happening inside each one of us.... Can you feel it growing your singing about his return,, praying so much more,, looking every day for him,, nothing in this life means the same anylonger... Please if you are experiencing any of these things or greater,,, shareing is powerful. Meny more son's and daughters need our gifting. Love you all. Need more raised. Bobbie v 😖😇😇😇😇😇😇
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