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Template for Profiles: (you BASE information):

~General info~

Previous name:
Future name:


Past clan:
Past rank:
Future rank:


Definition of Sexuality:


If you are trying out for LEADER OR DEPUTY please add on this extra information to the base information:



Thought speed:
Battle combat:
Overall combat:

If you are trying out for MEDICINE CAT please add on this extra information to the base information:

Knowledge of herbs:


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General Information-

Larkcreek- A silver tabby she-cat, white chest, pale green eyes
No Future Name
Previous Names- Larkpaw, Larkkit
Age: 59 3/4 moons
Gender- She-cat


Warrior of ShadowClan
Previous Queen of ThunderClan
Future Ranks- Queen, Warrior, Queen again, Warrior again, Elder


Mother: Silverpetal
Father: Graystream
Sisters: Willowecho, Mistyflower
Brothers: Rockfall, Cloudysky, Fuzzyface
Aunt: Milkytail (Graystream's sister)
Uncles: Eggfur (Silverpetal's brother), Sunear (Graystream's brother)
Grandparents: Cloudystream, Leaffrost (Silverpetal's parents), Watershine, Brightfur (Graysplash's parents)
Cousins: Shellpaw, Mistpaw, Yellowpaw (Sunear's kits), Icykit, Ivykit, Owlkit, Specklekit, Wolfkit (Milkytail's kits)

Sexuality: Bisexual
Definition of Sexuality: Likes either gender
Crushes: Smallpaw (she-cat), Featherthroat (she-cat), Acornstrike (tom), Batstripe (tom) (dear lord)
Mates: Featherthroat, (formerly), Acornstrike, (formerly) Batstripe
Kits: Runningpaws, Flamemuzzle, Whitechest (TC)
Mentors: Rabbitbelly (dead), Smokespeckle
Apprentice: Freckleback (TC), Squirrelpaw (SC)

takes deep breath
Larkcreek is pretty courageous and loyal to her Clan, but her mate when she was still in ThunderClan, Acornstrike, found her meeting with a ShadowClan warrior, Batstripe, and reported her. They had stopped meeting for a bit, and Acornstrike left Larkcreek. Eventually she left for ShadowClan to be with Batstripe and worked pretty hard to earn the cats' trust, even if Batstripe trusted her completely. Larkcreek went on many border patrols and turned out to be much better in ShadowClan than she ever was in ThunderClan.

Hey, it isn't as much as a read as Spottedtwig's bio! :D


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Here's some of my more recent WC art.
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General Info~

Name: Spottedtwig
Past Names: Spottedpaw, Spottedkit, Candy
Future Name: Spottedtwig
Moons: 76
Gender: She-cat
Theme Song: Believer

Clan Things~
Clan: ShadowClan
Previous Clan: None, Used to be abandoned newborn kittypet kit
Rank: Queen
Future Rank: Warrior, Loner
Past Rank: Apprentice, Kit, Kittypet Kit
Status: Still Suspicious About for REASONS

Mother: Piper
Foster Mother: Sunbelly
Father: Soap
Foster Father: Grasstuft
Sisters: Peach, Strawberry
Foster Sister: Poolfur
Brother: Teddy
Foster Brothers: Beetletail, Minnowstripe
Aunt: Nova (Piper's Sister)
Foster Aunt: Bluelight (Grasstuft's Sister)
Uncles: Pepper (Piper's Brother), Eclipse (Soap's Brother)
Foster Uncles: Starlingcall, Blazeheart (Sunbelly's Brothers)
Grandparents: Shannon (Piper's Mother), Chirp, Luna (Soap's Parents)

Sexuality: LGBT (Lesbian)
Definition of Sexuality: Likes same gender
Crush: Cricketleap (formerly), Rosechest
Mate: Cricketleap (formerly), Rosechest
Kits: 4 in 1/4 of a moon
Mentor: Leopardspark
Apprentices: Darkmist, Petalfall
Good Friends: Cinderfall and Amberfur

