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Trying to find the Cerebral Palsy Network

Hi everyone, I'm a librarian in Toronto and use Thimble. It's a great tool! Unfortunately there's been a problem with one of the projects called "3 Things I Love"...a 404 error appears when you click on anything within the mini website. Is there someone out there that can fix this or who I can contact?

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Hello all,
I used to get unwanted ads in my firefox and chrome. I tried using adblocker but was of no use. So i tried removing unwanted programs from my computer which were linked to the browser.
After that i reset my firefox and chrome. In case of chrome the problem got resolved but in firebox the ads are continuously coming. I tried to run firefox by disabling all the addons but was of no use. I even unistalled and installed latest version of firefox  but still the problem exists.
Please suggest any solution. Because when i even try to open my website four new websites get opened and i am completely frustated.
Thanks in advance

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Hello there,
i just viewing this communauty and i like your concept i hope find someone to help.

فعال نمودن پلشفلا

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are you mozillian? we can do anything whatever we want in this world with one can build the internet because it is .....
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