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In line with our commitment to ‘Health for All’ we have a regular programme for organizing health camps which apart from providing solutions, focus on information dissemination and preventive healthcare practices.

Rural Healthcare is one of the biggest challenges that India is facing today. High mortality rates are subjected to poor health care facilities in the rural areas of India. More than 70% of India’s population is living under the roof of rural setup. These poorly established houses experience lack of proper supply of water and electricity. They manage to get a little water from far away distant places in order to proceed with their daily activities.

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Do you know friends one thing that
Created in 2000 by the World Heart Federation (WHF), World Heart Day aims to combat the rising number of people with cardiovascular disease (CVD), the world’s biggest killer, by raising awareness and promoting the importance of living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

SCHOOL NAME:-_________________________________________________
STD/DIV:-_________________ SURVEY DATE/DAY:-________________
TOPIC:- Health awareness

*1. What is your age range?

Under 13
13 – 17
18 - 25
2. Are you a female or a male?
*2. Which is the first question comes in your mind, when you heard the word Health Awareness?
*3. During the past 4 weeks, what was the hardest physical activity you could do for at least 2 minutes


4. What are the important of exercise in varied functions?
Including bone and muscle strength,
Weight-loss or weight maintenance
Heart health

*6. Do you eat food outside?

7. What is your age or the age of the person for whom you are completing the health check-up?
New-born in intensive care (by parent for child)
*8 What is your weight in kilograms?
less than 100 (45)
100-120 (46-55)
240 or more (>110)

9 Do you exercise for about 20 minutes 3 or more days a week?
Yes, most of the time
Yes, some of the time
No, I usually do not exercise this much.

Do you often suffer from sleeplessness?

A- Yes (44)
B- No (44)

4 How many hours do you sleep per day?

A- less then 2 hours (0)
B- 2-4 hours (12)
C- 5-7 hours (50)
D- 8-10 hours (24)
E- 10 hours or more (2)

Which of the following causes you have difficulties in sleeping? (state one or more)
A- stress from others (34)
B- stress from school/ work (61)
C- sleeping environment (25)
D- others (7)

6 Do you eat breakfast in the morning?

A-yes (62)
B-no (26)

8 How many times you eat fast food per week?

A- never (16)
B- 1-2 (37)
C- 3-4 (16)
D- 5-6 (12)
E- 6 or more (7)

9 Which of the following factor(s) encourage you to consume the fast food? (state one or more)

A- tasty (41)
B- convenient (55)
C- cheap (36)
D- friends encouragement (15)
E- others (6)

10 How often do you exercise per week?

A- never (27)
B- 1-2times (46)
C- 3-4times (6)
D- 5-6times (5)
E- 6 or more (4)

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