Bio~ (This is going to be absolute torture..)
Spottedtwig was formerly known as candy in the first few moments of her life before she was abandoned by her mother, Piper, who kitted her and her littermates in the Pine Forest of ShadowClan's territory. Piper took her littermates to her two leg den and didn't come back for Candy simply because she was 'too small'. Later her parents had a fight about her and Piper raised her remaining kits alone. Candy was found by a ShadowClan border patrol that just happened to be passing by this way. Even though she wasn't a Clanborn kit, or ShadowClan, the patrol took her to their camp because they couldn't not help a kit in need or in danger. The cats of ShadowClan decided to let her stay, and was given to a queen named Sunbelly who cared deeply for her along with her own kits, Poolkit, Beetlekit, and Minnowkit, and named her Spottedkit instead of Candy. There were frequent patrols around the area where Spottedkit was found, but no cat ever came for her. She got on well with her foster sister, Poolkit, but her Foster brothers teased her a lot about being a Kittypet. Spottedkit became Spottedpaw, mentored by Leopardspark, and trained hard to prove herself a true ShadowClan cat instead of what her blood was running with, a Kittypet. She was badly injured by a badger at one point in her training that kept her from her training for a while, and her Foster littermates became warriors before her, their names being Poolfur, Beetletail, and Minnowstripe. A tom known as Cricketpaw, A black and brown dappled tom with light blue eyes, frequently visited Spottedpaw while she recovered, and soon became good friends throughout the rest of their apprenticeship and later mates far into their Warrior lives before having a fight and separating. Spottedpaw became Spottedtwig a few moons after she got back to her training. When Spottedtwig and Cricketleap fought and separated as mates, Spottedtwig began to find herself mooning over Rosechest, a light ginger she-cat with a rose-colored chest and light green eyes, as she was spending all day and night in the nursery expecting her former mate's kits. Rosechest and Spottedtwig became really good friends around a moon later, close to Spottedtwig's kitting. Around half of a moon later, Rosetwig happened officially (Rosechest X Spottedtwig), and the Queen was a quarter of a moon away from kitting now. SPOILER WARNING FOR SPOTTED'S KITS A few days after Rosetwig became an official thing, the pair were taking a short walk in the Pine Forest, Spottedtwig began kitting, right in the middle of the forest, pretty close to ThunderClan's border. She had four kits, but only three survived, the first one dying at birth. They were called Dapplekit, Echokit, Snowkit, and Stormkit. Snowkit was buried by the Pine Tree she was kitted at, and Rosechest and Spottedtwig carried the surviving kits back to camp, grief twisting Spottedtwig's face. Of course, Cricketleap was the first to greet his former mate because of the kits, but she simply hissed at him, too overwhelmed for anything, and collapsed in her nest in the nursery, Rosechest following her in to comfort her mate. Quite a few moons later, her Clan gets suspicious about her because Cricketleap decided to spread rumors about her that made her loyalty seem to decrease to other cats, but Rosechest just didn't believe a word of it being the awesome cat that she is, and suggested taking the kits and leaving the Clans, which they did do, becoming Loners and living far from Clan territory, living the rest of their lives away from the Clans peacefully. Eventually Stormkit and Dapplekit returned to ShadowClan because of homesickness, despite Spottedtwig and Rosechest's pleas, and became warriors of ShadowClan later (being Stormmuzzle and Dappleface)

So.. There is obviously a lot to Spottedtwig's life!

This is a pic of my Grandma's cat who I based Spottedtwig and Mossbird (Another cat of mine) off of

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~General info~

Name: Stoneowl
Previous name: Stonepaw/kit
Future name: none
Age: 48 moons
Gender: female


Clan: Shadowclan
Past clan:none
Rank: deputy
Past rank: warrior/queen/apprentice/kit
Future rank: elder

Mother: Robinsong
Father: Mudface
Sister(S): Pigeonfeather
Brother(s): Woodtail
Aunt(s): Sunfur, Mistyear, Lizardfoot
Uncle(s): Barkclaw, Frognose
Cousin: Leafkit, Puddlekit, Wishkit
Grandparents: deceased

Sexuality: heterosexual
Definition of Sexuality: likes the opposite gender
Crush: none
Mate: Larkflight
Kit(s): Littlekit
Mentor: Cloudnose
Apprentice: Raincloud

