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Amitai & Oren Etzioni: Observing people will not teach these machines what is ethical, but what is
( #AI #ethics

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Arthur Chan and Waikit Lay started an #AI newsletter

Making some more progress with the JSAPI 2 implementation platform: The Hello World Demo is running again

So there is some more progresd in obtaining a cleaner system.

The world’s largest #datascience community joins the world’s most powerful #machinelearning company: #kaggle joins #Google

Currently, there are many changes in the repository on GitHub. The build system is migrating to Gradle. In this light, many bug fixes are done to guarantee a prior startup.

Text platform is already working. Next thing is the jsapi20 platform. One of the consequences is the migration of the jsapi project to Gradle. These jars can already be found on the sonatype central repository.

The integration of +Jim Rush 's SRGS SISR processor triggered many refactorings within JVoiceXML.

Grammar implementations no longer need to check if they accept a result. Instead, this is achieved by an external grammar evaluator. The SISR evaluator is only one possible implementation. Other implementations like the upcoming regex grammar processor simply provide other configurable alternatives.

In this light I continued refactorings that I started to improve mapping of recognition results to field items. It seems to become easier and much more clearer, now. Also, I fixed a bug that the application.lastresult$ shadow variable was not set in case of a nomatch.

I feel that there are more things to come...

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I just pushed a change in the text implementation platform. The current implementation makes use of Google Protobuf as a protocol. Previously, it was pure Java Serialization that made it hard for other languages to access the voice browser this way. There is still the JNDI stuff that has to be removed for this platform to be really language independent.

First impression: It is faster and the communication is more reliable.

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The voice browser working group is winding down. They had some great impact onto the industry as Dan Burnett mentions. The main contribution was VoiceXML for sure,  but other standards like SSML, SRGS, SISR or PLS that were used within VoiceXML evolved. The most recent standard was SCXML. I hope that the story continues despite the fact that there is no one actively pushing it any longer.

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I just published a new release of JVoiceXML. It is available from github

I finally upgraded spring to the latest version. Now, JVoiceXML also starts up with Java 8.
Check it out from the new GitHub repository:
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