Stoneowl was a shy, watchful, and quiet kit, but her siblings were loud and more adventurous. She was given Cloudnose as a mentor, who the leader thought would help her come it of her shell a little. Stoneowl worked hard, and during her apprenticeship she met Larkflight, at the time larkpaw. They were both hardworking young apprentices, which helped them to get along. Larkpaw was also a little quiet, but still a little more outgoing than Stoneowl. They worked well together, always trying hard to meet a certain goal, and when they put their minds o it there was nothing that they couldn't accomplish. Larkflight received his name a little bit before Stoneowl, which made her feel frustrated that she wasn't getting to her goal sooner. Eventually, she earned her warrior name and joined Larkflight again. Many many moons passed, Stoneowl was expecting Larkflight's kits and there was a lot of tension between shadowclan and thunderclan, at any moment they would snap and battle would break out. A few minor fights and broken out, shadowclan was preparing itself for anything that might happen. One day it finally happened, a small fight on the border turned into a huge battle. More and more warriors were being called to the border, Stoneowl was frustrated she couldn't fight, she was stuck in the nursery close to kitting. When the battle ended the dead cats were brought to the camp, and Stoneowl watched with alarm at the amount of cats laying in the center of camp. She slowly walked out of the den into camp, warriors stared at her as she made her way to the center. There she saw her sister, her brother, Cloudnose her mentor, and Larkflight. She wailed and cried for hours, that was the first time anyone saw her upset. The medicine cat urged her to go back to her den the next morning, it was getting cold out, but Stoneowl was too tired to argue. A few days later littlekit was born, the only one in the litter. He resembled his father exactly, but he too sadly died a few minutes after birth. He was small and too weak to make it, there was nothing they could do. Stoneowl doesn't talk much other than organizing patrols, but when she does speak it's worth listening to.

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~General info~

Name: Littlewillow
Previous name: Littlepaw/kit
Future name: none
Age: 39 moons
Gender: Female


Clan: RiverClan
Past clan: none
Rank: queen
Past rank: warrior/apprentice/kit
Future rank: warrior

Mother: Willowlight
Father: Heronstar
Sister(S): Moonkit
Brother(s): Ashstripe
Aunt(s): Rainpool
Uncle(s): Rockear, Tawnyfoot,
Cousin: Birdkit, Sunpaw, Grassfoot, Minnowfur
Grandparents: deceased

Sexuality: Bisexual
Definition of Sexuality: likes both genders
Crush: none
Mate: Icewing
Kit(s): Leafkit, Moonkit, Rosekit
Mentor: Foxfang
Apprentice: none

Littlewillow was born towards the end of leafbare, along with her brother Ashmoon and sister Moonkit. It was a rough kitting, it ended up killing her mother, and her sister Moonkit died shortly after she was born. Littlewillow was given the prefix little, because when she was born she was a lot smaller than ashmoon, she was the runt. A lot of cats in the clan underestimated her, except for her father who believed in both of them, that they could do whatever they set their minds too. He assigned Foxfang to be her mentor, because he knew that Foxfang would be hard on her, and help her to be the best warrior possible. She was often teased by Icepaw because of her size, but that only made Littlewillow want to prove herself even more. One day towards the end of their apprenticeship, a fox snuck up on icepaw while he, Littlewillow and ashpaw were out hunting. Littlewillow heard his cries of distress and went to save him. His hind leg had already been severely injured, making him unable to fight, but she and ash paw managed to fight off the fox and save icepaw. That day she was given her warrior name, Littlewillow, willow being in honor of her mother. Ashpaw too was given his warrior name, Ashmoon the moon being in honor of his sister. Icepaw started respecting Littlewillow more, and they began to love each other more and more. About a half moon later he got his warrior name, and two years later they had kits together. Leafkit, Moonkit, and Rosekit were brave and adventurous kits, Rosekit being a little bit of a show off. Littlewillow continues living a happy life with her clan and family.

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~General Info~
Name: Oatwhisper
Previous Name: Oatpaw, Oatkit
Future Name: Half-face
Age: 48 moons
Gender: Female

Clan: WindClan
Previous Clan: WindClan
Rank: Queen
Previous Rank(s): Warrior, Apprentice, Kit
Future Rank: Warrior, Elder (Back to a Queen a few times, once after becoming Elder due to injury to face)

Mother: Flowerbranch (Dead from Greencough..)
Father: Beechpaws
Sister(s): Whitesong
Brother(s): Cloudystep
Aunt(s): Yarrowgaze (Beechpaws's littermate)
Uncle(s): Juniperberry, (Flowerbranch's Littermate) Poppybird (Beechpaws's littermate)
Cousin(s): Larknose, Amberflame (Poppybird's kits) Blueberry, Foxbelly (Juniperberry's kits)
Grandparent(s): Lilywing, Pigeonears (Flowerbranch's Parents), Thrushleap, Yellowdawn (Beechpaws's Parents)

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Definition of Sexuality: Likes Opposite Gender
Crush: Grayface
Mate: Grayface
Kits: Lilykit, Dewkit, Goldenkit, Mistkit, Cloudkit, and Dawnkit (Dies in a moon from Greencough
Mentor: Mapletuft
Apprentice(s): Sandnose, Lizardleap, and Gorsepaw

Oatwhisper is a tortoise-shell-and-light-brown she-cat with green eyes. Lost her mother, Flowerbranch, when she was a kit and was taken care of by her father, Beechpaws, and his sister, Yarrowgaze. Juniperbranch also helped to take care of her and her littermates, Whitesong, her sister, and Cloudystep, her brother. She is rather quiet, but is active around the camp a lot. Her first litter or kits is healthy so far, and she is going to have 3 more. After her 3rd litter were apprenticed and she returned to her warrior duties, she was ambushed by a fox and lost half of her face. Later, she was found hardly breathing by her remaining first litter, Dewmist (Dewkit), Lilysky (Lilykit), and Cloudfur (Cloudkit). Dawnkit died of Greencough at 3 moons of age, and Goldenpaw (Goldenkit) and Mistpaw (Mistkit) died in an ambush to a rogue called Drip. After she healed as much as she could, she moved to the Elder's den, but then back into the Nursery as she was expecting her 4th and final litter.(2nd litter: Duskfrost (Dusk-kit), Tawnychest (Tawnykit), Dovesong (Dovekit), Oaktail (Oak-kit), and Rabbitspots (Rabbitkit). 3rd litter: Hareflight (Harekit), Doeleap (Doekit), Fawnbreeze (Fawnkit), and Cinderwish (Cinderkit). 4th litter: Curlyear (Curlykit), and Birchpaw (Birchkit).) After they were apprenticed, she moved back into the Elder's den for pretty much the rest of her life.


Yeah super late but it's time yay welcome to Sugarpaw, Wolfpaw, and Oakpaw's warrior ceremony
Wolfpaw and Duakwhisker (me)
Sugarpaw and Oakpaw +Shining Oceans

Sorry I haven't really been active. I've been really busy and I'll try being more active

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~General Info~
Name: Hillfeather
Previous Name: Hillpaw, Hillkit , Hill
Future Name: Hillfeather
Age: 21 moons
Gender: Female

Clan: WindClan
Previous Clan: Rouge
Rank: Warrior
Previous Rank: Queen, Apprentice, Kit, Rouge?
Future Rank: Queen, Warrior

Mother: Cloud
Father: Bird
Sister(s): Dark, Spottedlight
Brother(s): Stormsky, Rain
Aunt(s): Dove, Tigerflower
Uncle(s): Smoke, Flamefur
Cousin(s): Water, Sky, Yellowpaw, Icepaw
Grandparent(s): Frostwing, Snow, Bracken, Bramblefoot

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Definition of Sexuality: Likes Opposite Gender
Crush: Falcon
Mate: Falcon
Kits: Black, Petalpaw, Mud
Mentor: Pineear
Apprentice: None... yet

Hillfeather is PRETTY shy cat, and it is real hard to earn her trust... so that's a thing. When she was a rouge on her fourth moon, she was wandering the forest and moors, and was caught by a random WindClan patrol, and she was kept there for a bit because they wanted her to get to know the camp and possibly join because they were just that desperate for cats. A few days later, two of her siblings came looking for her and was also caught and kept in the WindClan camp. Fortunately, all three of the kits decided to join WindClan. Their parents and the rest of their siblings came looking for them, but when they saw them being a part of WindClan, they went back to their camp thing. fast forward a few moons. When Hillfeather, known as Hillpaw then, was hunting, she met a rouge named Falcon. They often met up secretly throughout the rest of her apprenticeship, and a few moons into her Warriorship. When she and Falcon had kits, WindClan was a little suspicious of who the father was seeing as how no Toms had died, and they had never seen her with any Toms other than her brother and her mentor. They followed her when she left the camp, and found out what she was doing. They forbid her from meeting up with Falcon and made sure of it. A few moons later, (into ze future) she did have another mate and another litter. fast forward again.
She was on a border patrol and ran into some rouges. The patrol went into a battle after they refused to leave, and she was... killed... in the battle.

So yea! That's my life story, this characters life story, and proof that I'm a terrible biographer XD

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